Capitalism And Greed Are Killing Us All

Capitalism And Greed Are Killing Us All

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Capitalism has consequences that are detrimental to the human race and Earth.  Capitalism was created and is run by businessmen who are mainly worried about their next quarterly report.  They are concerned more by the price of their nation’s currency, profit of companies and their share of the global market, then they are the citizens of their countries.  Nor do they care about the world’s land, oceans, wild life or people, just how to make a profit from them all.  There view of our planet is totally different than yours.

Most really wealthy people are not like the average person, they look at money differently.  To them money is just a way to keep score in this game called life.  They concentrate on how to earn more and more and more.  One Billionaire I met told me, “Everybody likes to collect and hoard something, for me it’s money.”   In the movie Scarface, a drug dealer states, “Never underestimate the other guy’s greed!”  It’s all about greed and greed is not good, nor is consuming just to try to keep up with the Jones.   I don’t see this way of looking at life ever ending and in fact, it is being programmed into our children and every human on Earth.   After all, doesn’t everyone want to get ahead and have a better life!  In my opinion, that is a problem that will lead to humanity’s extinction.  A new system needs to be created before it is too late!

When everything is expendable, even you and I, it explains why things on our planet are happening.  Rational people have to express their opinion on our absurd lifestyle.  That is why the rich let millions of people starve every year or start wars to ‘thin the herd’ of humanity and make a buck at the same time.  Have the rich created the present troubles on our planet or are we all to blame?

There are no communist or democratic nations, since every country on Earth is really governed and controlled by the super wealthy globalist oligarchs who have a nefarious agenda to ensure their family bloodlines inherit the Earth.  Most of the wealth on this world was gained by using slaves and conquering others in the name of greed.  Even North America was seized by force at the expense of those that were here before us all.  Sure you can say that it wasn’t your fault, but doesn’t someone have to admit that this way of existing cannot continue?

It’s time for a game changer or we non-rich will not survive the coming tribulations being planned.  Life my friends, is going be a bumpy ride for the next one hundred years.  Pray for the children, because they are going to need it!

Humanity is going to choke itself to death on greed!


Your Diet Can Kill You

Your  Diet  Is  Deadly

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

It is a fact that you are what you eat.  So make sure you eat what is good for your body and brain.  Are you feeling ill or not as well as you should?  Maybe your diet is not helping and could be making you sick?

Dr, Michael Gregor MD announced that smoking kills over 500,000 Americans every year.  He also stated that a meat and animal by-product diet causes a couple hundred thousand more deaths than smoking cigarettes.  Yet both the Canadian and USA governments still allow their citizens to die because they obtain Billions in tax revenue from the sale of these deadly products.

Once you accept the knowledge that our governments do not look out for your best interests or even care if we die, just so corporations can earn the super-rich globalist oligarchs, who own these companies, to make huge profits.  Basically, slowly killing us is okay with our political representatives.  Yet we rarely hear about this.

The owners of the meat, dairy, egg and certain processed foods have over the past 200 years, lobbied governments to promote their products to their populations.  Even though they are aware of the scientific studies that show these foods are not good for humans.

Many scientific studies have been financed by the industry that the study favours or approves of.  They gave government agencies, like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and other regulation agencies to get members of these companies on the decision making boards, allowing them to approve products that should never be in the marketplace.  This is a ‘conflict of interest’.

These food industries also took over the University educational systems to the benefit of pharmaceutical and food producers.  This allows food products that are not healty for our children to get distributed into our food industry.  So we can’t trust reports and the government’s recommended food groups to eat.

Doctors need to go through four or more years of schooling, but only receive less than 10 hours of food based nutritional class.and that is why doctors do not advise us to eat certain nutritional food to solve a person’s illness.  Instead doctors only advise patients to take prescription drugs since they earn money doing this.  For example, there are natural foods that lower blood pressure but doctors never recommend you to eat them.  Instead they advise you to take certain medicines.  Our medical system is broken and our government is not trying to fix it, at the expense of Canadians!

Companies are created and designed to increase the share price and dividends to shareholders and that is why companies who produce unhealthy products try to increase their markets, all in the name of profit.  They are thinking how to increase sales in every way, even knowing their products kill.  The governments love the tax money from these companies and keep quiet.

In the end, only you are responsible for your health.  You have to ensure that what you put into your mouth will be good for your body and not negatively affect your health.   People still smoke, knowing that it causes cancers.  This adds a major burden on our health system unnecessarily.  Meaning, we have to pay more taxes to help these foolish citizens when they are suffering in agony during the last stage of their life!.

Improve your diet for better health and a great life!


The Next World War Is Currently Being Prepared For

The  Next  World  War  Is  Being  Prepared  For  Now

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Prior to every world war nations on both sides build up their armed forces and ramp up their military manufacturers in preparation.  Most wars are started by a False Flag event to manipulate populations to support the conflict cause and to justify tax dollars into weapon producers.  The super-rich globalist oligarchs profit from wars that they help start because they own these companies of death!

Canada’s military industrial complex is presently in full swing and are distributing arms throughout the world.  Last year the CONservatives negotiated a $15 Billion arms deal with the worst dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, then finalized and signed off on by the LIEberals.  This year, the LIEberals cut a $13 Billion arms deal with South Sudan (a war zone).  Under international law it is illegal to sell arms into a war zone.    Canadian tax payers rovide $1 Billion to Bombardier in Quebec to build military aircraft for Iran.

America is forcing all NATO members states to increase their military budgets to no less than 2% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  What is the AngloAmerican empire preparing for?

Copied from – Reuters in Toronto

Friday 14 July 2017 18.01 BST

Canada has announced plans to increase its defence budget by nearly three quarters over the next decade, after coming under pressure from the United States to boost military spending.

Defence minister Harjit Sajjan said the budget would jump by 73% to C$32.7bn ($24.2bn) in 2026-27 from C$18.9bn in 2016-17, with the biggest increases coming in later years.

Sajjan’s announcement came a day after Liberal foreign minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada would have to play a larger global role as the administration of Donald Trump retreated from multilateralism.

Sajjan told a news conference the new 20-year defense policy would result in “a Canada that is strong at home, secure in North America and engaged in the world.”

Canada will hold an open competition to buy 88 advanced fighters to replace its fleet of 77 CF-18 planes, more than the 65 new jets the previous Conservative government had planned.

The defense review said the jets would need to operate seamlessly with planes of Canada’s allies and estimated the cost at between C$15bn to C$19bn.

Ottawa said last year it wanted to buy 18 Boeing Super Hornets as an interim measure but has since threatened to scrap the plan unless the US firm drops an anti-dumping challenge against planemaker Bombardier.

Sajjan said the boost would take total defense expenditures to 1.4% of GDP by 2024-25 from 1.2% now. Other estimates put Canada’s spending at closer to 1.0%.

He declined to comment when asked whether the spending would result in a larger budget deficit than the Liberals are already forecasting.

Nato members have committed to spend 2% of GDP on the military, a target few meet. Trump last month upset Nato leaders by insisting they commit more funds. Asked whether he thought Trump would be satisfied, Sajjan said: “This defense policy is for Canada.”

His announcement came after Freeland said Canada would seek to play a larger role on the world stage as the United States retreats. Addressing parliament on Tuesday, Freeland said: “International relationships that had seemed immutable for 70 years are being called into question.”

Analysis For once, Trump stays silent about Nato unity – and US allies are disappointed

Trump’s speech was scolding and ignorant, avoiding a US pledge to commit to collective security, adding force to rumors Russia has influenced him

Read more

“The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course,” she said.

“For Canada that course must be the renewal, indeed the strengthening, of the postwar multilateral order.”

Freeland told parliament that Canada would “strive for leadership” in multilateral forums such as the G7, the G20, Nato and the United Nations.

She said Nato and Article 5, the alliance’s mutual defense doctrine, lay at the heart of national security policy. Trump upset NATO leaders by not personally affirming his commitment to the article.

For Canada to play a larger role globally, it would need to make “a substantial investment” in its armed forces, she added. “Canadian diplomacy and development sometimes require the backing of hard power,” she said.


Divorce More Popular Than Marriage Now

Is  Marriage  Obsolete?

Would you get on a flight if the odds to reach your destination were
less than 50%?

Do you dare eat something if there was a 50% chance of dying from food

I used to think getting married only led to divorce.   A marriage
certificate is only a piece of paper that just documents people to
keep track of men and women by the religious system and government.  I
still believe true love does not need a piece of paper!

The cost of a marriage is a financial burden on any couple and their
families.  Whose idea was it to require marriage bonding to pay to
register with the political and religion systems anyway?  Paying money
to the religion you chose to hold your marriage with is unnecessary,
when you can just hold a less expensive civil marriage that may be
performed by a judge, justice of the peace or a municipal clerk.
Heck, get a ship’s captain to do it and save money.

If you want to give the government more money, over and above the
income tax you already pay them, then register. Then there are all the
extra costs for the invitations, dresses and suits, the flowers and
decorations, church rental, hall payments for the reception, the meal
and drinks, the entertainment, the vehicles and the most expensive
part is the engagement ring and the wedding bands.  Wouldn’t it be
more practical to pay for a better honeymoon?

Common Law relationships used to be considered in a negative way by
society (ideology from the Victorian era).  Common Law marriages have
been legal for decades and after a year of cohabiting together, a
couple are automatically considered ‘married’ yet no costs are
incurred by the couple.

Marriage in men’s minds only leads to the end of the positive joyful
part of their relationship.  Here me out:

1)      The first stage of love is liking a person.
2)      Then dating this person, while still dating others.
3)      Then taking your non-monogamous relationship to a monogamous one.
4)      Once you realize you truly love each other you both decide to move
in together.
5)      Then you decide to live a Common Law relationship, without actually
being officially married.
6)      After agreeing to live together for a minimum of 12 months, the
state considers a  Common Law relationship officially married, yet
without the cost of a ceremony.
7)      Sometimes both of you choose to have a marriage ceremony and
register as a married couple.

Is the next stage divorce?

It seems so.  Over 50% of all marriages end up in divorce.  Some
people marry more than once, some between 2 to 5 marriages that end in
failure!  Divorces are very costly.  First off, the divorcing spouse
is allowed to seize, confiscate or take 50% of all the married
couple\s assets (money, children, pets, real estate properties and
even debts) unless the smart ones signed a pre-nuptial agreement.
Lawyers are the real winners of a divorce.

After living with my common law wife for just over 30 years, she
finally said ‘yes’ and we had a very small wedding ceremony with a
Justice of the Peace.  Nothing really changed.  Life carries on, but
we now have to merge our tax forms and other things.  The reason we
married is to show each other we are really in love and wanted to show
our children that they should be married to fit into the society and
culture.  I love my wife no more, no less than when we were not
married.  Good thing that marriage is still up to the couple and no
one else.  Unless you are from a culture or country where your parents
decide who you must marry!

There’s already way too much control over our lives by governments and
authority.  No need for our parents to dictate the nation’s
programming that couples should be married.   Thank goodness rules
don’t always need to be obeyed.  Enjoy your future together and don’t
be influenced by anyone else.  After all, it’s your life!0

Here’s Why You Should Be Questioning Everything!

Is Your Reality  True Or False?

It is time for us all to reevaluate everything we know as the truth and what we believe is a fact.  Why you may ask?  Is it possible that humanity has been tricked into believing in false realities?  Before you say “impossible, of course not” take a step back and question anything that pops into your mind from now on.  Question every thought that comes to mind.  For example:  Why do you eat three times a day?  Why not try an experiment and only eat when you are actually hungry?  Some will eat more than three times a day (called grazing).  Others will eat less.  Those that exert a lot of energy and work hard may need to consume more than sedentary folks.  That’s logical.  Could the food industry have programmed the majority of us from birth to eat more than humans may need to, all just to make more money?    We all know advertising works.  Subliminal advertising works as well and you don’t even realize their message has been embedded into your brain.  What other core beliefs have, through osmosis, been created and distorted your understanding of the universe and reality you presently believe in?    

If you analyze almost everything, you start to question what you have been told and taught all your life.  That is a good thing.  Doctors did not believe there were small creatures that they could not see causing illness and killing their patients.  The medical system did not enforce the washing of surgeon’s hands prior to performing surgery for over a hundred years after scientists explained infections were caused by tiny deadly viruses and bacteria.  All because people could not believe in something they could not see.  Once the microscope was invented, everyone could see microscopic bacteria and humankind changed for the better!   This is an example of popping a reality bubble.  Throughout human history, reality bubbles and beliefs have changed as new truths are discovered or proven to exist. 

I have been popping people’s reality bubbles for many years and have encountered many who will not accept these truths. This confuses me and makes me believe our species is doomed.  How can anyone deny facts that can be repeatedly proven as true?  These deniers seem to have been programmed by their government’s educational system, mainstream media and cultural reinforcement by society.  Even though scientific evidence is in front of them, they reject these facts!  Some have become threatened and run away in ignorance or get violent in defense of their false core values.  It seems to me, that humanity has been programmed to not accept any proof outside of the core beliefs and false narratives created by the ruling class of our planet.  These real leaders have installed a ‘fight or flight’ behavior within humans that most are not even aware of. Those that truly have independent thought and individual identities, at least consider every theory presented to them and then make their own decision of what is true or false.  Most do not. 

Perfect examples are those that believe in a God and/or a religion.   If you try to get these followers to question their faith in an omnipotent deity, they become angry, violent or most likely, flee from what they consider to be sacrilegious demonology.  Their evidence for this godly core belief is faith instilled into humankind since before written language existed and refuse scientific proof of what is real and what is not!  It seems our core beliefs were established before we were born and will perpetuate until this false control system is replace with the truth and only the truth.

Isn’t knowing the truth more important than any bullshit?


Sandford Tuey is an International  licensing consultant, entrepreneur and has been a strategy game designer for the past 44 years in various industrial fields. With a keen interest in political and military analysis, he has been gathering data since 1977 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.

Our Canadian Monetary System Is Ripping Off Canadians

Candian FIAT Monetary System Is Ripping Off Canadian Tax Payers

Here’s how they screw Canadian citizens out of our tax dollars!!

First:  Canada and most nations around the world slowly changed away from a gold based currency (which used to be backed and supported by a nation’s gold reserves).   Canada sold all of its gold in 2016.  Our currency and our monetary system is presently backed with nothing.  Our money (bills and coins) system is based on new tax payer funds provided by the people of Canada.  All FIAT currency is worthless and not worth the value of the paper it is printed on.  Yet that is what we use and our government and economy is based upon = worthless paper.  How long will this charade last before our national debt comes due?

Here is the Wikipedia explanation of what FIAT money really is:

Fiat money is a currency established as money by government regulation or law.[1] The term derives from the Latin fiat (“let it become”, “it will become”)[2] used in the sense of an order or decree.[1] It was introduced as an alternative to commodity money and representative money. Commodity money is created from a good, often a precious metal such as gold or silver, which has uses other than as a medium of exchange (such a good is called a commodity). Representative money is similar to fiat money, but it also represents a claim on a commodity (that can be redeemed to a greater or lesser extent).[1][3][4]

The first use of fiat money was recorded in China around 1000 AD. Since then, it has been used by various countries, usually concurrently with commodity currencies. Fiat money started to dominate in the 20th century. Since the decoupling of the US dollar to gold by Richard Nixon in 1971, a system of national fiat monies has been used globally, with freely floating exchange rates between the national currencies.

Canadian tax payers used to own the Bank of Canada, our central bank, which controls all the private banks within a nation, our monetary system, national interest rates and the printing of our currency.   Our LIEberal and CONservative parties colluded to borrow Trillions of dollars from the Rothschild International Banking Cartel and Bilderberg Group controlled governments, banks and global corporations.  Canada owes over $2.4 Trillion + Cdn. total and this unnecessary debt is increasing by around $10 Million per day.   We are paying interest on the previous interest outstanding and will not be able to pay this debt off in four generations.  This financial burden is going to place our children and their children’s, children’s, children (four generations +) to pay off.  This is basically economic servitude.

Canada had to put up our national parks, government assets and resources as collateral for borrowing this enormous amount of money, because our political parties sold all our nation’s gold and took our currency off of the gold standard.   Not sure when this debt is due to be paid off, but we can’t afford to pay it off anyway.  Everyone knows what happens when a person or company reneges on paying the interest or priniciple debt off.  The creditor(s) halt credit and the ability to borrow more money.  This would be devastating for Canada, it’s economy and Canadians nationwide!  Ask the citizens of Greece how that went when the European Union countries refused to lend more money to keep their Greek economy functioning.  Not pleasant!!

Luckily, the Greek banking system was salvaged by a fourth huge European loan last year, otherwise, Greece would have become a bankrupt state and this would unleash hell and have brought down other FIAT using nation’s economies like a row of toppling dominoes!  .  The central bank of Greece shut their banking system down for a month-long ‘bank holiday’.  They used the term ‘bank holiday’ to make what happened sound alright, but it is not.  No debit cards worked or credit cards, the banks were closed nationwide so no access to any safety deposit boxes and all the ATMs WERE EMPTY WITHIN A DAY.  That is a frightening thought to have to exist under those economic stopped conditions but it gets worse.  Before the banking system was open again, they stole, confiscated or seized legally 25% of all the people’s money from their bank accounts nationwide.  That is the real reason the citizens of Greece rioted in the street.  The government called it ‘austerity’!  The military was called out to beat the people back into their homes.  This was the first time in history of the use of the ‘Bail In Act’.  Canada approved the Bail In Act’ in 2013 by the CONservatives and supported by the LIEberals parties.  Governments don’t approve new laws unless they intend to use them.

Are you ready for the enforcement of the the ‘Bail In Act” across Canada?

Wow!!! Trudeau Sets World Record In Avoiding Questions!! Why?

Wow!!!  Trudeau Sets World Record In Avoiding Questions!!!

By  Sandford Tuey

Go to YouTube right now and type in the title of this article. 

Watch your Canadian Prime Minister refusing to answer one simple question.  Many Opposition politicians during Parliament ask Trudeau, “How many times has the Prime Minister met with the Ethics Commissionaire?”   The LIEberals claim to be a transparent governing party, yet he does not give a straight answer, proving they are not.  He repeatedly pukes up the same verbal memorized response he was instructed and allowed to tell Canadians.   Which was bullshit nonsense and he should answer to Canadians!

The LIEberal leader repeated with a memorized statement to hide the truth from Canada’s Parliament & citizens.  At least 8 times he was asked this simple question by several different Members of Parliament.  With a smirky grin, Trudeau deflected the question over and over with the same answer.  This is proof that the LIEberals are screwing the Canadian people and their leader should not be governing a G7 nation.   Don’t you want to know what they are hiding?

Trudeau’s arrogant refusal to answer reminds me of when his father, Pierre Trudeau, was Canada’s Prime Minister.  Obviously, Canadian voters don’t recall the alleged lies and theft of the public’s money by the LIEberals in the past.  Why did Canadians vote the LIEberals back into office after the Sponsorship Scandal and other suspicious incidents?

How do you think Justin Trudeau didn’t have to work a serious job in his life?  Justin got his father’s trust money, so he did not have to work like an average Canadian.   Instead, he claims he travelled to 90 countries, living high on the hog, using money his father pillaged from Canadian taxpayers.

Those Canadians that voted for the LIEberals into office should be ashamed and are bloody morons.  They gave the LIEberals a bloody majority government, no less!  Shake your heads LIEberal voters and don’t ever vote LIEberal again, unless you enjoy being ripped off!  The four years they are going to be our government, the LIEberals are not going to live up to promises made by Trudeau prior to the last election.  Stop blaming the leaders of political parties, they are just following orders from the real rulers of their parities!   The funders!

In Parliament, Justin Trudeau circumvented Parliament Opposition when asked ONE SIMPLE QUESTION.   There must be a reason to hide information about his trip to Muslim Billionaire Aga Khan’s paradise island in the Caribbean.  Trudeau accepted gifts, breaking the law in Canada.  Trudeau met this powerful influential Islamist with his lawyer.  When was the last time you took your lawyer with you on your vacation?  Allegedly the Prime Minister cut some sort of deal and I’m betting it has to do with more Muslims and Islamic Sharia law migrating to Canada.  Who knows?  Trudeau is refusing to discuss the trip that cost Canadian tax payers $137,000 Cdn.

Why do Canadian citizens allow this type of behavior?   Canada is not the country it used to be and allegedly, our politicians seem to be more criminals than the crooks in prison.  Canada needs to hold our politicians accountable and treat representations made just to get elected, as committing perjury in court.

It’s got to the point that politicians lie to fool Canadian voters just to get elected, with no thought of doing anything they promise to do if they become elected!

Don’t be fooled again!!


Canada’s Prime Minister Is A Liar – Get Used To It

Why Is Canada ‘s Prime Minster  Trueau A Liar?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada


Trudeau made a lot of promises prior to Canada’s last election.  Canadian voters believed the young Trudeau like blind sheep, giving the LIEberals a majority government.  Those that voted for the LIEberals should go to a mirror and bang your head on it repeatedly until your mind is numb and the stupid thought of voting LIEberal is is out of your head!

Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a figurehead and glorified teleprompter script reader spewing the LIEberal party’s policy written by the super-rich globalist oligarch’s.  Trudeau reads the teleprompter well, guess that is what he learned when he took courses to become a substitute drama teacher.  Yet, when he doesn’t have the prewritten message to read, he reverts to upchucking memorized LIEberal party propaganda deceptions.

Here are some of the alleged lies the LIEberals commited:

  1. The LIEberalparty promised to change our federal election system to make it be more fair for voters.   It would have improved Canada’s electoral process from our present ‘first past the post’ to ‘proportional representation’ , but the LIEberals changed their mind now that they are in power.  The LIEberals have decided not to live up to this promise.
  2. Trudeau promised the LIEberals would conduct an open government with plenty of transparency, yet they continue to hide their true agenda and not explain why the transparency law has yet to be brought to Parliament for MPs to vote on.
  3. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not explained to Canada’s Ethics Commissionaire why he flew, at tax payers cost ($137,000), to the Caribbean, then accepted gifts from Muslim Billionaire Aga Khan when he and his lawyer took a helicopter flight to the Islamist’s paradise island.  All Members of Parliament, including the Prime Minister, are not allowed to accept gifts from foreign entities.  Accepting gifts from foreign sources breaks Canada’s law!  When was the last time you took your lawyer with you on your holiday?   Some thing smells rotten!
  4. The LIEberals also promised to legalize marijuana, but the cops are still arresting people and prisoners doing 5 years for possession, are still waiting in prisons.  No sign of a Pardon for Canadians that have a conviction for marijuana possession.  This type of criminal record causes substantial inconvenience and hassles every time they travel to the USA or venture outside Canada.  The USA and other countries can refuse Canadians with criminal records not to enter.  The RCMP are still arresting people and Canada Border Immigration still refuse entry to anyone visiting Canada with a marijuana criminal record.
  5. The LIEberals promised to only increase Canada’s federal debt by $10 Billion per year for the duration of their time in power. They proved once again that they are liars.  Trudeau’s LIEberal cronies have already racked up almost $40 Billion in federal debt before their first two years have elapsed.  At this rate, the LIEberals will add over $80,000,000,000 ($80 Billion Cdn.) to Canada’s already overburdening huge debt!   Blame both the CONservative & LIEberal parties, since their parties created the  over $750,000,000,000 ($750 Billion Cdn.) debt, increasing at $10,000,000 ($10 Million Cdn.) a day!   Loans of these insane amounts requires nations to put up collateral like,national  resources and assets to secure.   Our national parks, government office buildings & assets, plus other national resources are at risk.   It is unacceptable to vote for either of these two political parties, because they created the debt problem Canada presently has and have no intention to eliminate it.   They keep adding to this debt daily.   The LIEberals and CONservatives will never solve the debt problem they caused.  Do not vote for either of these parties!

It’s time to take Canada back from liars, criminals and corruption!!


Boycott Canada’s 150th Year Of Genocide and Oppression

Boycott Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations In Support Of Our First Nations

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

I am boycotting Canada Day for a good reason!  First, this faux-party costs mega-Millions of Canadian tax dollars, for what? To take citizen’s minds off of the fact that our nation was actually built on genocide and murder?  Will spending huge amounts for fireworks really help?  This 150th party is just to divert our attention away from the more important serious things we should be dealing with.

Second, we can’t afford this expensive cost the celebration is racking up.   We need to pay off our enormous debt before Canada goes bankrupt. The money we added to our nation’s debt by incurring these 150th celebration events, could have helped pay down our crushing debt.

Third,  First Nations made a great point by erecting their protest Teepee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I’ve never been a fan of any monarchies or colonialism.  Natives are correct not to be celebrating Canada’s oppression of our original peoples of Canada for the previous 150 years by the English and French monarchies. We should all hang our heads in shame and not celebrate this horrible time in our history of the human race.

Lastly, I choose to celebrate Canada’s First Nation’s people who have been living here for 150,000 years!!!  Now that’s a good reason to celebrate!

Happy Canada 150,000 birthday!!!


Canada Interest Rate To Increae In July 2017

Bank of Canada to Increase Interest Rates This Month

By  Sandford Tuey

On Monday the Bank of Canada’s Deputy Governor Larry Schembri was speaking at a private luncheon at the Albany Club in Toronto.   This ‘off the record and closed to the media’ event was focused on increasing Canada’s interest rate.  Our central bank has decided to increase rates at their July 12 meeting.   Mr. Schembri’s presentation to private investors and members of the Toronto Association for Business and Economics Is a way for these powerful investors to profit on the coming change.  Why aren’t average Canadians being told this?

An internal review showed the Bank of Canada is giving some select groups of investors and shareholders privileged information bordering on the line of insider info,    This erodes public trust, but because Canadians aren’t following the Parliamentary channel, our politicians scamming citizens out of tax dollars and keeps average Canadians in the dark of the coming financial holocaust.

I predict an interest rate increase July 12, 2017.   This is the last trading day before Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins, may announce the interest rate hike.  There is reumour that our economic recovery is gathering speed, but I just don’t see it, do you?  Why is our central bank conducting more private speaking engagements by its members of its governing council then public speaking engages by almost two to one?  Is the BoC granting super-rich globalist oligarchs more of an advantage then the rest of Canadians?  Allegedly so!   Why does your central bank ask that the session be off the record?

The head of the Bank of Canada StephenPoloz, commented on a possible increase in interest rates, which caused economists to predict that the rate will rase from its current 0.5%, something that hasn’t happened since 2010.  It is now projected that an interest rate increase this year will be no less than .0.5 % and may be as high as 0.2%.   Can you imagine the devastating affect this increase will have on the average Canadian overburdened with debts and a mortgage?  . Some analysts are predicting even higher interest rates in October of this year.  Are you prepared to pay more?  Is this the first sign of the wealth transfer (from the people to the globalists)?

Is Canada’s economic outlook really improving enough to justify forcing Canadians to pay more for the same amount of money they have already borrowed?  With the Republican party’s tariff increases starting with Canada’s lumber industry and now dairy industries, which will be applied to many more segments of our economy, shall force more Canadians to become unemployed than anyone expects.  Not much conversation about this in the media.  This fact alone will cause a major depression throughout our nation, causing everyone to suffer.

With the decision by the LIEberals supported by the CONservatives to increase the number of refugees (300,000/year) being added to our welfare system every year, will start competing for and taking jobs from our unemployed kids.  When you add the increase of taxes being forced on Canadians by the LIEberal and CONservative colludion (the Carbon Tax alone will add a nickel to the price of everything and will increase by five cents per year).   Have you ever known a government to eliminate a revenue generating tax like this one?  I only see it continuing to increase forever, just like the temporary income tax that is more costly to Canadians than ever before.  When you add the huge increase of Canada’s debt to over $2 Tillion Cdn. (total debt), and the hardship to come for our children who will have to pay it off, if ever they can, Canadians have only more economic servitude and hardship ahead..

Our world’s Central banks need to be more transparent and careful on how and who learns about the changes they control.  One group of rich people should not benefit more than the average person.  Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree, but it just feels like Canadians are being milked and taken advantage of by those in power.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  Does it?