Barrack Obama’s legacy should be noting that he became a Lame Duck President of the USA.  During his eight year reign he has caused two credit ratings degradation for the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.  Obama racked up federal debt by almost $12 US Trillion, this increased America’s debt to $22 Trillion US ( Obama increased the USA debt by more than ALL of the previous Presidents combined ).

Obama alienated the world by financing the Syrian rebels who he gave almost a Billion US, who then changed sides and became the most brutal terrorist group in the world (ISIS).  This exiting President also shafted Israel by snubbing Israel President Netanyahu when he fluew to the USA and instead wnt on TV (The View Show).  He also did not support Israel on several United Nations matters especially when he never vetoed the unfair UN Resolution that stated that Israel did not have any past history or rights to Jerusalem or the occupied territories.

He wants to protect his legacy, don’t make me laugh!  The American people are crossing their fingers that Trump will  do what he promises.  All  I an say is the Billionaire can’t do worse than Obama, Can he?