Canadians To Pay For New Brigade Creation

Canaddian Armed Forces Forming United Brigade

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

The Canadian military has been considering forming a one size fits all brigade to operate as one united force.  Our Army, Navy and Airforce personnel will assign certain troops to function as one unit.  This would allow for quicker response time, more efficiency and a more effective force.  Having the three separate divisions under one command structure will ensure Canada operates with other NATO countries for easier integration, instead of each division dealing on their own.  This change could help our troops fit into the coming global military.

In the 1970s, when I served, Canada’s Army, Navy and Airforce were merged into one fighting force.  This made our military more efficient and cost effective.  Having the entire armed forces personnel wearing the same uniforms, weapons, gear and combat fatigues saved a lot of tax payer’s money.  However, the commanding structures were unhappy with joining together after being separate for so many decades.  The officers that controlled the individual command were not needed any more.  No need for three sets of leaders, when their became only one military group.

Changing the uniforms from the unique colors and design to the drab green uniform worn by every member of the military back in 1976 to 1979, was pitiful and not in fashion.  No wonder why the men and women complained about it. Having a standard uniform did save money and made the Canadian Armed Forces look more cohesive.  Everyone looked the same and I thought that was a good thing, but our government decided to go back to the three divisions, costing tax payers an enormous amount of tax dollars to reinstate all of the three different styles of uniforms and the leadership structure.  What a waste of time and money.  This showed the inefficiency of our military leaders and governing politicians.

I wonder if the Finance Minister decided to take the old uniforms out of storage to use them instead of toss them away?  Or could our politicians see an opportunity to profit from allocating tax payer’s money into companies they own that will make the new uniforms and synchronistic equipment?

Now Canadians are going to incur even more costs to form this new military unit.