Why do most people around the world, especially American citizens, believe that Washington DC (District of Columbia) is part of the United States of America?  Yes, it is the capital of the USA but it technically is not a state.  Yes, it is inside the USA but is a City State unto itself.  Like the Inner City of London is not part of London the city & the Vatican is not part of Rome or Italy.  These three city states are colluding with each other.  This is another great example of  repeating a fake truth until it becomes a truth, even though it is a lie.

Trump opened with a motivating, well written speech, before taking the Oath of Allegiance accepting the responsibility of the office of President of the  USA.  President Trump acknowledged ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama at his inauguration.

Don’t believe me and do your research.  The District of Columbia is seriously considering becoming an official part of the USA but no one knows when.  Why would the founders of Washington DC not originally have the capital city as part of the USA?