Capitalism & Greed Kills

Capitalism And Greed Are Killing Us All

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Capitalism has consequences that are detrimental to the human race and Earth.  Capitalism was created and is run by businessmen who are mainly worried about their next quarterly report.  They are concerned more by the price of their nation’s currency, profit of companies and their share of the global market, then they are the citizens of their countries.  Nor do they care about the world’s land, oceans, wild life or people, just how to make a profit from them all.  There view of our planet is totally different than yours.

Most really wealthy people are not like the average person, they look at money differently.  To them money is just a way to keep score in this game called life.  They concentrate on how to earn more and more and more.  One Billionaire I met told me, “Everybody likes to collect and hoard something, for me it’s money.”   In the movie Scarface, a drug dealer states, “Never underestimate the other guy’s greed!”  It’s all about greed and greed is not good, nor is consuming just to try to keep up with the Jones.   I don’t see this way of looking at life ever ending and in fact, it is being programmed into our children and every human on Earth.   After all, doesn’t everyone want to get ahead and have a better life!  In my opinion, that is a problem that will lead to humanity’s extinction.  A new system needs to be created before it is too late!

When everything is expendable, even you and I, it explains why things on our planet are happening.  Rational people have to express their opinion on our absurd lifestyle.  That is why the rich let millions of people starve every year or start wars to ‘thin the herd’ of humanity and make a buck at the same time.  Have the rich created the present troubles on our planet or are we all to blame?

There are no communist or democratic nations, since every country on Earth is really governed and controlled by the super wealthy globalist oligarchs who have a nefarious agenda to ensure their family bloodlines inherit the Earth.  Most of the wealth on this world was gained by using slaves and conquering others in the name of greed.  Even North America was seized by force at the expense of those that were here before us all.  Sure you can say that it wasn’t your fault, but doesn’t someone have to admit that this way of existing cannot continue?

It’s time for a game changer or we non-rich will not survive the coming tribulations being planned.  Life my friends, is going be a bumpy ride for the next one hundred years.  Pray for the children, because they are going to need it!

Humanity is going to choke itself to death on greed!


Control The Monetary Systems And You Control The World

Whoever Controls The Monetary Systems Of All The Nations Runs The World

Everyone knows that the Rothschild family bloodline is the richest and most powerful group in the world. The patriarch had five sons which he sent to the most powerful countries on Earth to start and control the central banks of these five nations.  Allegedly each Rothschild son then leveraged the private banks, interest rates and production of currencies of each nation and use these to influence political parties to do their bidding.  This took less than 150 years.

These nations then used their diplomatic and military power to dominate other countries of the world.  After a few centuries they controlled ALL the countries on our planet.   By lending Kings, Queens, Dictators and other leaders huge sums of money and credit in return for conducting wars and colonial aggression around the world.   Explains why so many First Nations peoples were massacred for their territories during the previous 3 centuries.  This was just the beginning of their master plan to rule the Earth.

These super-rich globalist oligarchs have bought up control of the Justice systems, upper unelected government and even most of the largest international corporations.  They are using these global conglomerates as pawns in their chess game to establish their New World Order.  They are abusing the people of the world by using conflicts, globalization, restricting financial compensation for work and taking resources any way they can.  They do this using money and even murder if necessary.

It is rumoured they intend to reduce the population of the world to around 500,000.000 (500 Million) total.  The current world’s population is approximately 7,400,000,000+ (7.4+ Billion). That means they are trying to figure out ways to eliminate/cull over 6,800,000,000 (6.8 Billion) humans. They are utilizing starvation, wars, viruses, plagues, poverty, pharmaceuticals, food and financial means as methods to achieve this reduction, so they can own it all.

Do you want your children to continue living under present economic servitude?  Who do you really think is controlling the minimum wage nationwide?  Not the people, that is for sure or it would be a lot higher than $15/hour.  Some rich CEO’s and upper management receive Millions and Millions of compensation, while their employees receve less than $40,000 annually.   Oligards need to be overthrown by the people but they are too busy wandering around with their eyes wide shut or too apathetic.

It seems to be too late to stop the integration of nations under the New World Order!!


How Deep Are American Hands In Canada’s Pockets?

Is Canada A Colony Of The United States Of America?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte answered Press questions from American media and accused the USA of invading his country 60 years ago and staying to take advantage of his nation for profit.  He hopes not to be assassinated by the CIA before his first term ends.   He is a lawyer, ex-Mayor of Davoa city for over a decade and fought alongside the American military to defeat the Japanese invaders during World War 2 to liberate the Philippines in 1945.  Duterte is a national hero and an unorthodox leader.who has allied with the Chinese and Russians.

Duterte accused the USA of being an oppressive violent state that promised the Philippine people that they would regain conrol of their nation if they helped defeat their Japanese conqueror,   Instead, the Americans overstayed their welcome.   He said that the USA “lived off the fat of the Philippines” and needs to stop meddling in Philippine affairs.  He has eliminated annual military war games with US forces and it is uncertain how their future relationship will unfold.

This US strategy of promising to help a nation in conflict or is in economic trouble, move their troops into these nations, but stay and control them.  Taking advantage of foreign countries in this way for their resources, cheap labour force and strategic military position on the planet, is standard operating procedure.  It seems every time the USA goes into a country that they has an asset the US wants, they create a military base within it.  The USA has over 130+ military bases worldwide in foreign nations (outside of the USA).  Countries like Russia and China have less than 20 foreign military bases combined.  Who is the aggressor?.

The American government is in full empire mode and will use False Flag events to ensure they get what they want.  If the USA is willing to sacrifice thousands of soldiers lives, Trillions of tax dollars and damage their international image by invading countries like Iraq and Libya for barrels of oil, no nation is safe from their grip.  Have they done this to Canada too?

It is obvious that the USA is being a new age colonial oppressor and has the military power to defeat almost every nation on Earth, except maybe China or Russia.  However, the Americans do not always need to defeat a foreign country by military force.  They can seize control through financial and political methods as well.  If you review history and the way our political parties in Canada are taxing Canadians and privatizing our public companies and assets, it doesn’t take much imagination to believe the Americans have their claws in our affairs.

Philippino President Durterte has opened his doors to Russia and China because of the abuse of his country by America.  He claims to have stopped the American colonization of the Philippine Islands.  It is unlikely he will be able to kick the USA out totally, but I wish him good luck.  Canada would not be able to it either.

Several political parties in Canada should be foced to do the same, or at least not be able to legally receive donations and funds from American sources like some do today.  Financial contributions are known to manipulate political parties policy and assist them in winning elections.   The Province newspaper revealed that the BC LIEberals (Christy the Clown’ groip) receive major funds from American sources.  That explains a lot doesn’t it.

Canada needs to ensure our political parties don’t receive donations or funds from other countries!


Canadians To Pay For New Brigade Creation

Canaddian Armed Forces Forming United Brigade

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

The Canadian military has been considering forming a one size fits all brigade to operate as one united force.  Our Army, Navy and Airforce personnel will assign certain troops to function as one unit.  This would allow for quicker response time, more efficiency and a more effective force.  Having the three separate divisions under one command structure will ensure Canada operates with other NATO countries for easier integration, instead of each division dealing on their own.  This change could help our troops fit into the coming global military.

In the 1970s, when I served, Canada’s Army, Navy and Airforce were merged into one fighting force.  This made our military more efficient and cost effective.  Having the entire armed forces personnel wearing the same uniforms, weapons, gear and combat fatigues saved a lot of tax payer’s money.  However, the commanding structures were unhappy with joining together after being separate for so many decades.  The officers that controlled the individual command were not needed any more.  No need for three sets of leaders, when their became only one military group.

Changing the uniforms from the unique colors and design to the drab green uniform worn by every member of the military back in 1976 to 1979, was pitiful and not in fashion.  No wonder why the men and women complained about it. Having a standard uniform did save money and made the Canadian Armed Forces look more cohesive.  Everyone looked the same and I thought that was a good thing, but our government decided to go back to the three divisions, costing tax payers an enormous amount of tax dollars to reinstate all of the three different styles of uniforms and the leadership structure.  What a waste of time and money.  This showed the inefficiency of our military leaders and governing politicians.

I wonder if the Finance Minister decided to take the old uniforms out of storage to use them instead of toss them away?  Or could our politicians see an opportunity to profit from allocating tax payer’s money into companies they own that will make the new uniforms and synchronistic equipment?

Now Canadians are going to incur even more costs to form this new military unit.


Here’s Why You Should Not Fear Kim Jong-un

Don’t Fear The Reaper Or North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

There are always two sides to every story.  Here is why North Americans do not have to fear the North Korean threats of nuclear destruction:

  1. The United States of America intercepted a missile in flight with one of their missiles from their missile defense program. The first successful interception was during the first Gulf war when a patriot missle struck and destroyed an enemy Scud missile aimed at Isreal and American coalition troops in the Middle East.
  2. North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles can now reach the west coast of Canada and the United States of America and should be able to strike anywhere on the planet within ten years. Military oriented cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver are primary targets, but are unlikely to be hit.  Kim Jong-un laughs, parties and proudly issues a press release every time he launches a test missile or detonates an atomic , bomb to show the world he means business.  His ICBMs are not yet as accurate as NATO’s, which means North Korea’s Weapons of Mass Destruction are unlikely to hit their designated targets.
  3. The United States of America can destroy the entire planet multiple times over with their nuclear arsenal and North Korea would incur “great fire and fury” as President Trump threatens. Most of the USA’s nuclear missiles are smart weapons that use Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)  to accurately hit targets.   If Kim Jong-un is insane enough to launch an attack against the USA, he would only be committing suicide.  Very unlikely!
  4. The North Korean economy is 80% financed and supported by the Chinese government. Without Chinese financial and economical  support   Korea would instantly collapse and their military could not afford to move forward with their nuclear weapons program or build ICBMs.   So if China didn’t want North Korea to be a world threat, they could shut it down instantly.
  5. North Korea is a proxy army of the Chinese government and would only attack South Korea, Japan and/or the USA if they wanted to do so.
  6. Allegedly, The nuclear material for N. Korea to make atomic weapons originates from Iran, Russia and China. Their long range missiles come from China, who help by either sending actual Chinese missiles or parts to build them.  Some believe Kim Jong-un can now mine the atomic material and process it to become an atomic weapon and that his military I ndustrial complex can manufacture the missiles.
  7. South Korea and especially Japan have been very tolerant towards North Korea. Both countries militaries have not retaliated when Kim Jong-un orders missile tests that flew over both nations.  Because of no action, it proves that the likely-hood of nuclear war would only happen when North Korea actually nukes them.

Here are several reasons why Kim Jong-un’s threats cause so much fear:

  1. North Korea tried to conquer the entire Korean peninsula back in the 1950’s. They had to call upon the Chinese communists to help or they would have been defeated by the United Nations coalition military forces.  General Douglas MacArther recommended the use of American atomic bombs to unite the divided Korean peninsula under one flag of democracy, but when China sent in it’s military forces, they almost wiped the UN forces off the map.  To this day the stalemate between the UN forces with North Korea is still in effect but is a temporary agreement between these two groups technically still at war.  There have been incidents of conflicts, but no full out war.
  2. China, for the first time in United Nation’s history voted in favor of sanctions against their North Korean neighbor. Why did it take so long for the Chinese government to act as a responsible nation?   Now if China would threaten Kim Jong-un with turning off the financial and military assistance, he might back down and behave.  So the nations of the world need to hold China responsible for it’s actions or the USA should state that an attack from N. Korea would be considered an attack by China, as they did with the Russian missiles in Cuba during the 1960s.
  3. If Kim Jong-un is as insane as the mainstream media says he is, then he may actually do what he threatens to do. Which is nuke South Korea, Japan or the USA. The radioactive fallout would negatively affect everyone in North America and that means North Korea must be forced to stop building nuclear weapons and delivery methods to attack any nation on Earth.
  4. So unless South Korean and/or American coalition military forces invade North Korea, that may force Kim Jong-un’s hand to use all the military forces he can, then and only then would the N. Koreans use their nuclear arsenal.

So don’t get caught up in the threats and sabre rattling as no on, not even Kim Jong-un is stupid enough to start a nuclear war. 


Sandford Tuey is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran of the Cold War who worked within the NATO intelligence industry and now is a security consultant, licensing specialist and entrepreneur who has been a game designer for the past 35 years. With a keen interest in political and military analysis he has been gathering data since 1976 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.


IS China Buying Up All Of Canada?

Canada Is  Being  Invaded  And  No  One  Realizes  It

By  Sandford Tuey  –  Canada

Canada is under attack by a foreign nation and is losing the conflict that Canadians don’t even realize is happening all around them.    Would anyone realize that a foreign country is presently invading Canada, not by military force, but through economical warfare?  Instead of taking over a nation with military ‘boots on the ground’ troops and battling their way with violence and war, an enemy nation has been doing this without firing a shot.  Why is our government and mainstream media not realizing this or warning Canadians that we are slowly losing this unknown clandestine war and will end up surrendering our national territory without even realizing it?

Maybe I am just overly paranoid or love my country too much, but I came to a revelation when I was out for my Saturday morning walk and noticed outside the Hilton hotel (between Kingsway and Central Blvd. Burnaby), there are four additional newspaper boxes beside the regular three newspaper boxes I walk past.  I usually go into the hotel and grab a free copy of the Globe & Mail, the Nation al Post and a Newspaper completely in Mandarin, then head outside and collect the free daily papers the Metro, 24 Hours and the Georgia Straight.  I also collected all the Chinese newspapers from the new boxes and headed to a warm spot in the park and commenced to check out the news of the weekend.

The four new papers were totally in Chinese and much thicker than any of the English newspapers.  I mean each had three hundred to 500 pages and not one word of English.  Most of the advertizing is for high end things like brand new Buicks, Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles, diamond jewelry stores, expensive watches, travel agencies offereing trips for more than $5,000 each and the majority of ads are for recently opened Real Estate companies and/or Chinese agents showing off their British Columbian properties they were trying to sell to strictly Chinese purchasers and multi-million dollar homes and buildings they had already sold.  The prices were astronomical – anywhere from $1 Million Cdn. to $50 Million Cdn.  All the Chinese newspapers were in full color, yet the English ones had mainly black and white pages and had about 30 pages each (easily noticeable difference).

Inside of one Chinese newspaper was a large maple leaf covered in red Chinese letters.  To me it looked like the Chinese lettering was gobbling up our national maple leaf.  That’s when it came to me, “What if China’s totalitarian government was sending Chinese citizens into Canada and funding their purchasing of Canadian properties and land?”  Would our Federal or Provincial governments notice?  Is that really why they initiated the ‘foreign buyer’s tax of 15%’?  Or the ‘empty home penalty’?  Could this be why China is trying to buy up Canadian based energy companies, pipelines and the Alberta oilsands, plus other major national resources like mines and logging companies?

Is China invading Canada with its people, who then buy up the entire nation right from under our noses?  Is it even possible?  In a hundred or two hundred years, could all of Canada be owned by another country?  It is a variation of a ‘Fifth Column’ infiltration by an enemy nation without having to kill anyone on either side of this hostile takeover.  Why isn’t anyone noticing or caring?

On my way home I noticed that ALL of the advertising on bus stop benches and on garbage stands had Chinese real estate agents proclaiming in Chinese that they are the best to buy properties with.  Not much about selling properties.  Could all these new real estate agencies be a first wave in the invasion to buy up our country?  Sure seems so to me, but then, I am still proud of being Canadian and worry daily about how Canada is changing and not for the better.

Losing Canada piece by piece and nobody is noticing!!


War Rhetoric Increases Fear To Justify More Tax Dollars Into Weapon Manufacturers

Weapon  Producers  Collude  To  Ensure  Fear  Of  Wars  In  Populations  To  Justify Tax Dollar  Income 

By  Sandford Tuey  –  Canada


Don’t panic over the war rhetoric from the Republican government’s teleprompter reader, President Trump.  Or the colluding mainstream media and Democrat party’s support for the USA threats to attack North Korea.  It’s all to generate fear in the citizens of the world so that the global war economy can justify more tax dollars to flow into the weapon manufacturers.  Without fear of war, weapon producers will have to slow production of their bombs bullets and ingenious killing machines, which could lead to unemployment of hundreds of millions worldwide.  This would cause an instant global depression.  It seems that the military industrial complex has control of mainstream media and our political parties, Canada’s included.  No wonder there is a love of war, because it equals huge profits!


Any semi-smart human understood the collusion between political parties and the war economy, especially when ex-President George W. Bush Jr. and almost the entire Republican and Democratic parties accused Saddam Hussein of having  “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq.  They used this excuse as a ‘False Flag’ to start a major war in the Middle East to use up old weapon inventory.  False Flags are all around us and the present one could be  North Korea.  Yet an attack on North Korea IS an attack upon China!   That would be a major mistake by the Pentagon and they realize it.  When war gaming that scenario simulation, neither side wins and everyone loses!


The world knew that when Trump (really the Republican party) increased the budget of the USA military by $60 Billion US, they were in bed with the military industrial complex.  The USA military already receives more money from American taxpayers, than all the rest of the world’s nations combined.  So nothing has changed from the Democrat’s administration, who did the same thing.   Nothing ever will change, as long as the Republicans and Democrats keep winning USA elections.  It makes you wonder if elections are actually valid, doesn’t it?


Since the Republicans and Democrats are major shareholders in American weapon manufactures (who need to make more room on their shelves and get rid of old expiring merchandise), they need to create a new war.  Intelligent analysts were trying to figure out where the next war would be focused and with the propaganda media and political parties threatening North Korea, China, Russia, Syria and Iran so much, it makes sense that these united allies are in the AngloAmerican empire’s target sites.  Not good for our planet.  North Korea is a proxy army for China, which helps the Chinese totalitarian rulers of the nation, justify the people of China’s tax dollars shift into their weapon manufacturers.  The scam continues in every country.


You should not forget that the President of North Korea is a murderer, he killed family members and relatives to ensure he was not challenged with ruling as the nation’s dictator.  If Kim Jong-un is willing to kill his immediate relatives for power, killing foreigners may be a sport to him?  If the USA threatens China with real sanctions or increases the import tariff on goods from China, the trade war between the two biggest economies could turn militarily quickly.  If the USA nukes North Korea a world war would start, then quickly turn nuclear and most of the world’s population would parish!  Which way will this go?


People must rise up and take back the people’s governments before it is too late or sit back and watch the end of the world on prime time television (most likely ‘Pay Per View)!”



The Next World War Is Currently Being Prepared For

The  Next  World  War  Is  Being  Prepared  For  Now

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Prior to every world war nations on both sides build up their armed forces and ramp up their military manufacturers in preparation.  Most wars are started by a False Flag event to manipulate populations to support the conflict cause and to justify tax dollars into weapon producers.  The super-rich globalist oligarchs profit from wars that they help start because they own these companies of death!

Canada’s military industrial complex is presently in full swing and are distributing arms throughout the world.  Last year the CONservatives negotiated a $15 Billion arms deal with the worst dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, then finalized and signed off on by the LIEberals.  This year, the LIEberals cut a $13 Billion arms deal with South Sudan (a war zone).  Under international law it is illegal to sell arms into a war zone.    Canadian tax payers rovide $1 Billion to Bombardier in Quebec to build military aircraft for Iran.

America is forcing all NATO members states to increase their military budgets to no less than 2% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  What is the AngloAmerican empire preparing for?

Copied from – Reuters in Toronto

Friday 14 July 2017 18.01 BST

Canada has announced plans to increase its defence budget by nearly three quarters over the next decade, after coming under pressure from the United States to boost military spending.

Defence minister Harjit Sajjan said the budget would jump by 73% to C$32.7bn ($24.2bn) in 2026-27 from C$18.9bn in 2016-17, with the biggest increases coming in later years.

Sajjan’s announcement came a day after Liberal foreign minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada would have to play a larger global role as the administration of Donald Trump retreated from multilateralism.

Sajjan told a news conference the new 20-year defense policy would result in “a Canada that is strong at home, secure in North America and engaged in the world.”

Canada will hold an open competition to buy 88 advanced fighters to replace its fleet of 77 CF-18 planes, more than the 65 new jets the previous Conservative government had planned.

The defense review said the jets would need to operate seamlessly with planes of Canada’s allies and estimated the cost at between C$15bn to C$19bn.

Ottawa said last year it wanted to buy 18 Boeing Super Hornets as an interim measure but has since threatened to scrap the plan unless the US firm drops an anti-dumping challenge against planemaker Bombardier.

Sajjan said the boost would take total defense expenditures to 1.4% of GDP by 2024-25 from 1.2% now. Other estimates put Canada’s spending at closer to 1.0%.

He declined to comment when asked whether the spending would result in a larger budget deficit than the Liberals are already forecasting.

Nato members have committed to spend 2% of GDP on the military, a target few meet. Trump last month upset Nato leaders by insisting they commit more funds. Asked whether he thought Trump would be satisfied, Sajjan said: “This defense policy is for Canada.”

His announcement came after Freeland said Canada would seek to play a larger role on the world stage as the United States retreats. Addressing parliament on Tuesday, Freeland said: “International relationships that had seemed immutable for 70 years are being called into question.”

Analysis For once, Trump stays silent about Nato unity – and US allies are disappointed

Trump’s speech was scolding and ignorant, avoiding a US pledge to commit to collective security, adding force to rumors Russia has influenced him

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“The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course,” she said.

“For Canada that course must be the renewal, indeed the strengthening, of the postwar multilateral order.”

Freeland told parliament that Canada would “strive for leadership” in multilateral forums such as the G7, the G20, Nato and the United Nations.

She said Nato and Article 5, the alliance’s mutual defense doctrine, lay at the heart of national security policy. Trump upset NATO leaders by not personally affirming his commitment to the article.

For Canada to play a larger role globally, it would need to make “a substantial investment” in its armed forces, she added. “Canadian diplomacy and development sometimes require the backing of hard power,” she said.


The World’s War Economy Is Building Up For The Next World War

All  Nations  Have  War  Economies, Even Canada 
By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Planet Earth has been at war since recorded human history and most likely long before.  Will humanity ever be able to wean itself off of such hostilities?  All countries worldwide have war economies producing more and more deadly weapons to kill their nation’s perceived enemies as efficiently as possible.  All these national military weapon manufacturers and government Defense departments focus on murdering humans after their politicians and generals decide to attack or declare war against other nations or terrorist groups.  Why has humanity need to war so often?  Because war is very profitable!

Each country’s military industrial complex requires that these corporations earn an annual profit or millions of employees would have to be laid off.  The only way to keep a world depression from happening is to use up the bombs and bullets stockpiling on their shelves.  If there are no wars/conflicts, it creates a major negative effect on their nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  That is the reason military personnel see most situations as a reason to use force.  Possibly causing a worldwide depression and also increasing the unemployed ranks, adding more of financial burden on the governments and tax payers and go to war.  The shareholders of these weapon producers could lose their investments and taxes governments depend on to function.  A frightening scenario for politicians, economists and the war economies!

If millions of new unemployed are added to the already unemployed ranks and the alleged increase in refugees & migrants can cause countries to become unstable and desperate to get these people back to work quickly.  Many times nations decided to solve this problem by providing funds to build up their military force’s weapons, equipment and improve their ability to wage war.  Too many unemployed citizens sometime become a slippery slope into world wars.  Wars are very profitable for the winning nations and the corporations that support such violence.  Therefore, there is incentive to be able to strike first, conduct war faster than anyone else.  That is why most nations do not declare war prior to starting one.

Governments usually build up their weapon stocks and increase the numbers of fighter bomber jets, warships, tanks and arm more military personnel.  Have you noticed that Canada and many other countries have been increasing their ability to conduct war?  The USA government is demanding allies increase the amount of money they allocate to their militaries.  Military assets are positioning at vital chokepoints around the world and recruiting more. The buildup of forces and sending them into areas that they can inflict damage to perceived enemy nations is like a strategic game of Chess.  If you knew where our NATO militaries are, there seems to be an endgame underway.  Is this a sign of the next coming conflict?

Earth’s war economy is one of the most profitable industries as long as the shelves of bombs and bullets are used up around every ten years.  That is why humans cause wars continually and most likely will never stop, unless the weapon manufacturers produce other goods then ones that kill. When will a nation dare to ‘lower their shields’ and abandon the economic concept of war to help stop this endless cycle?  To show the world that war can end and  I hope one day, mankind will come to its senses and redirect the Trillions of tax dollars towards peace and helping our fellow humans!


Canada’s Most Expensive Military Purchase Could Bankrupt Our Nation

Canada increasing mega-expensive purchase of American made F-35 fighter / bomber jets from 65 to 88. 

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Each F-35 fighter jet costs between $122,000,000 ($122 Million US) to $101,000,000 ($101 Million US.  The USA is purchasing around 1,763 at a hefty cost of $376,500,000,000 US ($376.5 Billion US) and that’s just for the USAF (United States Air Force).  The US Navy and Army have yet to nail down how many F-35s each of their departments are going to buy.   It is estimated that the American Army and Navy desire to purchase no less than 500 for each department.   That would add $122,000,000,000 US ($122 Billion US).

The United Kingdom is only buying 138 F-35 fighter jets at an estimated cost of $16,836,000,000 Billion US ($29,463,000,000 Cdn.).  The UK Department of Defense is considering increasing their purchase, but have to provide a total number.

Canada originally desired to purchase 65 F-35fighter / bomber jets from the US weapon manufacturers, but increased their Royal Canadian Air Force purchase to 88.  Purchasing 65 F-35s would cost Canadian tax payers a minimum of $13,877,500,000 Cdn ($13.877 Billion Cdn.), yet with the LIEberal party, in collusion with the CONservative party increasing our F-35 purchase will cost around $18,785,000,000 Cdn. ($18.788 Billion Cdn.).  Insane!

This is the largest amount for a military purchase in Canadian history, can our tax payers afford to add this to our already huge debt?  I don’t believe this is a good acquisition because generations from now will never be able to pay off Canada’s total debt.  Do we really need so many fighter / bomber jets?

Do American weapon manufacturers really need our money?  Are they in financial difficulty?  Why isn’t Canada producing our own fighter / bomber jet, like we did with the Avro Arrow?  Who are we going to massacre with these deadly aircraft?