When we were children, every one of us told a lie.  Yes, you too!  It’s human nature to exaggerate or make things better than they are by enhancing the size of the fish you caught or the one that got away.  Do we do it to make our story more exciting and enjoyable?  Is it wrong to lie?  Not always.

What about when your wife/husband or spouse asks you if they look fat or old?  You automatically state that they do not, even if they do.  This is a little white lie to make your better half feel good about themselves.  Is this deception for the better?  Should this form of lying even be called lying?  I think that it is better to tell them they look fine then to hurt their feelings and cause animosity between your partner.  Trust me on this, my honesty has caused problems in my love life and business affairs many times.  I now think twice before I say something, especially when I was the president of a public company on the stock market.  Misrepresenting the company and it’s progress could get you in trouble with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) or even have your company delisted.  Very bad for the owners and shareholders.

On occasion we may have to think twice before telling the truth.  After all, isn’t it better to expand the truth to make someone have a more emotionally positive experience through life?  Or do you prefer to be brutally honest and hurt people’s feeling at the expense of being truthful?  It is a delicate balance every day between the truth and lies.  Since my first ‘Code Blue’ (near death experience), I have had no time for bullshit or falsehoods.  If I suspect someone is lying to me or tossing generalizations around, I challenge them on it.  For example, when someone says that all Canadians live in igloos and eat maple syrup, I chuckle, then correct them (I had this happen to me at American tradeshows in the 1980’s).  Or when somebody says they will only be a second, then they take more than ten minutes.  Why don’t we just say it will take ten minutes?  Why don’t we considers this lying?

Since 1977 I have been seeking the truth of what the hell is really going on.  Trying to find the answers to why are we here?  Who really controls and runs our planet?  How can we stop wars and evil from ruling the Earth?  Where exactly is our third rock from the sun heading through the universe and what will happen when we die.  I have always been a curious kid, just like you.  It is time to be honest and unite our species and seek these truths together, instead of being deceived by our leaders, governments, religions and enemies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Dan Aykroyd said it best…




Wouldn’t you like to live forever or do you think you would rather die any time after 80?   Are you one who believes that immortality is impossible?  Living an infinite life has been the dream of many people throughout history.  Death has never been beaten yet!  Every cell in a human body starts to die immediately upon birth.  With our first breath Oxygen enters the body and commences to kill through oxygenation.

Are you satisfied with your life?  I am satisfied with my life, since I have lived several mini lifetimes within my 58 years.  Even though I wish I could live forever, reluctantly I accept my fate that I will one day become worm food or ashes.   I am sure you have achieved many things in your lifetime too.  Why settle for a hundred years or less?  Why do we die?

Adam and other characters within the Christian Bible lived over 500 years and others mentioned lived over 900 years!  Are these just fictional people in a book of mythology or did they really exist as historical fact?  Either way, microbiologist scientists have discovered that every cell includes DNA amongst other biologic material called a TELOMERE.  This important item is a string of biologic atomic structure and as time passes these telomere tails become shorter.  When it is reduced to nothing, the cell is triggered to vibrate, give up an electromagnetic pulse and then shrivel up and die.  This activates the cells adjacent to do the same and like dominoes they accumulate to a crescendo of stillness.  I we could stop this from happening we could live forever.

Scientists have been able to make Nematods (worm-like creatures) to live seven times their normal average lifespan.  Quite a few other creatures now outlive their fellow animals and plants, thanks to humans.  Those researchers of quantum mechanics at the cellular level are having discovery breakthroughs all the time.   At this atomic scale they found what the telomere tail is made up of.  This vibrating string of atoms slowly gets shorter and shorter as we live until one by one, they die off.  When this microscopic tail is no more, that cell dies permanently.  Lose enough cells and the body dies.

Some say it is possible to transfer our consciousness into a computer.  Can our mind and thoughts become a digital software program?   Would the essence of you really exist?  Personally I do not believe so and if it could be done, do you want to roam the internet forever?  Not me, because it may be a version of you but it would not be you.  I believe that our brain is more than computations and beyond any machine that tries to reproduce our mentality and memories.

Some say they want to be a CYBORG.   That interests me, in that, as long as our brains are kept flesh and alive, then we could still be ourselves but part robot.  The symbiosis of robotics and your biological mass is now possible.  A merging of live cells with machines is almost common but not quite perfected yet.  All in due time!  They need to figure out how to keep our brains from rotting and allow it to continue functioning within a cyborg body, then humanity will become able to change the human condition forever.




Trump change is not Obama change but real change!

Remember all the lies Barrack Obama spewed with promises of changing the way America was governed?  The Democrats promoted that they would change and improve from how  the Republican’s ran the USA.   Honestly,  did they?
All Obama did was take over the Presidency from George Bush Jr. but nothing really changed. The Republican way was almost identical to the Democrat way, especially foreign policy and free trade.  Why doesn’t that annoy the voters that had high hopes of a better America?  Does it matter anymore which party wins?  Are the Democrats and Republicans colluding?  Or tag teaming against the American people like in a death cage match?  Could both US political parties have come to an agreement to work together?   It doesn’t seem so but look carefully.


Trump admitted that he would have preferred to run as an Independent candidate but he knew that Americans have been programmed to only vote either for the Democrats or Republicans.  If the USA is a great example of a democratic nation, why do US voters only elect a Republican or Democrat?  Why not a third party like the Constitution Party or the Libertarian party?  Trump new that any independent group would lose just because of the programming by the oligarchs.

Hilary and Bill Clinton are great people.   Trump used to donate to the Democrats, specifically Hillary now and Bill back in the day.

I  have decided to support Donald Trump because of the following reasons:

  1.  He won (fair and square) the Presidency of the United States of America. He IS the President and the world will need to get used to it.
  2. He won by enough votes that the margin of victory could not be questioned (like how the Bush Republicans stole the Presidency from Gore’s Democrats) in 2000.
  3. Trump pointed out the corrupt and manipulated voting system that he says benefits the candidate who has the most money.
  4. Trump said he is independent from any loans, obligations and pointed out the financial shenanigans by Super Pacs, corporations and foreign interests. He paid for his own campaign costs out of his own pocket, which allow him not to owe any favors to donators or special interest groups or foreign countries.
  5. America desperately needs a pro-employment President that will get the USA back to work! He promises to ensure business returns to the USA which will increase the middle class.
  6. Before Trump took office he made it clear to US companies that if they move their manufacturing plants outside the USA they should expect a 35% tariff when their products are imported into the states.  This economic strategy already convinced two major production plants to return to the USA and added thousands of new American jobs.
  7. He has chosen to scrap the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in exchange for negotiating direct dels with each country one by one. This will allow for better agreements in favor of the USA and Trump is not afraid of the increase work this will cause him.
  8. Trump has made it clear that mainstream media are puppets of the establishment and cannot be trusted. I have known for decades that these major television, radio, magazine and newspaper sources are propaganda machines for the super-rich globalist oligarchs.  I enjoy how Trump is putting these fake/false news agencies in their place.
  9. Trump has money in his blood and understands the international monetary system. If Trump dares to dissemble or terminate the US Federal Reserve, that action would prove he is truly independent and the real deal!  This would benefit the USA immensely and correct the deception by the foreign international banking cartel in 1913.
  10. His immigration policy will enforce the present laws on the books. He is not the first President to halt immigration of a specific race, in this year’s case –Muslims.  The North American borders require increased funding, additional border officers and stricter screening of everyone who enters our continent.
  11. Trump is going to increase the US military budgets. Not sure if this is due to his positive attitude towards veterans or a show of international strength?  The US weapon manufacturers and Armed Forces enjoy more funding than ALL the rest of the world’s military industries combined.  Does this signal Trump is influenced or even being controlled by the USA military industrial complex?
  12. He claims he wants to bomb ISIS and all terrorists into oblivion. Even those evil entities created, funded and weaponized by NATO (Al Queda, ISIS, ISIL and other ruthless proxy armies) around the world.  He has even threatened to sell nuclear weapons to reduce the American boots on the ground in allied nations (he says they can protect themselves with USA nukes)!  This attitude makes me nervous.
  13. Trump says he wants to reduce America’s involvement with NATO and reduce the US military obligations and costs of protecting allies.
  14. Trump is a real estate genius and if he really builds a wall between Mexico and the USA he can do it under budget and on time. The negatives are that he must be connected to organized crime due to being forced to deal with questionable unions like the Teamsters.  He also must be influenced by the Rothschild financial institutions since Trump needs them to fund his real estate endeavors and contract his debt load.
  15. Will Trump make America great again? I hope so and right now he is the best man for the job.  If Clinton or some other Republican would have become President nothing would change.  The USA would continue to decline, increase unemployment, more society destabilized, more conflicts between authorities and the citizens, more illegal immigrants, continual war and more debt heading the USA towards bankruptcy.

Since the USA is the leader of our planet, everyone on Earth waits curiously with justifiable anxiety to see how this new Trump White House administration changes everything and affects the rest of the world.




By  Sandford  Tuey

Canada’s political parties are either really naive  or just idiots,  maybe both!  The western nation’s leaders believe that allowing Muslim refugees and migrants to flood into their countries will help mix their society with peaceful Islam worshippers and help grow their population base.  It  may look good on paper but is this a wise policy?  Not for India’s population!

When Muslims and Hindus lived together, with each other, within the “original” India,  do you think these two ideologies and cultures abide in harmony together?  The simple answer is NO!

The violence was so often and murderous that the British (who conquered India just after World War 2), had to divide  up the country into three parts.  Pakistan on the west, India remained in the most populated central territory and Bangladesh on the east.  Pakistan and Bangladesh were areas with the most Muslim people and now governed by Muslims.

During the partition / separation process, the Muslim population moved into the two breakaway states.  Terrorism and war ceased for a short time as Muslims rejoiced at forcing their new countries to come into existence.  These two new nations became a bastion of Muslim power and Sharia Law.  You would think this could solve the Muslim, Hindu and mixed religions / society’s troubles?  Not a chance.  It seems that if you give an inch to a Muslim political system, they continue to take even more believing this generous gesture is a sign of weakness.

This should have calmed and pacified this sub-Asian region but the terrorism picked up and conflicts bred like, well, like Muslims.  The difference was not the crux of the reason for Pakistani anarchy within the British colonized India, but the entire  mindset of the radical fundamentalist  Islamists who decided that they must have all of it.

Muslims claim they are a peaceful religion and yet promote the killing of anyone who does not worship Allah or legally can murder anyone who badmouths Mohammed or even are commanded to kill whoever draws a picture of their prophet Mohammed.  Am I the only one to think this is not a religion but a genocidal cult?  Salman Rushdie might agree.  Quite the evil, violent and oppressive quasi-religion.  Can you imagine Christians reacting like this if someone ridiculed Jesus?

The clash between these three ways of life will most likely never end and it will be interesting to see how many decades or centuries it will take for the Muslims to seize control of all of the region and reunify India under a Muslim Sharia law style government.  Should the west be concerned?

You tell me.  Canada is at war with Islamist terrorists in the middle east and yet we bring our (supposed) enemy into our midst with open arms.  How long do you think this peaceful coexistence will last?  Ask Germany, France and the United Kingdom how that immigration policy  is going.  We need to really screen all people arriving from war zones and troubled regions of the world.




By  Sandford  Tuey

The average Canadian earns $35,000 Cdn per year.  Do you?  Seems high to me but let’s say this is true.  In Canada the low income cut-off (also known as the poverty line) starts at $25,900 Cdn or less.  In 2009, half of Canadians were living on less than $25,400 Cdn.  after tax incomes.

Think about how much you personally bring in annually, then deduct approximately how much you pay in taxes.  Don’t forget the ‘government nickel & diming’ for costs of fees, fines and sales tax (GST/PST) also other methods the ruling political regime forces us citizens to pay.  Not as much as most people thought.  Right?

Is it hard to exist on the remaining funds you end up with?   I bet it is.  Then you have to subtract  a mortgage or rent, clothing and grocery costs.  Add insurance, automobile maintenance and operational costs.  We need utilities and a phone plus internet access, toss in other entertainment like movies, concerts, cable TV, etc.  Life is expensive!

Why does everything keep going up?   Economists call this = inflation.  Everyone just accepts this word as a fact but maybe we should question those that are responsible for the increase of resources and products or even hold those culpable for interest rates and the reduction of the value of our currency.

Members of Parliament and senators just got a $3,000 increase in their base salary, while cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will receive a larger raise – at a time when Canadians are struggling with stagnant wages and rising unemployment compounded by inflation.  This wage hike of 1.8 per cent for MPs and 2.1 per cent for senators is about four times what the federal government has offered public sector unions and executives in the federal public service.

The 338 MPs will see their salaries rise to $170,400 from $167,400, while Trudeau — who gets another $170,400 as PM — now will make $340,800, an increase of $6,000.  Our MP’s plus the PM cost us $ 57,765,600 Cdn.   Are we getting our money’s worth?

Cabinet ministers, interim Opposition leader and House Speaker get an extra $81,500 for their roles) and  get a $4,400 bump to $251,900.

The  105 Senators, who by federal law are required to be paid $25,000 less than MPs, will make $145,400 per year for a total of $ 15,267,000.

The opposition leader, parliamentary secretaries, party whips, chairs of House of Commons committees, and a handful of other MPs also will get small salary increases for their additional duties, on top of their base pay hike.

The above  government employees, especially MLA’s and MP’s, (over and above their extra benefits) usually receive an annual increase of their salary in collaboration to the inflation rate or more.  This is anywhere from 1% to 10% depending on how bad our economy and Gross Domestic Product is.  When was the last time you got a $ 3,000 Cdn raise?

Ever wonder if someone or some group controls the amount of money you earn?  What if this pittance is decided by a shadow government who decide on a minimum hourly wage and then provide the government with this recommended amount?

It is a fact that a nation’s interest rate is chosen by it’s Central Bank but our Bank of Canada receive what this interest rate must be by the Central Bank of all the world’s Central Banks. It is not democratically chosen or impacted by capitalism.  It is selected by a small group of influential elite.

Canada’s  politicians govern themselves and vote on their raises.  This should not be allowed and seems to be a conflict of interest.  I have yet to see a politician refuse an increase of their income to themselves.  Sure a few verbally refused the raise offer but in the end, they reluctantly accept the increase to their salary.

Can you imagine what you would do if you could decide on how much you make a year?  Doesn’t make sense does it?




 Why do most people around the world, especially American citizens, believe that Washington DC (District of Columbia) is part of the United States of America?  Yes, it is the capital of the USA but it technically is not a state.  Yes, it is inside the USA but is a City State unto itself.  Like the Inner City of London is not part of London the city & the Vatican is not part of Rome or Italy.  These three city states are colluding with each other.  This is another great example of  repeating a fake truth until it becomes a truth, even though it is a lie.

Trump opened with a motivating, well written speech, before taking the Oath of Allegiance accepting the responsibility of the office of President of the  USA.  President Trump acknowledged ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama at his inauguration.

Don’t believe me and do your research.  The District of Columbia is seriously considering becoming an official part of the USA but no one knows when.  Why would the founders of Washington DC not originally have the capital city as part of the USA?




I am a big believer in the truth.  I have since before I can remember, thanks to my mother.  She didn’t allow lying period!  I did not want to find out the taste of soap.  The politicians that promise something but never intended to really do it once elected, should have a bar of soap shoved down their throats.  I am sick and tired of politicians lying just to get elected and rip off our nation and taxpayers.  Hang’em  high!

.I try to post information that is factual, no exageration, falsehoods or misinformation.  Our politicians are supposed to be held  to a higher standard, aren’t they?  After Nixon and Clinton lying and acting like criminals, the people should realize Presidents are only human but should be impeached if they lie.

Can you imagine if society is based on lies?  Could human history be misinformation?  Parts of our  past are fabrications.  Some major wars were started by liars (Bush & Cheney & Powell & Rice)  all started the Gulf wars in Iraq based on the “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”) bullshit.  The Spanish – American war & the Vietnam war.  All False Flag Operations to get the USA people to support wars they did not want to get involved with.  Why lie to herd people to do what they want, because it works.  We have a hard time knowing if someone is lying.

Since our governments lie to their citizens what other illegal and unethical things are they doing?  What other falsehoods are they telling you?  It is common knowledge that the winners of wars tell the story which makes them look great, when infact, they may have committed atrocities and horrors.  Propaganda at it’s worst.

If you know that something I post is not true please inform me and I will do my best to learn the exact TRUTH, since that is all I want to do!   I need your help to make people understand fact from fiction.





I am a big believer in the truth.  I have since before I can remember, thanks to my mother.  She didn’t allow it period!  I did not want to find out the taste of soap.  The politicians that promise something but never intended to really do it once elected, should have a bar of soap shoved down their throats.  I am sick and tired of politicians lying just to get elected and rip off our nation and taxpayers.  Or hang’em high!


I try to post information that is no exaggeration, falsehoods or misinformation.  Our politicians are supposed to be held  to a higher standard, aren’t they?  After Nixon and Clinton lying and acting criminal, the people should realize Presidents are only human but should be impeached if they lie.


.Can you imagine if society is based on lies?  Could human history be misinformation?  Parts of our past are fabrications.  Some major wars were started by liars (Bush & Cheney & Powell & Rice all started the Gulf wars in Iraq based on the “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” )bullshit.  The Spanish – American war & the Vietnam war.  All False Flag Operations to get the USA peoples to support wars they did not want to get involved with.

Since our governments lie to their citizens what other illegal and unethical things are they doing?

If you know that something I post is no true please inform me and I will do my best to learn the TRUTH.  I need your help to make people understand fact from fiction.




China has been warning their citizens to be careful when purchasing real estate in Canada, especially in the over-priced housing markets of Vancouver and Toronto. Our real estate market nationwide has risen over 115% in the previous 15 years.  This is not sustainable.  This is driven by foreign flippers of our real estate.  The Chinese media is claiming that Canada is dangerous for investors.  China’s media ALSO stated that BC is too risky and that our real estate prices increased 115% in the past 15 years but income has only risen 10%.

Economists estimate that the Vancouver housing industry will decline by 50% when the correction happens.  They expect this bubble to pop before the end  of 2017 because of Canada’s extremely high debt to income ratio.  Household debt has risen to over $1.8 Trillion Cdn and income has barely budged upwards.  The income of BC’ers is too low and this should finally pop the real estate bubble, which will be a major blow to our Canadian economy.

When nations around the world call for a correction in our economy, things are worse than our governments and media are telling us.  The reason our media is being quiet about this sword over our head is that it will be devastating to Canadians.  We didn’t learn from the USA’s crash of their real estate market and actually owe more debt to income ratio than Americans had back then.  We need to address this problem and deal with our over burdening debt.

Even the IMF is warning about the Canadian bubble. Housing in Vancouver is more expensive than a house in New York city.  That’s insane!  Canadians have been binging on credit and our debt will be the last straw. We did not learn from the real estate crash in the USA in 2008. Canada’s debt to income ratio is worse than the US debt to income ratio just prior to their collapse.  The Liberals are going to increase Canada’s debt by tens of millions of dollars to pay for a nationwide party to celebrate our 150th anniversary.  We can’t afford these events and fireworkds.  It would be better off to payu off our deficit or give this money directly to Canadians.

Predictions are that interest rates are going up and this will cause our demise.  Our exports to the USA will slow down due to Trump renegotiating NAFTA.  The Carbon tax will cost us dearly, everything will become more expensive and hurt big time with increases every year.  Canada’s dollar is now .75 cents  to every $ 1 American dollar.  If our loonie falls even further we will have to stop partying as our country sinks into an ocean of debt..




By  Sandford  Tuey

Donald John Trump is now the 55th President of the USA.  I can see him in the Oval office at the White House behind the Comander in Chief’s desk, his feet up on it, puffing on a big stogie and slurping back scotch or whiskey.  Oh, sorry, I’m talking about Bill Clinton.  Trump doesn’t smoke, toke, drink alcohol or do drugs.  He will be one of the most sober leaders of the US in its history.

Trump is one of the richest Presidents since the founding of the USA.  He does not desperately need wealth or money, since he is worth more than $ 10+ Billion US.   He doesn’t  require the  US Presidential annual salary . The US President is paid $400,000 US a year, on a monthly basis. Plus, he receives an extra expense allowance of $50,000 US a year. The first president, George Washington, earned $25,000 US a year when he came into office in 1789  The President has many other benefits and knowing Trump he will enjoy them all.

Trump promised to make America great again.  He has already saved Millions by cutting the cost for his inauguration.  He has already negotiated the return of two manufacturing plants, which translates to jobs returning  to the USA  and that was before he became President.  He promised to deal with the USA’s enormous debt and meet with leaders of other nations to renegotiate trade agreements.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS.COM claims that providence happened on January 20, 2017.  It looks like Trump is putting  America first, yet he invoked GOD and that is overdue and needed  after the Satanists ruled the US for the past hundred years.   The most powerful country in the world now has a leader that gets things done (no one can deny that he does finish the projects he starts).

How will Trump’s administration affect the rest of the world?  His international policy is expected to reduce the number of American soldiers in NATO nations and at strategic points around the planet.  He is going to increase tax revenue to the military, financial institutions American weapon manufacturers and industries critical to the prosperity of the states.

FREEDOM  IS  NEVER  FREE!  A lot of American blood and sweat made the USA great and then it was abused by both the Democrats and Republicans, It seems Trump hijacked the Republican party and is now running the party as an independent.  I sure hope the USA regains it’s leadership role for all the nations of the world’s sake!

Canada needs a strong, positive, big brother from below the 49th parallel.  I’m cheering for America and hope Trump doesn’t punish Canada too harshly.  Our nation must renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which means the USA will force us to give them a better deal.  Hopefully the results will be beneficial for both our countries.

We are living in crazy times and will be, at the least, a wild ride!  Is the nightmare over?