Enormous debt is going to bankrupt nations worldwide

When The Enormous USA and Canada Debts Has to Be Paid.  What Have Our Political Parties Put Up As Collateral?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

The USA Constitution looks good on paper, so does the Canadian Bill of Rights, but the two American political groups, the colluding Republicans and Democrats, have ignored the entire constitution since 911.  Together, they control the American Justice system and manipulate how the government skips over it or pushes it to the side.  This happens when important legislation is considered to enrich the rich and those even more wealthy, but at the detriment of the poor and middle class.

The USA and Canada legal, immigration, medical and corporate systems are being changed or already have been changed, to the detriment of the citizens.  Unless people take to the streets, nothing will change.  North America will continue rushing towards the deadly chasm of enormous debt, so huge, that several generations already are under economic servitude for centuries and will not ever be able to pay off the Trillions our countries owe.  Have you ever combined your Municipalities, States and federal debts together?  Or the Municipalities, Provinces, Territories and federal debt?

It is alleged that he Republicans collude with the CONservatives and the Democrats collude with the LIEberals to control our continent.  All four parties are colluding and  have put up US national and state parks, tourist attractions, precious resources and government assets as collateral.  So has Canada.

It is only a matter of time before the USA and Canada have to pay this debt to the Rothschild International banking cartel, foreign nations hold our national debt and citizens around the world.   Neither USA and Canada can’t afford taking on any more debt and this will cause major hardship on those that are not Millionaires or have even more wealth.  The master plan is to bankrupt nations, to force the one world global digital currency system and government down all of our throats.  The USA is already ahead of schedule.  Many other countries are in the same sinking ship and will see the end of all FIAT currencies sooner than you think.  Canada also uses FIAT currency. Google ‘Special Drawing Rights’ to learn that the global elite will be transferring the wealth of the people to their control within ten years.

The USA approved the ‘Bail In Act’, just as Canada, Australia, all Commonwealth nations and the European Union have (including the United Kingdom).  Governments do not approve new laws unless they intend to use them.  This is a method of seizing the money out of all the nation’s bank accounts directly, legally.  Realize that any of your money that goes into a financial institution in Canada and the USA is now a loan.  Depositors are third on the repayment list, behind the Rothschild banking cartel which most banks own money to and the Board of Directors/shareholdeders are second.  This means it is now possible that we will not be repaid what we have in these corporations.  Don’t depend on the Deposit Insurance groups that guarantee depositors funds are protected, I confirmed with their managements that they have limited funds to assist depositors and it’s a first come, first serve kind of cue.

Not like in 1929, when they masterminded the Great Depression on purpose, to destroy the independent small financial institutions they did not control and then they consolidated their ownership of the entire world’s financial system after buying up the medium sized banks.  The people of the world suffered dearly for this detrimental tactic.  Ask your grandparents that endured this devastating tactic how they feel about those times or seek out what happened.  I recommend you watch ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’ to see what really happened.

The world wealth transfer happens every hundred years or less and makes those who own the global financial monetary systems more money than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes (at our expense).  Tighten your belts, pay off your debts asap or you will be in trouble when interest rates rise above double digits, which is already planned and has started worldwide.

Time Is Ticking On Our Debt Bombs and Soon Will Explode and Destroy Our Way Of Life!!