Tuey Tid Bit – Sandiego ComicCon

Everyone Must Go To The Sandiego Comicon In Their Lifetime


By  Sandford Tuey


Want to have a good time in the USA?


If you have never been to the Sandiego ComiCon, you must go at least once in your lifetime.  You will know why within a minute of entering the huge exhibit convention multi-level building (at least five or six football fields – three levels high).  Everyone who is anyone exhibits at this Entertainment Trade Show.  Sony Studios and Distribution, Universal, MGM, Trauma Films, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Marvel Studios & Comics, DC Comic & Film, Image Entertainment, Darkhorse, Warner Bros., Arcana Studios (largest comic producer in Canada, all the way down to me and my small one comic brand title (we made Canada look good).  We made everyone look and wonder, “Who the hell are these Canadians?”


I call casted just under ten women to play our lead heroine at this USA major event, ‘Tessa Guess’ until we located a look alike, especially when we had her dress in the tight spandex cloths and wore the character’s glasses.  She did her hair perfect and she drew older men and kids to our booth wanting to talk to our main character come to life.  She memorized a prewritten monologue and would prompt specific answers to certain questions   All questions that were not general to our story, she would direct them to our marketing and investor rep or myself for clarification.   Thousands asked us questions and /or purchased Galactic Gladiators comics, posters, caps and t-shirts.  Our company earned over tenb grand is four days.


Scott Lee was the lead artist and celevrity for our company and brand (franchise)!

Austin Rand handled all the money earned at the trade show.

Sandy Jr., drummed up sales and business with the majors and other exhibitors.  He entered Sony Playstation tournament and won 2nd place and lots of prizes.  More importantly, my son brought the head of marketing of Sony over to my booth and we discussed a video game publishing deal and distribution for Galactic Gladiators merchandise.

Joh Nichols handled the media and media packages in the media room.  She generated interest as well.  She stayed in the same hotel room as our Tessa model. 

Jeff Mathews helped at the booth promoting and selling at our booth.

I explained the epi story Galactic Gladiators is and did anything that had to do be done.  I attended two keynote info sessions.  1)  News Realease for the Glactic Gladiators and the distribution dal with Diamond Distribution (distributor for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and anyone who is anyone, including me)!  2) A panel on the state of the entertainment industry and licensing.


Scott and I were asked to sign autographs in the prestigious Autograph area where many big name celebrities were signing merchandise too!  Lou Ferigno (TV’s HULK), Leordnard Nimoy & (Star Trek), Brent Spiner (Data on Next Gen Star Trek), etc…  I got to meet and discuss their interest in my license and how to pursue it to the big leagues. 

Many visitors dressed in authentic costumes of their favourite characters.  On the final day a samall girl (maybe 8) asked our model for a photograph with here (she too was dressed like Tessa).  Very cute.


Thank God I purchase two professional display walls with lights and full color graphics of humans and aliens trapped within Psion Preservation Pods (clear glasslike tubes with strange alien creatures inside and escaping.  All this inside a gigantic Psion spaceship, with a clear domed ceiling highlighting the universe above.  Jeff Mathew is a genius at working with his hands.  He designed and built, from scratch, a 3D Preservation Pod that visitors to our two display wide booth, could enter inside and a recorded song would explain the concept of Galactic Gladiators within a minute and a half.  This theme was written by Jeff and I, and recorded by Jeff voicing an altered voice.  He located ‘12th Street Studio’ to professionally record this excellent promo musical piece on ProTools software, rare at the time.  People would ask “what’s this about?”  Our Tessa model would direct them into the plastic spherical pod and it would start playing our info tune.  Many wanted their photo taken inside the tube (humndred or more).


It was a great trade show and highly recommend everyone go to it, if you can!!!


Why Aren’t Canadians Upset About The New Infrastructure Bank?

$35,000,000,000  ($35 Billion)  Canadian Tax Dollars Hidden

By  Sandford Tuey

On the Parliament channel, for the past week has been the CONservatives pretending to be the opposition to the LIEberals.  This political game allowed the LIEberals, with the COLLUSION of the CONservatives, to form and fund with Canadian tax dollars, a new  “INFRASTRUCTURE BANK”  that Canada does not need.  These two political parties are moving $35 Billion tax dollars from Canada’s general treasury into a dark mysterious entity that we will not know how our funds will be spent or used.  Say goodbye to $35 Billion!

Presently Canadians can see and watch our government use our tax dollars when Canada’s financial department spends or uses any.  Yet, when the $35 Billion goes into the new Infrastructure Bank, we lose control and will not know what happens to these funds.  When tax dollars go into the Canada coffers, they are transparent and we know what happens to these precious tax dollars.  When they are transferred to this new bank, they are hidden and Canadians will have NO CONTROL over what it is used for.  These tax dollars are hidden from our sight..

It is a great way to direct Canadian tax dollars out of sight to pay friends (cronies) Millions per year.  The CEO, Board of Directors, upper management and shareholders will receive mega money per year.  Normally the shareholders who put up the money to start such a company become shareholders and participate in the success of such a company by receiivng Dividends.  Canadians put up the $35 Billion, but are not shareholders?  Does this seem fair to you?

You will see things in the mainstream media to magazine to redirect Canadians away from more important matters, like the Infrastructure bank!   Don’t be distracted by fluff.  The LIEberals, with the support of the CONservatives created a new “Infrastructure Bank” and moved $35 Billion tax dollars into the dark.  When this money was in the Canadian government, it was transparent and we knew how it will be spent.  This unnecessary new bank hides our tax money from Canadians and no one will be able to track it or know how it is spen.  This new scam (Infrastructure Bank)  is NOT TRANSPARENT.   Plus the CEO, Board of Directors, upper Management and shareholders are all LIEberal and CONservative cronies and will make Millions per year.

Why aren’t Canadians shareholders?  We tax payers put up the funds????

Rise Up!!!  Demand your fair share !!


Canadians Have Fucked Up Again!!

Canadians  Have  Fucked  Canada  Up

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

Why have you neglected your country?   Why have you let the nation down?

I see a lot of Canadians complaining about Canada and the problems it has.   Whining about them won’t solve the problems! Canadians need to stop stumbling around with their eyes wide shut!!

The root of our nation’s problem is that only two political parties have ever governed Canada since confederation ((Canada is NOT a democracy, never has been)).  The LIEberals and the CONservatives are the problem.   They are the reason Canada is so fucked and about to be bankrupted on purpose.   The two political parties have been colluding since the beginning and have been leeching our Canadian tax dollars for way to long.

Canada does not need a new Infrastructure bank (created by the LIEberals and supported by the CONservatives).  All this is a way to take our tax dollars, about $3 Billion so far and redirect this public money to hide it within this dark entity.  Have you seen which cronies have been assigned to be the CEO and Board of Directors?  Are you or any other Canadians shareholders?  You are letting these thieves to continue to rape our country.  You have to stop it.


When was the last time you met with your Member of Parliament (MP) or Member of the Legislature Assembly (MLA).  How about even contacting any of them by email or a phone call?  Not many Canadians could be bothered to do this.  They’re the ones that have allowed the destruction of Canada!   Why don’t you care?  Call the Prime Minister tday!  I dare you to!!

These two political party (rulers) introduced the BAIL IN ACT back in 2013 and you don’t even know what that is.  Ask the people of Greece how they liked the Beta Test of the BAIL IN ACT!  Just like PRIVATIZATION IS THEFT SO IS THE BAIL IN ACT.  WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

The shit storm is on the horizon and it’s heading your way!. It’s time for a major change in government, but I suspect it is already too late.   You didn’t even notice they stole your nation right from under you!  Canadians are too apathetic and complacent!  That’s the major problem.  Start paying attention!

Quit Following the Herd to the Slaughter!!


Philippines Under Martial Law – Rodrigo Duterte to be next dictator

Philippines Under State Of Emergency (Martial Law)

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

President of the Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte cut his negotiations in Moscow with Vladimir Putin short to return to his home country.   He is a lawyer who was the Mayor of Davao City for 7 terms.   In 2016, he became the 16th President of this magnificent multi-island nation (more than 7,500+ islands).  The major three islands are Luzon (northern island), Visayas (central islands) and Mindanao (southern island).  President Duterte declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY (MARTIAL LAW), BLAMING IT ON THE RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS ALLIED WITH ISIS. 

Problem is, he didn’t need to crack down on this Muslim territory, since he has total control of his Philippine military already and the mostly Roman Catholic Christian nation has been at war with these terrorists, as he declares them.  Philippino governments have been battling these Muslim terrorists for over 3 decades.  President Duterte gave his military, police and civilians approval to kill drug users and drug traffickers.  Over 10,000+ drug involved citizens have been murdered so far and over 35,000+ have given themselves up to go to prison and/or drug rehabilitation centers instead of being assassinated in the streets.

Rodrigo Duterte was born March 28, 1945, in Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Yes the island where General McAthur returned to liberate the Philippine allies from the oppression of the Japanese during WW2, it was also one of the major naval battles in the Gulf of Leyte between the USA and Japan.  .  The son of a regional governor, he graduated from law school in 1972 and joined the City Prosecution Office of Davao City.   Duterte became Davao City mayor in 1988, and was reelected six times after forging a reputation for being tough on crime. He earned a decisive victory in his country’s 2016 presidential election, but soon drew criticism for his support of extrajudicial killings and threats to cut diplomatic ties with the U.S.

His erratic behavior and constant cursing during his public speeches promote a negative role model for the children.  His hard line approach to drug users and sellers is ruthless.  Imentioned in an earlier article, that this ‘kill them all’ bylaw will be abused (you kill your neighbor because his dog keeps shitting on your lawn, yet he won’t pick up the dog poop in your yard.  So you shoot him dead and tell the authorities your neighbor he was invol ved with drugs.  You just got away with murder!

President Duterte called the USA President an asshole and to fuck off.  He also told the United Nations to Fuck Off too!  Then he severed military ties with the US, now the Philippine military and the US military no longer conduct military exercises together.  This Philippins President has met with China and Russia to enter into agreements for protection and huge loans.  Chin and Russia have great big smiles on their faces as this important Pacific ocean ally seems to have switched sides.  They still have anti-terrorism agreements with NATO.

For those that follow RealityForDummies.com posts, you know I stated that President Durterte would declare Martial Law before the end of his first term.  I still firmly believe ALL of the Philippines will be under Martial Law soon.  I hate being right!  It is obvious that President Duterte’s Martial Law will make dictator Ferdinand Marco’s Martial Law look like a picnic.  I feel sympathy for the 110 Million Philippine citizens.

Don’t forget that Canada is currently under, what I call,  SOFT MARTIAL LAW!!!



Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?

Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?’

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada


Canadians have NO idea how much debt the LIEberal and CONservative political parties have colluded and burdened Canada and future generations with?  Why?  Don’t Canadians care?  Or are Canadians too lazy, apathetic and prefer to fiddle with their smart phones, stumbling around with their eyes wide shut?  Could our political parties be controlled by foreign interest who control the majority of North American mainstream media and they are hiding important facts like our totl/total debt and the current World War underway?  Is our government only revealing Canada’ federal debt, yet leave out all the Territories, Provinde’s and Municipalities debts?  Ever wonder why we NEVER know how much this real total debt is?


Why do the LIEberals and CONservatives collude to increase Canada’s debt by $10 Million every day, on top of the approved debt of $ 10 Billion per year during the LIEberal’s four year term.  That legally should only increase Canada’s total debt by $ 40 Billion until 2019, yet our debt has been allowed to mushroom to over $ 40 Billion and it is not even two years into Trudeau’s reign.  The actual total Debt of Canada is about $ 2.4 Trillion dollars.  How come?  Who does Canada and Canadians owe the $ 2,400,000,000,000 Cdn. to???  Ask a government Finance Minister or most accountants this question and they just stare at you like a zombie.  Or they make up a figure, a guesstimate.


My accountant friend helped me approximate this $ 2.4 Trillion debt as being only from cities with a population of a Million people or more, the Territories, Provinces and the ever increasing Federal debts.  It took us almost a year to gather this astronomical figure, not so easily to find data, but so what?  Who do we owe this money to?  What has Canada put up as collateral?


The following is our best estimate:  Major cities have borrowed their debts from citizens, corporations and foreign sources.  The Territories and Provinces also borrowed from Canadian citizens and the Federal government but a larger percentage is owed to foreign sources.  The LIEberals with the approval of the CONservatives have leveraged our national parks, government assets and buildings and entire regions, plus immense interest rates to the Rothschild International banking cartel, the Bilderberg Group members, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the majority to questionable lenders like China, Saudi Arabia, the USA, other Commonwealth nations including the United Kingdom, plus some unknown corporate entities hidden behind offshore shell corporations and questionable legal firms.


Owing money to ourselves is a good thing, because if we reneg on Canada’s debt interest payments (as we will do in due time), we will not bankrupt our own country or seize it’s assets for non-payment.  However, global corporations, foreign nations and international entities will treat any non-interest-paying nation like how Greece was treated.  First, the BAIL IN ACT will shut our economy and financial system down for a month or more.  No debit cards, no credit cards, no ATMs or banks will process any transactions for a month or more!  This is called, AUSTERITY” AND IT MEANS Canadians will have to survive on the cash in their pockets for a MINIMUM OF A MONTH long, ‘BANK HOLIDAY’!


Then Canada’s debt will be pushed forward with huge multi-Million dollar penalties, a new higher interest rate and the loss or suspension of government services like Health Care, Social Services or whatever these vultures can pick clean from our nation’s bones.  Many generations from now will still be burdened with economic servitude.  Our children and their children’s, children’s, children will not be able to pay this insane debt that our two evil political parties have racked up on purpose!


With other actions being don by the LIEberals and supported by the CONservatives regarding immigration, refugee and migration increases and drunken sailor spending, proves beyond a doubt for me me, that they are bankrupting Canada and the majority of other democratic nations around the world, to destabilize society and destroy sovereignty to force their one world digital currency on us and their globval one world government.  Not a positive future but that is happening because Canadians are too apathetic to care and stumble around with their eyes wide shut!!


It’s time for a revolution… as the Beatles proclaimed!



Proof Canada Is Being Bankrupted On Purpose

More Proof That Canada Is Being Bankrupted On Purpose


By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada


The federal LIEberals and CONservatives approved increasing Canada’s debt by $10 Billion per year for four years, but this amount has skyrocketed to around $40 Billion after a year and a half of LIEberal lying bullshit.  That puts Canada on track to hit $160 Billion more debt by 2019 and the next federal election.  Whoever votes for either of these traitorous parties should be hung for destroying our nation with economic servitude and indebtedness to foreign sources.  That used to be called High Treason and we used to hang people for doing this!!!


The REAL TOTAL DEBT (including Municipal debts for cities of 1 Million people or more, plus Territorial and Provincial debts and Federal debt comes to $2.4+ TRILLION and growing by $ 10 Million per day.  Somehow we have sold our country out without even realizing it.  The political parties know full well what they have done, as it has been  the globalist oligarchs strategy for decades.  Canada has put up collateral for this incredible debt = national parks, tourist attractions, government assets and buildings, plus much more.  Hope you look forward to paying private companies to run Canada and say good bye to national health care, Employment Insurance or Social Assistance.


Why do you think the LIEberals and CONservatives have colluded to bring in 40,000+ Syrian MAINLY MALE REFUGEES who are very sick (TB, Hep C,  diseases from the Middle East, etc…) and only 5% CAN SPEAK ENGLISH OR FRENCH!  Most of these extremely poor men go straight onto social assistance and get national health care, putting an extreme burden on an already overburdened health care and welfare system.  These foreigners get better rights and homes than disabled, veterans or our seniors who built our nation.  Something is majorly wrong here and Canada can not afford this.!!


The LIEberals and CONservatives have approved increasing the number of refugees to 300,000 refugees a year.  That’s 3 Million more strangers on your tax paying dollars in ten years.  With the present 4+ Million recorded unemployed (more if you count the way EI used to record the true unemployed), of which the majority are our desperate youth 35 and younger who cannot find work and are fighting for minimum wage shit employment against refugees and illegal aliens to work for less.


Don’t forget the fleeing 11 Million illegal aliens in the USA due to the Republicans detaining and deporting unrecorded people within their country.  I don’t blame them, we should be doing this too!  Already 20,000+ illegals have turned themselves in at our legal border but about twenty times that are sneaking in without our border security knowing.  I said this before, the illegal USA aliens will start as a trickle but turn into a flood and our immigration system can barely check 10% of people entering Canada legally but his will overlaod this underfunded (on purpose) system.  These illegal aliens will not be heading south back to their hellhole nations they ran from.


Where are the caring Canadians who are upset that our national debt is rising by $10,000,000,000 ($10 Million/day) every day?  Don’t we care about our children and our nation’s future?  Guess not, since this debt that is running out of control (on purpose) will enslave our kids and our country for generations to come.  Ever wonder who the LIEberals and CONservatives sold our souls to???  Read the next RealityForDummies.com post on ‘Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?’


Never Volunteer Whe Serving In The Canadian Mility

Never Volunteer In The Canadian Military

 By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

 One day in 1976, while in Basic Training learning to become a soldier at Canadian Forces Base Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, our 3 platoon was ordered out of our barracks and to stand at attention in marching formation out front.  No one had a clue why we were assembled, soon our Drill Sergeant commanded those that held a valid driver’s license to step one pace forward.  I had a BC license since I was 16, so I proudly took one step forward with about a couple dozen other men.  Our instructor demanded to know those of us who could drive a standard clutch, so I stepped forward once again.  Fewer men were now two paces ahead of the main body of our platoon.

We were offered the opportunity to drive government equipment for the whole day, instead of running ten miles with a 100 pound back pack while wearing a military grade gas mask, a heavy FNC1 rifle and a just as heavy metal helmet, then complete a grueling obstacle course while wearing a military gas mask!   No one wanted to do that and visions of driving a transport truck or tank danced in my head.  Again I moved forward.  All the other recruits were dismissed and returned to the barracks, only those of us that volunteered remained outside.  The rest of us winners beamed with positive energy at each other, excited and looking forward to a long easy day, instead of sweating and struggling through the day’s events for us, before this new assignment.  If you have ever marched in full battle gear and full pack while wearing a gas mask, you would understand.

Our Drill Sergeant bellowed out for us to quick march and our group of about ten soldiers moved in unison to the vehicle maintenance and storage area on base.  We passed several military vehicles and were getting ready to drive millions of dollars of government equipment, until our group kept on going past this area.  No one understood what was going on or where we now were headed.  Then we stopped in front of the building where the grounds keeper facility was.  Rows of lawn mowers were shiny clean and ready for use.  We all were disappointed as we were told to grab one each and head to an assigned area to mow the grass and kill weeds, then gather up all the weeds on the base.  All our hearts sank because we knew it was going to be a long, hard, hot day working in the sun.

 That was my first and last time I ever volunteered for anything in the military!


Disney Rules The Film, Toy and Licensing Industries!

Marvel Studios + Marvel Comics + Star Wars Franchises  = Disney Record Profits


Disney has been taking over licenses with extreme profitability like Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo/Dory), Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics.  The Disney monopoly realized these assets and their licensing potential,  so they took over these companies and developed huge entertainment brands (comics, figurines. video games, movies and a plethora of other merchandise).  This public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) , now has a wealth of depth and products that will keep this mega-corporation very profitable and around for thousands of years!   Walt Disney would be proud!


Marvel Studios has leveraged their excellent properties to increase Disney’s shareholders investor’s value (shareholders are gaining record share price increases).  ANT MAN is one of Marvel Comics weaker brands, but their screenplay writers are amazing, plus they hire the biggest stars and celebrities to play their character’s roles.  I thoroughly enjoy the dialog and scripts.  Disney only retains the best of the best!  They have brought many Marvel Comic’s titles to the big screen (Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, the Avengers and other lesser known brands).  Right now their movies are the best in the world and a high tide in the film and entertainment and toy industry.


Marvel = Disney makes more from their movie’s licensed brands, than off their big budget films (which make Billions).  I have been reading Marvel comics since I was 7 or 8.  I used to spend my allowance on three or four comics every Saturday, when my mother took Randy and I grocery shopping.   I collected Batman, Fantastic Four, Spiderman       since the Silver and Golden age of comics.  I obsessively searched out and purchased second hand from friends, garage sales and anywhere I could to increase my collections.  I had all of Spiderman, except for the first issue.  I had all of the Fantastic Four since their creation.  I actually read the first Superman, Batman, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, etc in comic stores that displayed them behind glass.   I begged to read them and was forced to wear surgical gloves so as not to contaminate these precious pieces of graphic history with my sweat and the germs on everyone’s hands.


There are so many cool items based on these (now) Disney brands, which I would love to have, if I was young again.  There was no merchandise in my youth, like there is today. Sad, but true!  All my mom could find for me was a group of six Marvel Superheroes, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Daredevil & Ironman (solid grey hunks of plastic with no moveable parts) and a full color Marvel Universe board game (no figurine shaped tokens, just pictures on very small pieces of card board that you would move around the game’s board fighting their arch enemies)!  I couldn’t stop playing with these memorabilia.


I wanted to create an entire culture like the Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Universe’s, so that I could create and develop new characters and storylines forever, which would be based on my GALACTIC GLADIATORS concepts and expand into animated films, movies, figurines, costumes,  toys and other profitable methods of licensing.  It took me almost two years to come up with my GALACTIC GLADIATORS concept, which allowed for unlimited creations based on two warring alien species (Psions, Chaons and other extraterrestrials & humans).  By having these alien creatures, along with humans to be abducted and genetically altered, I invented the perfect ‘Tuey Universe’.  Unlimited profits awaited my company and wise shareholders until the government pulled the rug out from under my dream and my corporation, I had built up from 1985. (they shut down all the stock markets across Canada, except the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE).  I had my dream destroyed, my son’s inheritance wiped out, my several Million $ (dollars) of cash and value with my share position of my publicly traded company listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) wiped out!  I consider this the worst day in my life!


All my shareholders lost everything that day and I had to let go my employees, but so did over 2,000+ Canadian companies listed on the Montreal, Winnipeg, Alberta and Vancouver Stock Exchanges.  Tens of thousands of employees had to be let go and added to the unemployed burden of our nation.  Tens of thousands of investors (including me) lost their entire investments in these destroyed corporations and were never compensated, nor did they obtain the potential increase in share price that they would have obtained in the future.   Company values were never realized or added to the Canadian economy.  All thanks to Canada’s colluding evil CONservative and LIEberal parties, who governed during this consolidation and genocide of the companies listed publically across Canada.


The resulting loss of my income hurt my credit rating, which took me 5 years to recover from and my shareholders held me responsible for something I had no control over.  To this day, I have yet to receive something in writing from the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) or the Canadian Securities Exchange Commission (CSEC).  I have asked repeatedly verbally & in writing several times annually for anything in written form explaining a reason for this insane act.  Something to show my investors that the death of our public company, was not my fault.  I have never received anything in writing from these government regulatory agencies, that are supposed to protect investors worldwide.  I do not know why they will not put this atrocity in writing but only tell me verbally.   I now send disgruntled ex-shareholders of mine to call them directly and hear the bullshit excuses for slaying the drams of many Canadians.





Could the Earth Become Too Hot for Life?

The Time is Now – Do What You Love!

By  Sandford Tuey

If you knew that humanity’s time was going to end in ten years, what would you do?  Guy McPherson says that our planet will become too hot within ten years, to the point where humans will not be able to survive.  The point he makes is that if humans were to shut down all the polluting industries, turn off all the vehicles and every other way of generating atoms and molecules that enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it still would not stop the continuing heating of our world.  Certain creatures cannot survive at hotter temperatures and disappear, causing shocks in the food chain.

Let’s say that the only way to stop this global warming is to shut off the world’s economy and our present transportation systems today.  Even after that, the Earth will continue to heat up for the next tens or more.  McPherson claims that this climate change is too late to stop and humanity will become extinct within ten years.  That’s hard to believe but if it’s true, what would you do with the rest of your short life?  I would do what I love to do.

Intelligent people know that society and organized civilization only takes three days to a week tops to enter into chaos and start to destroy itself.  Without fresh drinking water for three or more days, we die.  That’s why people in natural disasters or in conflicts loot and steal anything to survive.  Once the stores have been looted there are no food supplies to feed the masses.  Everyone is too used to going to abundant grocery stores and find almost any food they desire, but what happens when those stores are empty?  Are you prepred for that kind of a crisis?  Better get ready now!

McPherson and scientists are stating the obvious.  We have polluted our planet’s atmosphere to the point that the global warming can’t be stopped.  At this time in history 200 species of creatures are going extinct quicker than anytime in human history.  Are we next?

Everyone knows that the bees are dying off and no matter what we do, they will become extinct within our lifetime.  Without these vital insects collecting pollen a major portion of plants will not propagate and thrive.  As soon as the bees are gone our food chain will have a major portion of plant life die off.  Without certain plants, many creatures will not be able to find their food supply and disappear.  Well if there is nothing to feed specific animals like cattle and they die off, how will humans eat hamburgers or steaks?  If the algae in the ocean die off, as it is presently doing faster than ever before, how can whales and smaller creatures feed?  Our oceans are becoming too warmand polluted for life in them are dying off and no matter what humans do, we cannot stop this environmental crisis.  Time is running out for every species on Earth.

Without algae and the tiny creatures that feed on it, tiny food sources disappear, taking larger fish and sea creatures with them.  Those that live off these larger water food sources are next and will also starve off.  This is the current fate of all the planet’s living things.  It doesn’t take much thought to see what the end result will be.  Once one food source dies, it takes the creatures that depend on that now extinct source will die off too.  If humans are at the top of the food chain, it is only a matter of time before the things we depend on to survive are gone and then we are too.  If McPherson is correct, as I suspect he is, humanity has maybe, if we are lucky, twenty years left.  He says ten years, but I have always been an optimist.  So what would you do if you only had ten years to live, maybe twenty years max?  Better to do what you love, than do things you don’t enjoy!

A more positive idea is that humans invent a pill or Soylent Green type food source to replace the living food sources we depend on today.  If we wear some sort of protective air conditioned Earth suit, we may survive the devastating damage that humans have caused to this wonderful planet.  Personally I am ashamed at how humanity has ruined paradise!


Working With Robert Ludlum On The Robert Ludlum Game Of Counter-Espionage Game

Working  With  Robert  Ludum On My  Game of Counter-Espionage


By  Sandford Tuey


In a lifetime there are a finite number of important moments ranging from the day you got married, the birth of your children, successes at your work and achievements throughout your personal life.  I have had quite a lot of these life changing moments.  Sure, dreaming the Bruce Lee board game started my excellent journey from being an employee, to an employer and changed my life for the better.  Creating, developing, prototyping, overseeing it’s printing and production and marketing this spy game to groups such as JC Penny, London Drugs, Virgin UK, the Bay and many mom and pop hobby, game and comic stores worldwide.  All from my basement in Penticton, “where the sun and the fun never set”!!


I even negotiated a fantastic contract with Bantam DoubleDay Dell (Ludlum’s major book publisher).  After flying to New York, USA (for the third time), I was able to convince them to let my company use their copyright image (a circle with colored rays flaring out to the edge of the book).  All Ludlum’s books used this unique design and I knew if I could also use this branded look, it would draw his millions and millions of fans to pick up my game thinking it was his latest hard cover novel.  Once they held it in their hand they immediately realized it was not a book, but a book sized spy board game with substantial weight, meaning, it had great perceived value and justified the $20 US price.  On the cover were the Ludlum/Bantam colors, highlighting a circle off-center with an intelligence agent talking into a radio phone within it.   This worked perfectly every time, we sold everything we manufactured.


Even though I never met Ludlum personally (one of my favourite authors), I managed to talk to his agent Mimi Shapiro and submit three handmade computerized prototypes for him to review and approve.  He rejected all three samples over a year and a half, but each time he got a sample he would tell his agent that he did not want to be involved.  I would ask Mimi why Ludlum rejected that version and I took these complaints and removed them or enhanced them because they were vital to the spy tradecraft and I wanted to have the game be as realistic as possible.  After sending Ludlum the third version, which incorporated all his changes, he became very interested and he personally called me from his home in Florida.  He said that if I made a couple more minor enhancements, he would endorse my spy game and even allow me to use his name, image and a comment from him, “Come join me in a game of wits and fun!”  Persistence pays off.


Technically, I came up with the Game of Counter-Espionage game concept and functional playing system over a four year period.  With Ludlum’s suggestions and complaints he co-designed my game with me.  I couriered the final board game prototype for him to review and sign off on.  Which he did!! We talked many times, him in Florida and me in Vancouver.  We couriered packages between us to ensure the layout of the game and color combinations were perfect and agreeable to both of us.  We decided we would write a short story titled, ‘Game of Counter-Espionage’ which was condensed down to a page.  It added flavor to the game and allowed me to claim that I am the only Canadian to co-write with Robert Ludlum.


Ludlum explained that he was never in the intelligence industry and taught me  how he writes his novels, how he obtains the extraordinary detail of locations around the world.  He taught me how to tax deduct almost everything.  Things like your vehicle, maintenance cost, cleaning, tires, parts, fuel, and any lease payments if you have them (which I was paying monthly for my new 1988 Ford Turbocoupe Thunderbird).


He would bring his wife on worldwide trips to foreign cities and exotic locations (she was made to be his assistant for each trip making her a tax deductible expense).  Most everything they ever purchased he would ensure they got a receipt and enjoying their holiday.  Every time he saw a great location or landmark in a city, she would photograph the area (as tourists always do) and he would jot down notes about the streets, buildings, people and other items of interest.  They would even enter buildings just to ensure he would describe the interior in perfect detail, while Mrs. Ludlum snapped her vacation pictures.  When they got home from their world trip, she would get doubles of each photograph (tax deductible) and he would put his notes into a file folder with the pictures,  Everything associated with their trip is tax deductible.  The transportation during the trip, planes, trains, taxis, rental vehicles and their wining and dining plus all hotel costs.


Ludlum proudly explained that you don’t have to make money to make what he does to be tax deductible, but to have the intent to write a book, even if you never write it.  The key is ‘intent’.  Once I understood how this is legal and what the rich do, I started to keep every receipt I could and enjoyed life more and paid less tax!  Legally!!!  I am writing my book, ‘How To Find Success:  From The Mind To The Market.’  Want to be successful?  Write a line down the middle of a sheet of paper, then write on one side, the top ten things you love to do.  On the other side, write down the things you really don’t like to do.  Do the things you love to do as much as possible and assign others to do those items you don’t like to do!!  Your life will change for the better and success is guaranteed.  It may take a week, or a year, or even a decade or two and a lot of work, but at least you will be doing what you love and not slaving away under economic servitude for someone else!  Self employment is the best choice I ever made!!


Good luck with your future!!