Canada’s Financial Future Is In Jeopardy

Canada’s Financial Future Is Stressed To The Max According To The Global Central Bank

 By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

The International Bank of Settlements (IBS) announced that Canada is showing signs of financial stress and a financial economy bubble that could pop this year.  The I.B.S. is the central bank of all central banks and regulates/controls every nation’s monetary system (excluding Iran & North Korea).  They decide how much money all nations can print and oversee loans between financial institutions worldwide.  They enforce the interest rate, ensure transactions between our financial institutions are completed legally and other important financial indicators like debt and deficits.

The Bank of Canada is our central bank, which controls our interest rates, currency pricing, and other important monetary policy.  The USA Federal Reserve is America’s central bank, yet it is not federal, nor a reserve of anything, it is a private corporation owned by foreign interests (Rothschild International Banking Cartel).  Do you know who owns our central bank, you should?

 The Canada Real Estate Association warned that our nationwide real estate market is over-priced  and starting to shrink, forcing more home owners to own ‘underwater’ mortgages.  Banks are allowing people who cannot afford mortgages, to sign and go deeper into economic servitude.  This is what caused the sub-prime real estate market crash in the USA in 2008 watch the DVD – The Big Short stars Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey).  This true story explains what Canada will endure sooner than later.  Is there a hidden reason our banks are doing this?

 Meanwhile foreign buyers gobble up Canadian property, not caring for us citizens.  Home prices are coming down and people use their homes as collateral for their mortgage and as an asset for other debt obligations.  This leveraging is the highest it’s ever been since the 1980’s (during the 22%+ interest rates era).  Canadian household debt is almost twice their family’s annual income.  Don’t believe that real estate is an asset.  It is a debt until you have rental income from it.  It is a sword over everyone’s head, especially those owners who have an ‘underwater’ mortgage. 

Canada’s interest rates are on the rise, heading to double digits within two years, so stop going further in debt and pay off your credit cards asap.  Or you will regret it.

 The BC LIEberals introduced a foreign buyer’s tax of 15% to supposedly slow the overheating Vancouver real estate market.  British Columbia’s extremely high prices are due mainly to non-Canadian buyers.  Houses that were affordable when I first moved to Vancouver in 1988, are now over a $ 1,000,000+ ($ 1 Million +) and out of reach of the average Canadian.  You can thank the Chinese government and their proxy representatives.  Several of my Chinese friends laugh at the BC LIEbera’s new 15% tax, because they just form Canadian corporations and have their companies purchase the properties.  Even the ‘empty home fee’ is being circumvented easily.  The rich know how to screw the government legally, learn this too.

 Allegedly, the LIEberals are colluding with the CONservatives to continue racking up more debt than Canada can afford.    Canadians are too apathetic and complacent, but the time for us all to rise up and force our political parties to have financial restraint, it may be too late already.  Contact your Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, your Premier and Members of the Legislative Assembly.  Get your opinion in front of these leaders, because they will continue down the path they are forcing us all deeper into economic servitude.  When was the last time you did this?

Before the last election, the LIEberals promised to only spend $ 10 Billion per year to generate jobs and create/repair national infrastructure.  Where are all these jobs?  Most of our children are still living at home and out of work, some have given up looking for decent work.  Our unemployment statistics have been changed to only include those ‘just out of work on E.I.’ and does not include people whose E.I. claims have run out or those on welfare or the unaccounted homeless and illegal aliens.  If you total all these figures, the amount is shockingly telling, it’s over 25% of our total legal population.  It Canada’s total working population is 20 Million, that means our real unemployed number is 5 Million out of work and desperately seeking any kind of job.  If you live in the lower mainland you have seen the increase of aggressive panhandlers everywhere.

Both political parties have been governing Canada since confederation and have caused the problems our nation is presently having.  Yet voters continue to allow these two corrupt groups into power, expecting for them to fix the mess they created.  The definition of ‘insane’ is doing something the same way repeatedly and expecting a different result.  We have to vote in some other political party (that’s if our elections are not fake).  It is sad that the NDP and Green parties have tripped and dropped the ball too many times to even be considered a true federal governing option.  So that means Canada will continue to speed towards the deadly chasm of bankruptcy.

 It is also alleged that the CONservatives and LIEberals are in cahoots to benefit their politicians to the maximum they can, at the detriment and cost of the Canadian tax payers!   They have been driving our country deeper and deeper into debt for too many decades.   The LIEberals promised, before the last election, to only spend $ 10 Billion per year, but instead, have almost quadrupled that yearly promise and increased Canada’s federal debt to an insane $ 40 Billion so far and increasing by around $ 8 Million per day.

Should the LIEberals and CONservatives allow this debt to continue at this rate, Canada will lose national parks, government assets, resources and other valuable parts of our wonderful country, because both parties have put these assets up as collateral for the humongous debt.   The LIEberals have been in power for less than two years and we know they are about to have us all pay for Canada’s 150 year fireworks extravaganza party nationwide, yet we can’t afford the Billions this is going to cost us.  That is the federal debt that we are allowed to know of.   Who knows what the black budgets or hidden payoffs are and which should be added to our nightmare debt dilemma.  Adding all of the Municipalities, Provinces and Territories debt together and combining it to our federal debt totals at over $ 2 Trillion!!!

 Why do Canadians allow this to continue, when we can’t afford to do this?   Canada sold ALL of it’s Gold reserve last year, so a major wealth transfer is in our future.  Canada deleted the penny and the     $ 1,000 bill.  The death of money is currently underway and we are on the frontline of the global currency wars.  Just look at Zimbabwe, Porto Rico, Argentina or Germany after WW2 and you will see what hyperinflation does to a nation.

 Contact Your PM, MPs and MLAs NOW!!!