Capitalism & Greed Kills

Capitalism And Greed Are Killing Us All

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Capitalism has consequences that are detrimental to the human race and Earth.  Capitalism was created and is run by businessmen who are mainly worried about their next quarterly report.  They are concerned more by the price of their nation’s currency, profit of companies and their share of the global market, then they are the citizens of their countries.  Nor do they care about the world’s land, oceans, wild life or people, just how to make a profit from them all.  There view of our planet is totally different than yours.

Most really wealthy people are not like the average person, they look at money differently.  To them money is just a way to keep score in this game called life.  They concentrate on how to earn more and more and more.  One Billionaire I met told me, “Everybody likes to collect and hoard something, for me it’s money.”   In the movie Scarface, a drug dealer states, “Never underestimate the other guy’s greed!”  It’s all about greed and greed is not good, nor is consuming just to try to keep up with the Jones.   I don’t see this way of looking at life ever ending and in fact, it is being programmed into our children and every human on Earth.   After all, doesn’t everyone want to get ahead and have a better life!  In my opinion, that is a problem that will lead to humanity’s extinction.  A new system needs to be created before it is too late!

When everything is expendable, even you and I, it explains why things on our planet are happening.  Rational people have to express their opinion on our absurd lifestyle.  That is why the rich let millions of people starve every year or start wars to ‘thin the herd’ of humanity and make a buck at the same time.  Have the rich created the present troubles on our planet or are we all to blame?

There are no communist or democratic nations, since every country on Earth is really governed and controlled by the super wealthy globalist oligarchs who have a nefarious agenda to ensure their family bloodlines inherit the Earth.  Most of the wealth on this world was gained by using slaves and conquering others in the name of greed.  Even North America was seized by force at the expense of those that were here before us all.  Sure you can say that it wasn’t your fault, but doesn’t someone have to admit that this way of existing cannot continue?

It’s time for a game changer or we non-rich will not survive the coming tribulations being planned.  Life my friends, is going be a bumpy ride for the next one hundred years.  Pray for the children, because they are going to need it!

Humanity is going to choke itself to death on greed!