Divorce More Popular Than Marriage Now

Is  Marriage  Obsolete?

Would you get on a flight if the odds to reach your destination were
less than 50%?

Do you dare eat something if there was a 50% chance of dying from food

I used to think getting married only led to divorce.   A marriage
certificate is only a piece of paper that just documents people to
keep track of men and women by the religious system and government.  I
still believe true love does not need a piece of paper!

The cost of a marriage is a financial burden on any couple and their
families.  Whose idea was it to require marriage bonding to pay to
register with the political and religion systems anyway?  Paying money
to the religion you chose to hold your marriage with is unnecessary,
when you can just hold a less expensive civil marriage that may be
performed by a judge, justice of the peace or a municipal clerk.
Heck, get a ship’s captain to do it and save money.

If you want to give the government more money, over and above the
income tax you already pay them, then register. Then there are all the
extra costs for the invitations, dresses and suits, the flowers and
decorations, church rental, hall payments for the reception, the meal
and drinks, the entertainment, the vehicles and the most expensive
part is the engagement ring and the wedding bands.  Wouldn’t it be
more practical to pay for a better honeymoon?

Common Law relationships used to be considered in a negative way by
society (ideology from the Victorian era).  Common Law marriages have
been legal for decades and after a year of cohabiting together, a
couple are automatically considered ‘married’ yet no costs are
incurred by the couple.

Marriage in men’s minds only leads to the end of the positive joyful
part of their relationship.  Here me out:

1)      The first stage of love is liking a person.
2)      Then dating this person, while still dating others.
3)      Then taking your non-monogamous relationship to a monogamous one.
4)      Once you realize you truly love each other you both decide to move
in together.
5)      Then you decide to live a Common Law relationship, without actually
being officially married.
6)      After agreeing to live together for a minimum of 12 months, the
state considers a  Common Law relationship officially married, yet
without the cost of a ceremony.
7)      Sometimes both of you choose to have a marriage ceremony and
register as a married couple.

Is the next stage divorce?

It seems so.  Over 50% of all marriages end up in divorce.  Some
people marry more than once, some between 2 to 5 marriages that end in
failure!  Divorces are very costly.  First off, the divorcing spouse
is allowed to seize, confiscate or take 50% of all the married
couple\s assets (money, children, pets, real estate properties and
even debts) unless the smart ones signed a pre-nuptial agreement.
Lawyers are the real winners of a divorce.

After living with my common law wife for just over 30 years, she
finally said ‘yes’ and we had a very small wedding ceremony with a
Justice of the Peace.  Nothing really changed.  Life carries on, but
we now have to merge our tax forms and other things.  The reason we
married is to show each other we are really in love and wanted to show
our children that they should be married to fit into the society and
culture.  I love my wife no more, no less than when we were not
married.  Good thing that marriage is still up to the couple and no
one else.  Unless you are from a culture or country where your parents
decide who you must marry!

There’s already way too much control over our lives by governments and
authority.  No need for our parents to dictate the nation’s
programming that couples should be married.   Thank goodness rules
don’t always need to be obeyed.  Enjoy your future together and don’t
be influenced by anyone else.  After all, it’s your life!0

How The Canadian Political Parties Are Diluting Our Society

Immigrant Canadian – Racist Towards Immigrants

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

Today I met a Canadian who stopped to talk with me while I was on my daily spin around the neighbourhood on my power wheelchair.  He said that he had not been walking through Burnaby for over ten years.  He was shocked how much it had turned into another Chinatown.  He complained about how Canada is allowing too many Chinese into Canada and how we are ruining our country by letting these rich Asians take over entire suburbs one by one at a time.  It was obvious by his tone and demeanor that he was a racist.  Now he is correct, in that, East Vancouver is a Chinatown made up with mainly Chinese born residents and permanent Chinese tourists.

I noticed he had a unique accent and was mulatto, so I asked him, where he was from and he proudly declare himself a Fijian.  So he was not born in Canada, but in the island nation of Fiji.  I found this amusing, yet surprising that someone who came from a foreign country would discriminate against some people from a different country.  He asked me where I was born, I said at Vancouver General hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  So he was a foreigner to me, technically.

It seems like Immigration Canada is importing racists.

He ranted on about the present Chinese invasion and how they are buying Canada out from under Canadians and we are stupid for allowing this theft by the super-rich Chinese oligarchs and government funded agents of China’s questionable provocateurs.   He had an interesting theory.  I know the government of China is expanding and Canada is just letting the dictatorship of China conquer Canada financially / economically instead of in a conventional conflict.   It is possible China’s military and government agents be defeating us without firing a shot in a war.  A couple years ago I speculated there was a Fifth Column attack against North America, masterminded by the Chinese and recently the Muslims.   If you don’t know what a Fifth Column conquering tactic is, Google it now!.

I mentioned that it didn’t matter what nation someone comes from, but that if a Canadian can go to their country of origin and buy property there, then that individual should be able to come to Canada and buy property here.  If Canadians cannot purchase real estate in their country of origin, then they should NOT be able to buy real estate here!  Makes logical sense, yet this guy was not buying the fairness of my rebuttal.

He then mentioned how the East Indians have taken over Surrey where he lives.  He also mentioned he was a Muslim and that his name is Mohamed, but not a terrorist.   He tried to convince me that only 1% of Islamic worshipers are causing all the violence and terrorism.  Normal Muslims are nice people, but their cult / religion allows Islamic Muslims to lie and kill infidels (non-Islamic Muslims).  I agreed, as this is for every culture and religion, although if a terror incident happens, I would bet on a Muslim caused the deaths and carnage of these type of attacks.

Our conversation lasted only about 15 minutes, but when I asked him the five questions on my ‘personal poll’ I usually ask everyone willing to answer them, he didn’t get any correct answers.  His viewpoint are the standard government ruler’s programmed answers.  I said he should do his research and that he was naive.  His negative Chinese attitude was getting on my nerves, so I moved on past the Chinese stores, restaurants and unknown storefronts covered in Chinese letters and words that were all along Kingsway Street..

I tried to explain to this racist new Canadian guy that to keep his racism back where he was born.  He didn’t get that it didn’t matter where someone comes from and that someone like him and his family have been welcomed and allowed to be in Canada, but he should not infect our society with racism.  I asked him if a Canadian can buy property in Fiji, but he would not answer it.

What a strange place Canada is being turned into by the colluding LIEberals and CONservative parties!!  Maybe Canada needs a nationwide language requirement to ensure the cultures that founded and built our nation are not diluted into oblivion by other cultures we allow in which are trying to eliminate the French and English out of our reality.  What do you think should be done about our vanishing original Canadian society?

 Is Canada disappearing because of the LIEberal and CONservative immigration policy?


Canadians Have Fucked Up Again!!

Canadians  Have  Fucked  Canada  Up

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

Why have you neglected your country?   Why have you let the nation down?

I see a lot of Canadians complaining about Canada and the problems it has.   Whining about them won’t solve the problems! Canadians need to stop stumbling around with their eyes wide shut!!

The root of our nation’s problem is that only two political parties have ever governed Canada since confederation ((Canada is NOT a democracy, never has been)).  The LIEberals and the CONservatives are the problem.   They are the reason Canada is so fucked and about to be bankrupted on purpose.   The two political parties have been colluding since the beginning and have been leeching our Canadian tax dollars for way to long.

Canada does not need a new Infrastructure bank (created by the LIEberals and supported by the CONservatives).  All this is a way to take our tax dollars, about $3 Billion so far and redirect this public money to hide it within this dark entity.  Have you seen which cronies have been assigned to be the CEO and Board of Directors?  Are you or any other Canadians shareholders?  You are letting these thieves to continue to rape our country.  You have to stop it.


When was the last time you met with your Member of Parliament (MP) or Member of the Legislature Assembly (MLA).  How about even contacting any of them by email or a phone call?  Not many Canadians could be bothered to do this.  They’re the ones that have allowed the destruction of Canada!   Why don’t you care?  Call the Prime Minister tday!  I dare you to!!

These two political party (rulers) introduced the BAIL IN ACT back in 2013 and you don’t even know what that is.  Ask the people of Greece how they liked the Beta Test of the BAIL IN ACT!  Just like PRIVATIZATION IS THEFT SO IS THE BAIL IN ACT.  WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

The shit storm is on the horizon and it’s heading your way!. It’s time for a major change in government, but I suspect it is already too late.   You didn’t even notice they stole your nation right from under you!  Canadians are too apathetic and complacent!  That’s the major problem.  Start paying attention!

Quit Following the Herd to the Slaughter!!


Why Does HandyDart Allow Abuse of the Handicapped, Veterans and Seniors?


By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

British Columbian taxpayers fund Translink, which controls funds to a special disabled transportation shuttle bus program called ‘HandyDart’.  BC taxpayers pay for the HandyDart buses, personnel and services provided 365 days a year.  On paper this is a prime example of the generosity and compassion of Canadians for helping mobility restricted individuals (Persons With Disabilities ‘PWD’, seniors and anyone who cannot use the regular bus system).  So why did Translink give the HandyDart dispatch contract to an American entity = MVT?  Why send Millions of Canadian tax payer’s dollars down south?

The HandyDart mandate promises to transport Persons With Disabilities, veterans and the elderly DOOR-TO-DOOR service.  Their shuttle buses seat approximately between six, plus two wheelchair bound people, up to 10 passengers plus two wheelchair PWD.  This service is vital for these people to get out into the community, go to hospitals and doctor appointments.   HandyDart service does not always live up to their claim, since it is not run as efficiently as it could be.  I personally believe this is due to the American Dispatch (MVT) group controlling the drivers, bus schedules and telephone booking system.

HandyDart introduces itself to new users with a letter, after you prove you are a Person With Disability (PWD) or a senior that has medical mobility problems recommended by their doctor.  The company assigns you a number and their letter explains the ‘Booking a Ride’ process.  Attendants may travel free with authorized HandyDart passengers and some PWD’s require their assistance, others take their wives shopping or traveling all over the lower mainland, which is fine.  After all, these users have to have a life too.

HandyDart  proudly proclaims that it is a premium DOOR TO DOOR service, yet they do not live up to their hype.  For example:  HandyDart does not accept Annual Transit Passes, War Amputee or CNIB (Canadian National Institute of the Blind) passes or the Regular Bus Pass Card which are not valid on the HandyDart system.  The fees are $2.75 one way for 1 & 2 zones, 3 zones is $4 and for 4 or more zones $5.50 per trip.  So if you want to travel to and return home from a hospital 4 zones away, it will cost you $11.  When compared to a regular bus trip cost of $ 2.75 for unlimited zones on a bus for a time limit, HandyDart seems to be is ripping off the disabled.  Add to this that a PWD (Person With Disabilites) used to receive an annual bus pass for $45 per year, but the BC LIEberals (Christy Clark’s anti-marriage and anti-disabled party) jacked the bus pass cost for the Disabled from $45 a year, up to $91 a month.  THAT IS AN INCREASE OF $1,047 / year!!!

This unbelievable unfair increase steals food out of the mouths of low income Disabled people, Veterans and poor seniors across BC.  This change reduces the already small amount of money a HandyDart passenger can afford to buy food with, causing even more hardship for these sick and ill passengers.  Allegedly the profit revenue grab is going into general BC revenue and most likely was used to give the BC MLA’s a raise!   The BC LIEberlas must not be elected ever again, unless you do not care for your grandparents and mobile restricted fellow Canadians.   So if you want to screw your grandparents and the disabled veterans and elderly vote BC LIEberal!


  1. I talk to all the HandyDart bus drivers, but out of 11 I have met so far only 6 could talk and drive at the same time.  I thought this was the age of Multi-tasking, but I guess not.  These single minded individuals ranged from mid-thirties to mid sixties.  I was surprised the younger drivers could not drive and talk and some even have to pull over when the dispatch contacted them over the radio.  This concerned me but it is not my position to say anything.  One time, while talking to another passenger, the driver raised his voice and demanded that we both be quiet.  We both were surprised and the other passenger shut up.  I was quite offended and reminded this driver, from Eastern Europe (Kosovo),  that as long as Canada allows Free Speech I will use it.   He told me to be quiet because he needed to concentrate on his driving.   I said again, “In Canada we have FREE SPEECH and I will not be quiet as long as Free Speech is legal in Canada”.  I calmly explained that no one has the right to suppress my rights or anyone else’s rights. I further explained that I have friends that risked their lives as United Nation PeaceKeepers in Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia and that he should be thankful Canadians were there when their citizens were desperately needing to stop the Ethnical cleansing, or he may not be alive today.  He might not have been able to migrate to our wonderful nation, if it wasn’t for UN Canadian soldiers risking their lives to protect strangers, things may have been very different for him and his family.  The lower mainland of Vancouver was hit with five major blizzards this winter 2016-2017. The first snow storm was perfect for Christmas, but none of the cities were prepared for it.  The municipalities do not have the necessary city equipment to deal with such an enormous amount of snow.  Side streets and back allies were left uncleared and HandyDart buses were not prepared to deal with such high risk driving.  All the drivers I talked to were very concerned with getting stuck and having to call dispatch to send another bus to transfer passengers on their bus to an unstuck bus.  This would be a major hassle and undertaking for the passengers, who can barely walk on flat dry ground, then there is the issue of wheelchairs moving in slush and snow.   Then they would have to contact a tow truck to get the bus unstuck.  I started to look at the HandyDart bus tires and could not believe how dangerously bald some were.  Several drivers informed me that all buses have only All Season tires and very rarely get Winter tires, even in extreme snow and ice conditions.
  1. HandyDart is owned by Translink, a Canadian company that operates the regular bus system and Skytrain. For some unknown reason Translink transferred the HandyDart Administration and Dispatch to an American company MVT.  This is not logical since millions of Canadian dollars for this BC contract are sent to the USA.  I don’t understand why!!  Many drivers complain that the US company treats the passengers and drivers with disdain.  That MVT does not care about the riders or the drivers and this is unethical and outright evil.  Translink must return the contract to a Canadian group as soon as the present contract is over.  Several times, that I am aware of, the dispatch (who organize trips and notify drivers who to pick up, where to drop passengers off or if the disabled person has an assistant or if they are in a wheelchair) make mistakes. These errors could turn deadly as some Persons With Disabilities are Diabetic and must eat at certain times or  their blood sugars get out of whack and can send them into a coma or even kill them.  I personally experienced delays more often then I wish and have actually been forgotten by dispatch several times.  Once, three of us were forgotten and our half hour pick-up window had passed and I had to phone HandyDart dispatch, who apologized and promised to send another bus.  Half an hour later a bus picked up the other passengers but put me on a bus that already had five people who were let off before me at their homes, all the way up in North Coquitlam (way out of my way as I live near Metrotown Mall on Kingsway Street, Burnaby.  Then, on the way to go to my home, the US dispatch added two new pick-ups who were driven to their destinations before me, which delayed me even more.  I usually get picked up at the RCH (Royal Columbia Hospital in New Minister) around 12:30 PM and get home around 1:30 – 2PM.  This trip I got home at past 3:30 PM.  I was shaking from too low of blood sugar from not eating lunch soon enough.  I am lucky I did not go into shock or a coma or die!  When a HandyDart bus is not available, the Dispatch sometimes sends a taxi to complete your trip. This is good and bad, which also require a HandyDart bus ticket.  The taxi drivers rarely get out of their cabs, especially if it is raining, snowing or cold.  The taxi drivers do not go to the door and buzz you at home if you are not waiting on the sidewalk out front of your pick-up address (some HandyDart drivers don’t do this either).  Instead they wait about 5 minutes and then drive away, since they get paid for the trip either way.  I have had a cab company call me once to come down, since he was out front.  I do not struggle out to the curb anymore because of extreme cold, rain, snow, hail or slush.  HandyDart service is supposed to be Door-to-Door but it is not in this case.  Most HandyDart drivers will escort passengers to their front doors to ensure no one falls down, which happens.  I never know when a taxi may be picking me up, so I am forced to struggle out to the curb and stand out in the freezing cold, snow, blizzard and pouring rain, while waiting for a HanyDart or a taxi.   If I don’t, I may miss my ride to Dialysis, which would be life threatening.
  1. HandyDart is supposed to phone riders if they are not going to be at their predetermined pick up address on time or if they have arrived and the passengers are not out front. I have been riding HandyDart since September 2014 and never once have I ever received a call when the arrive would be.  When I call HandyDart to request a call, the US dispatch promises they will call me,  but never do.  Why?   I explained my predicament that I require to have HandyDart drivers and taxi drivers come to the front door of my apartment building so I can remain dry, warm and safe waiting in the lobby and to escort me to the bus.  Some HandyDart drivers do this but there is no consistency on this service or times they arrive or deliver passengers.  The US dispatch said they would, yet many times my ride was changed to a taxi and I have had to go out to the curb after my pick up window has elapsed, wondering if a taxi has come and gone.  This needs to be addressed and corrected immediately, for I am not the only one who has been forgotten or just not been informed that the taxi is outside waiting.
  1. The taxi company contract should be renegotiated or transferred to a more dependable company. Bonnies taxi has mainly drivers from India or Pakistan, who I enjoy talking with.  I have experienced drivers who when I enter their taxi, already have the pay meter running, which sometimes has started at over $5, when it normally is to start at $3.50 and only begin charging once the passenger enters the cab.  Several times I have taxi drivers extend the trip to RCH by driving the long way, instead of the quicker regular course the HandyDart drivers take to the hospital.  This increases the trip cost and rips off HandayDart, which gets it’s funding from BC taxpayers.  When I tried to explain this to the American Dispatch, nothing was ever addressed and this abuse continues.

The complaints from disabled and senior passengers are so many, that a few riders have created a group that notifies HandyDart and Translink/MVT of these abuses and problems, hoping to have them corrected, but after every meeting, nothing seems to be done about this.  The disabled continue to be kicked around like old unwanted baggage.  It is time for a major change and to not waste Canadian dollars on a foreign company (MVT) who are providing this service more for the cash than to help passengers.  It is long overdue to give the HandyDart Dispatch contract back to Canadians!!  ASAP!




By   Sandford Tuey

Doctors and Dentists are just human.  They originally wanted to help people but some, as with all trades, are in it for the Benjamins!   I dealt with dentists and doctors from a financial point of view.  These professionals had lots of money and loved to take achance and buy into stock market deals all the time.  Since I was attempting to list my game company onto the stock market, I solicited those that were very rich.  They were always interested in buying shares in penny stock companies (if the risk to reward was very profitable).  Out of all my investors, one dentist and one surgeon stands out in my memory.  The dental surgeon was especially fond of extracting ALL the teeth of their innocent clients because it made him a lot of money.  He was a sexual deviant and loved to have sex with his trophy wife while injecting both of them with sedatives from his practice.  He got caught a couple times molesting women in his office once they were sedated and semi-coherent.  The GP doctor was a hard drinking, chain smoking, vain megalomaniac who had a huge mansion and lots of extremely expensive toys.  He got that lifestyle by screwing his patients over with false treatments.

Both of these guys were heavily in debt – seven figures, but loved to gamble and bought into my corporation. Plusquite a a few other risky ventures.  They would want to meet with me without notice and usually at one of the Strip clubs in downtown Vancouver, BC.  I have to admit that their taste in naked women was quite good but I could not keep up with their alcohol consumption.   I had to be social for them to keep funding my business and had to continually convince them not to dump (sell) their vast holdings, just because my stock went up a few cents.  These guys were addicted in the stock market, casinos and the luxuries in life.  That is where I learned the truth about how these professionals make vast amounts of money and why they need more and more!

Allegedly, principal members of the medical and dental profession are committing malpractice daily and using false diagnosis regarding physical problems or extreme dental work.   All in the name of MONEY!!.  They need your business so bad, they have invented diseases and oral complications to legitimize their faux physical and oral reasons to increase the type of work you require.  Some do this just to earn more cash to party and pay the interest on their major debts.  From their point of view, you are a way to get more funds into their pockets.  Not all dentists and doctors are obsessive evil scum, but take extra notice of changes to your prescriptions or dental needs, especially at the end of any month.  That is when they have to pay their dues with the banks.  Everyone has financial obligations but these two were over the top.

I used to call the dentist, Doctor Alphabet because he had so many PHD’s,  Bsc’s  and a string of letters longer that his business card could hold.  Dental surgery is lucrative and financed this man’s ridiculous drug , gambling and sexual habits, along with his son’s private school costs and his wife’s extravagant life with their huge mansions all over the world plus  multiple vehicles all worth over $100,000.each.  He would buy the entire bar drinks and loved to be the center of attention where ever he went.  I just wanted to ensure he was still on side with my company, so I came home quite drunk a few times (more than I wanted).  The next day I would have a massive hangovers and vomig my guts out.  Yet thes pricks would be at it again the next day!  I could not keep up and dreaded their requests to meet.  The things we do for money is insane.

The doctor was pure miscreant and the greediest human I ever met.  Let’s call him Doctor Evil. LOL   This guy would smoke cigarettes right in front of patients while proclaiming to his patients to stop smoking.  He was always late and when he promised to send funds to my corporate bank accounts.  He was always late and full of lies for why his money was going to be late.  I always seemed to be chasing him to live up to his promises of funding.  I later found out that the more I got to know him, he was robbing Peter to pay Paul.  He was a master of Blackjack and loved throwing money around every casinos because other gamblers flocked around him, especially the beautiful predator models, high class money-grubbing leeches (which were his favorites).  I don’t gamble but he would hand me a hundred bucks to amuse myself.  The only casino games I liked are Texas Hold’em Poker and Roulette (until it became just a video game).  He bought my shares with the same cavalier method as his gambling tactics. . I called it “carpet bombing” where he would just cover sections of the roulette table almost ensuring he would win in some way.  He lost more than he won but that didn’t matter to him, it was just the cost of  considered the cost of entertainment and way to get into women’s pants!

SCAMS  are infested within these white coated, questionable ethical, white collar criminals.  Have you been paying attention to the national and international news or attended a court session between clients / patients versus their doctors, dentists and hospitals / offices management?  Well, I have!  After being infected with a multiple variety of viruses and bacteria from inside hospitals, I realized that more [people were getting sick after the BC LIEberals promised to honor the LPN nurses contract, then after being elected in they tore up these contracts and forced a reduction to their salary and later, fired the $20+ an hour professional hospital cleaning and housekeeping staff and replaced them with minim um wage, usually foreign people who don’t know how to clean their own asses, let alone filthy hospitals.  Half cannot even hold a conversation in English or French and this frustrates not only nurses and doctors but the patients as well.

A good example of why you need to protect yourself from your doctor and dentist is how they have been trained and require massive amounts of money to pay down their even larger debts than the average person.  They desperately need to maintain their wildly extravagant lifestyle and create their wealthy persona.  If you own several homes with 20 rooms, 8 bathrooms, quadruple attached garages, maids, nannies and landscapers, plus the allowances of their always asking kids demands for more allowances and the trophy wife or muscular husband.  How do you think they afford their Lamborghinis, Ferraris and his prize electric luxurious Tesla?   Costs a lot of money to live the way they do.

I  found out that the average doctor earns roughly $150,000 and up per year.  My GP was earning around $180,000 per year.  The dental surgeon was raking in over $500,000 annually.  With crazy amounts of money, comes with insane amounts of spending and debts.  The professionals have to keep up appearances and pay their financial institutions to play the super successful part.  In the past five years the media revealed many unbelievable crimes committed by doctors and dentists, just to ern more profits.

The next time your doctor or dentist says you need ‘this or that’ to correct some strange or unknown crisis, it’s time for a second opinion or three.  One dentist I went to recently looked into my mouth, after a long expensive X-Ray session and exam, he told me that he would have to extract five of my teeth.  I was shocked!  I repeated that I want to save as many as I can because I like to eat.  He would not listen to me, all he was thinking of was how much he could make off of every tooth he pulled.  He got even more excited when his reception confirmed I was a BC Ministry Person With Disability (PWD) with a guaranteed dental amount of $1,000 available (a grand every two years, not enough to do one root canal these days).  He rambled on about removing all my teeth and replacing them with expensive dentures, etc…  He did not even want to hear me or consider doing filings to fix my teeth.  I was a thousand dollar bill in both his eyes and nothing more!

Dr. Alphabet loved to talk about his profession and the criminals who got caught doing something crooked like the doctor out east who was falsely claiming that healthy patients of his had cancer.  He told me of dentists he knew that would drill holes in teeth and fill them with the most expensive tooth fillers or even gold fillings.  Doctors make money off of the expensive chemo and radiation sessions and even more from the prescriptions he would issue.  My wife is a retired non-practicing pharmacist and she told me horror stories of doctors trying to prescribe more drugs, just to reach the high pharmaceutical companies quotas that would get the all expense paid trips around the world, or the luxury homes and cars they always dreamed of owning or just briefcases full of hundred dollar bills.  Patients are just unaware walking dollar signs, so beware of those doctors that need money to party or pay debt obligations, especially at the end of every month.

Beware of radical changes in your doctor’s and dentist’s increase of your medicines, pharmaceuticals or the need for unnecessary operations   and writing more prescriptions or claim the worsening of your condition.   IF THIS HAPPENS NEAR THE END OF A MONTH, get a second opinion because you could be a way of just making more money for their evil agendas!





Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau introduced tax changes that are primarily targeting foreign investors in Canada’s real estate to ensure they abide by existing tax regulations. However,  Canadian residents are also paying tax on their principal residences.  Our tax rules are so complex that many Canadians don’t realize then when they sell a property they don’t have to pay taxes on their principal residence but then don’tpay taxes on the sale of other properties they may own.  Many have not paid taxes on every sale of their other residences thinking that every residential sale are tax-free, when they are not.   The Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) only applies to a Canadians principal property.  This has caused many not to report the sale and have paid no tax, even in situations where tax should have been paid.  These false dispositions have gone undetected by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That’s changing!

Example :  If a person purchased a home in year 2000, in 2005, he purchased a cottage, yet in 2011, he sold his principal home for a profit and purchased a new one. Then, in 2016, he sold the cottage for a profit.  If he didn’t report the sale of the city home in 2011 because the PRE sheltered his full capital gain from tax.  If he reported the sale of his cottage in 2016 because he correctly knew that a cottage can qualify as a principal residence.   The problem is that owners believe cottage sales are also tax-free, thanks to the PRE – but isn’t!  His city home was his principal residence for each year he owned it.  Since he did not file the form that designates a property as your principal residence and fraudulently not report the sale on his tax return.   The CRA thinks he designated his city home as his principal residence for the years he owned it, the result being no tax is owed. While the cottage is not entitled to designate it as his principal residence from the years 2005 to 2011, because he already “used up” those years on his principal home.  The result is that part of the capital gain on his cottage is taxable and he is required to file  the report that his cottage sale should have paid some tax.

Many Canadians are confused by the rules and have inadvertently escaped tax on the sale of all properties they owned.   Under the new rules, the CRA will mandatorily inform that tax is required to be paid on all property sales, other than the principal residence.  This new rule requires you to now report every sale of a principal residence on your tax return, whether you owe tax or not.  This starts with in 2016.  If you sold a home earlier this year, you’ll have to provide basic information (date of purchase, proceeds of disposition and a description of the property and sales amount) when you file your 2016 tax return.

If you fail to report a sale of a residence in 2016 or later years, you are not entitled to the PRE.  If you forget to designate a property as your principal residence in the year of it’s sale, ask the CRA to amend your tax return for that year.   The CRA will accept late designations but penalties usually are applied (penalty could be $100 for each complete month the designation is late, or $8,000, whichever is less).  The onus is on you to understand our principal residence rules.

Example :  When you have not sold your residence, you are deemed to have sold the place in certain situations (if you change all or part of your residence to or from a rental or business operation)  which will require you to report this to CRA.    You should keep track of all costs of capital improvements that you make to your residence.  Keep your receipts and invoices. These will increase the adjusted cost base (ACB) of your property and could save you tax later if it turns out you can’t fully shelter any gains on your property using the PRE.

You can thank the tax-loving greedy  LIEberal party of Canada.




 By  Sandford  Tuey

 Could  Alberta’s  educational  system  confuse our children about what gender they are?   A  NEW  PROGRAM on gender and sexuality  is being taught in Alberta.  It is a project of the Alberta Teachers  Union funded in part by the province’s tax payers.  The program is AIMED AT 12 YEAR OLD kids and is represented by the GENDER  NEUTRAL  UNICORN and MULTICOLOR  RAINBOWS.  It recommends  students  replace the words  ‘Mom or Dad’ with ‘Guardian or Caregiver’.   WTF?

 This  is proof that the state owns our children from the day  we registered the corporation’s Birth Certificate.  Pre-teens are asked to put their gender and sexual identity on a Spectrum scale.  The terms  ‘Boy and Girl’  are not gender neutral so ‘Comrade’ is to be used instead.  The guide also recommends that young students watch drag shows as part of the curriculum. 

 Critics say that while it is optional for teachers, however failure to use it may result in accusations of homophobia and educational malpractice and here is the big question — is this program needed to  create a ‘safe’ learning environment for students.  Or  should parents be the one to teach their kids about the ‘bird and the bees’.

 Are government entities trying to reprogram our kids?  I believe so and it is none of their business to sneak into the minds oif our children.  Is this a sign of coming governmentalism?  First they take away our language.  Then they restrict free speech.  They come for the sick and disabled, then the elderly and homeless.  They will come for you!  When will you speak out?   

 Sandford  Tuey  ©  Jan 10, 2017




Pat Mitchell lived in OK Falls in the early 1970’s and was one of my best friends while in elementary school and high school.  He was funny and like my brother Randy could have been standup comedians.  When Randy & Pat got together they always made people laugh (I’m talking about laugh until you cry).  I miss both of these two dearly.  RIP

Pat Mitchell and I were playing pool down in my parent’s basement one afternoon.  A strange thought popped into my head (as usual).  I started a poem about drugs and Pat joined in.  Since both of us had just smoked a joint, what do you expect?   We decided to write it down.  Here is this unique poem about drugs.


A  is for Acid that fuck’s up your head.

B  is for Busted all drug addicts dread.

C  is for Cocaine melted with spoon.

D  is for Drugs  all gone too soon.

E  is for Excellent  the stone that you get.

F  is for Fried but two tokes I bet.

G  is for Grass the best stone of all.

H  is for High so high you can fall.

I is for Insane we all tend to be.

J  is for Junk sold right up to me.

K  is for Kilo’s of hash we receive.

L  is for Learning the cops we deceive.

M  is for Money to buy all our pot.

N  is for Numbers we all smoke a lot.

O  is for O.D. at night when we crash.

P  is for Pot sometimes we stash.

Q  is for Quiet when Pigs are around.

R  is for Roach we toke without sound.

S  is for Speed sometimes we shoot.

T  is for TCH  sometimes we hoot.

U  is for Undercover narc it is said.

V  is for Violence we raise up the dead.

W  is the Way we screwed up our lives.

X  is the Xtra hash we hot knife.

Y  is the Youth that get into drugs.

Z  is the Zoo where they put all us BUZZBRAINS.

By  Sandford Tuey & Patrick Mitchell


We don’t promote using drugs but this poem just came to us and we both also drew a picture per page as we wanted to sell the booklet through Head Shops but Pat died and the project lost momentum.  I couldn’t recite it without tears welling up inside me because I really miss him.  Hope he is in heaven!