Control The Monetary Systems And You Control The World

Whoever Controls The Monetary Systems Of All The Nations Runs The World

Everyone knows that the Rothschild family bloodline is the richest and most powerful group in the world. The patriarch had five sons which he sent to the most powerful countries on Earth to start and control the central banks of these five nations.  Allegedly each Rothschild son then leveraged the private banks, interest rates and production of currencies of each nation and use these to influence political parties to do their bidding.  This took less than 150 years.

These nations then used their diplomatic and military power to dominate other countries of the world.  After a few centuries they controlled ALL the countries on our planet.   By lending Kings, Queens, Dictators and other leaders huge sums of money and credit in return for conducting wars and colonial aggression around the world.   Explains why so many First Nations peoples were massacred for their territories during the previous 3 centuries.  This was just the beginning of their master plan to rule the Earth.

These super-rich globalist oligarchs have bought up control of the Justice systems, upper unelected government and even most of the largest international corporations.  They are using these global conglomerates as pawns in their chess game to establish their New World Order.  They are abusing the people of the world by using conflicts, globalization, restricting financial compensation for work and taking resources any way they can.  They do this using money and even murder if necessary.

It is rumoured they intend to reduce the population of the world to around 500,000.000 (500 Million) total.  The current world’s population is approximately 7,400,000,000+ (7.4+ Billion). That means they are trying to figure out ways to eliminate/cull over 6,800,000,000 (6.8 Billion) humans. They are utilizing starvation, wars, viruses, plagues, poverty, pharmaceuticals, food and financial means as methods to achieve this reduction, so they can own it all.

Do you want your children to continue living under present economic servitude?  Who do you really think is controlling the minimum wage nationwide?  Not the people, that is for sure or it would be a lot higher than $15/hour.  Some rich CEO’s and upper management receive Millions and Millions of compensation, while their employees receve less than $40,000 annually.   Oligards need to be overthrown by the people but they are too busy wandering around with their eyes wide shut or too apathetic.

It seems to be too late to stop the integration of nations under the New World Order!!


Has Propaganda & Fake News Programmed The Entire World?

Whose Side is Julian  Assange On?

By   Sandford Tuey – Canada

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, controls the internet information website that millions of people depend on for the truth.  But is it a bastion of truth or just more fake news and deception?  Deep down inside you realize there is something wrong with what we are being told by what is consided mainstream media.  Everyone knows that fake news is rampant and everywhere.  Even President Donald Trump acknowledges that the mainstream media is fake new and thrives on lies as it is a tool to insert an emotional reaction from the masses and direct them to do what these super rich oligarchs desire.  Fake information works and we are drowning in it.

It is common knowledge that the majority of nations use the media to keep control of their population and to convince them to do what they need done.    The owners of the newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television networks seem to be indepedt but are not. These organizations collude to achieve goals set by the super rich globalist oligarchs to influence the population of other counties.  Propaganda is a weapon which has been used since the beginning of time to deceive and manipulate the world’s public.   You may not believe it but we have all been mislead and programmed, to a certain extent.

The first step is to know that this planet is full of lies and that you must question everything.

Second, understand that the majority of humans have been programmed with falsehoods and do not know it.

Third, fraudulent programming happens through repetition of false facts intermixed within some truth.

Fourth, stay alert and use scientific evidence to ensure what is being disseminated as the truth, is actually true.

Fifth, once you are sure something is true notify others what is true or false.

Finally, become a beacon of truth within the ocean of lies!

You may pop someone’s ‘reality bubble,’ but wouldn’t you want to know the truth instead of comforting lies?  Most people prefer to not know anything that does not fit into their understanding of what is real or not real.  They choose to remain blissfully ignorant of the truth and are happy that way.  Let them continue fooling themselves and try to save your family and friends from passing the manipulated fake truths we all are surrounded by.

False information or Fake News is being spread over the world through the mainstream media and the World Wide Web like fertilizer over a lawn.  Why are the Americans so surprised and upset at Russia for interfering with their Presidential elections?  All countries, including the USA spread their messages and beliefs into every nation on Earth.

How do you tell if you have been programmed?  Stay alert, as the key is to second guess everything you do and hear.  If you love a certain soda pop, ask yourself is it because you saw advertisements on TV at a young age or did your parents and grandparents become influenced by other forms of advertising before you were born?   The religion you worship and political party you vote for is usually passed onto children by their parents.  Have you studied all the world’s religions before deciding on which one to believe in?  Or are you an atheist who uses scientist methods to learn the truth about a belief system, government, company or even a person?

Careful of what you think and believe is the truth, it might not be!


Sandford Tuey is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran of the Cold War who worked within the NATO intelligence industry and now is a licensing consultant, entrepreneur who has been a game designer for the past 35 years. With a keen interest in political and military analysis he has been gathering data since 1976 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.

IS China Buying Up All Of Canada?

Canada Is  Being  Invaded  And  No  One  Realizes  It

By  Sandford Tuey  –  Canada

Canada is under attack by a foreign nation and is losing the conflict that Canadians don’t even realize is happening all around them.    Would anyone realize that a foreign country is presently invading Canada, not by military force, but through economical warfare?  Instead of taking over a nation with military ‘boots on the ground’ troops and battling their way with violence and war, an enemy nation has been doing this without firing a shot.  Why is our government and mainstream media not realizing this or warning Canadians that we are slowly losing this unknown clandestine war and will end up surrendering our national territory without even realizing it?

Maybe I am just overly paranoid or love my country too much, but I came to a revelation when I was out for my Saturday morning walk and noticed outside the Hilton hotel (between Kingsway and Central Blvd. Burnaby), there are four additional newspaper boxes beside the regular three newspaper boxes I walk past.  I usually go into the hotel and grab a free copy of the Globe & Mail, the Nation al Post and a Newspaper completely in Mandarin, then head outside and collect the free daily papers the Metro, 24 Hours and the Georgia Straight.  I also collected all the Chinese newspapers from the new boxes and headed to a warm spot in the park and commenced to check out the news of the weekend.

The four new papers were totally in Chinese and much thicker than any of the English newspapers.  I mean each had three hundred to 500 pages and not one word of English.  Most of the advertizing is for high end things like brand new Buicks, Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles, diamond jewelry stores, expensive watches, travel agencies offereing trips for more than $5,000 each and the majority of ads are for recently opened Real Estate companies and/or Chinese agents showing off their British Columbian properties they were trying to sell to strictly Chinese purchasers and multi-million dollar homes and buildings they had already sold.  The prices were astronomical – anywhere from $1 Million Cdn. to $50 Million Cdn.  All the Chinese newspapers were in full color, yet the English ones had mainly black and white pages and had about 30 pages each (easily noticeable difference).

Inside of one Chinese newspaper was a large maple leaf covered in red Chinese letters.  To me it looked like the Chinese lettering was gobbling up our national maple leaf.  That’s when it came to me, “What if China’s totalitarian government was sending Chinese citizens into Canada and funding their purchasing of Canadian properties and land?”  Would our Federal or Provincial governments notice?  Is that really why they initiated the ‘foreign buyer’s tax of 15%’?  Or the ‘empty home penalty’?  Could this be why China is trying to buy up Canadian based energy companies, pipelines and the Alberta oilsands, plus other major national resources like mines and logging companies?

Is China invading Canada with its people, who then buy up the entire nation right from under our noses?  Is it even possible?  In a hundred or two hundred years, could all of Canada be owned by another country?  It is a variation of a ‘Fifth Column’ infiltration by an enemy nation without having to kill anyone on either side of this hostile takeover.  Why isn’t anyone noticing or caring?

On my way home I noticed that ALL of the advertising on bus stop benches and on garbage stands had Chinese real estate agents proclaiming in Chinese that they are the best to buy properties with.  Not much about selling properties.  Could all these new real estate agencies be a first wave in the invasion to buy up our country?  Sure seems so to me, but then, I am still proud of being Canadian and worry daily about how Canada is changing and not for the better.

Losing Canada piece by piece and nobody is noticing!!


War Rhetoric Increases Fear To Justify More Tax Dollars Into Weapon Manufacturers

Weapon  Producers  Collude  To  Ensure  Fear  Of  Wars  In  Populations  To  Justify Tax Dollar  Income 

By  Sandford Tuey  –  Canada


Don’t panic over the war rhetoric from the Republican government’s teleprompter reader, President Trump.  Or the colluding mainstream media and Democrat party’s support for the USA threats to attack North Korea.  It’s all to generate fear in the citizens of the world so that the global war economy can justify more tax dollars to flow into the weapon manufacturers.  Without fear of war, weapon producers will have to slow production of their bombs bullets and ingenious killing machines, which could lead to unemployment of hundreds of millions worldwide.  This would cause an instant global depression.  It seems that the military industrial complex has control of mainstream media and our political parties, Canada’s included.  No wonder there is a love of war, because it equals huge profits!


Any semi-smart human understood the collusion between political parties and the war economy, especially when ex-President George W. Bush Jr. and almost the entire Republican and Democratic parties accused Saddam Hussein of having  “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq.  They used this excuse as a ‘False Flag’ to start a major war in the Middle East to use up old weapon inventory.  False Flags are all around us and the present one could be  North Korea.  Yet an attack on North Korea IS an attack upon China!   That would be a major mistake by the Pentagon and they realize it.  When war gaming that scenario simulation, neither side wins and everyone loses!


The world knew that when Trump (really the Republican party) increased the budget of the USA military by $60 Billion US, they were in bed with the military industrial complex.  The USA military already receives more money from American taxpayers, than all the rest of the world’s nations combined.  So nothing has changed from the Democrat’s administration, who did the same thing.   Nothing ever will change, as long as the Republicans and Democrats keep winning USA elections.  It makes you wonder if elections are actually valid, doesn’t it?


Since the Republicans and Democrats are major shareholders in American weapon manufactures (who need to make more room on their shelves and get rid of old expiring merchandise), they need to create a new war.  Intelligent analysts were trying to figure out where the next war would be focused and with the propaganda media and political parties threatening North Korea, China, Russia, Syria and Iran so much, it makes sense that these united allies are in the AngloAmerican empire’s target sites.  Not good for our planet.  North Korea is a proxy army for China, which helps the Chinese totalitarian rulers of the nation, justify the people of China’s tax dollars shift into their weapon manufacturers.  The scam continues in every country.


You should not forget that the President of North Korea is a murderer, he killed family members and relatives to ensure he was not challenged with ruling as the nation’s dictator.  If Kim Jong-un is willing to kill his immediate relatives for power, killing foreigners may be a sport to him?  If the USA threatens China with real sanctions or increases the import tariff on goods from China, the trade war between the two biggest economies could turn militarily quickly.  If the USA nukes North Korea a world war would start, then quickly turn nuclear and most of the world’s population would parish!  Which way will this go?


People must rise up and take back the people’s governments before it is too late or sit back and watch the end of the world on prime time television (most likely ‘Pay Per View)!”



Here’s Why You Should Be Questioning Everything!

Is Your Reality  True Or False?

It is time for us all to reevaluate everything we know as the truth and what we believe is a fact.  Why you may ask?  Is it possible that humanity has been tricked into believing in false realities?  Before you say “impossible, of course not” take a step back and question anything that pops into your mind from now on.  Question every thought that comes to mind.  For example:  Why do you eat three times a day?  Why not try an experiment and only eat when you are actually hungry?  Some will eat more than three times a day (called grazing).  Others will eat less.  Those that exert a lot of energy and work hard may need to consume more than sedentary folks.  That’s logical.  Could the food industry have programmed the majority of us from birth to eat more than humans may need to, all just to make more money?    We all know advertising works.  Subliminal advertising works as well and you don’t even realize their message has been embedded into your brain.  What other core beliefs have, through osmosis, been created and distorted your understanding of the universe and reality you presently believe in?    

If you analyze almost everything, you start to question what you have been told and taught all your life.  That is a good thing.  Doctors did not believe there were small creatures that they could not see causing illness and killing their patients.  The medical system did not enforce the washing of surgeon’s hands prior to performing surgery for over a hundred years after scientists explained infections were caused by tiny deadly viruses and bacteria.  All because people could not believe in something they could not see.  Once the microscope was invented, everyone could see microscopic bacteria and humankind changed for the better!   This is an example of popping a reality bubble.  Throughout human history, reality bubbles and beliefs have changed as new truths are discovered or proven to exist. 

I have been popping people’s reality bubbles for many years and have encountered many who will not accept these truths. This confuses me and makes me believe our species is doomed.  How can anyone deny facts that can be repeatedly proven as true?  These deniers seem to have been programmed by their government’s educational system, mainstream media and cultural reinforcement by society.  Even though scientific evidence is in front of them, they reject these facts!  Some have become threatened and run away in ignorance or get violent in defense of their false core values.  It seems to me, that humanity has been programmed to not accept any proof outside of the core beliefs and false narratives created by the ruling class of our planet.  These real leaders have installed a ‘fight or flight’ behavior within humans that most are not even aware of. Those that truly have independent thought and individual identities, at least consider every theory presented to them and then make their own decision of what is true or false.  Most do not. 

Perfect examples are those that believe in a God and/or a religion.   If you try to get these followers to question their faith in an omnipotent deity, they become angry, violent or most likely, flee from what they consider to be sacrilegious demonology.  Their evidence for this godly core belief is faith instilled into humankind since before written language existed and refuse scientific proof of what is real and what is not!  It seems our core beliefs were established before we were born and will perpetuate until this false control system is replace with the truth and only the truth.

Isn’t knowing the truth more important than any bullshit?


Sandford Tuey is an International  licensing consultant, entrepreneur and has been a strategy game designer for the past 44 years in various industrial fields. With a keen interest in political and military analysis, he has been gathering data since 1977 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.

Boycott Canada’s 150th Year Of Genocide and Oppression

Boycott Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations In Support Of Our First Nations

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

I am boycotting Canada Day for a good reason!  First, this faux-party costs mega-Millions of Canadian tax dollars, for what? To take citizen’s minds off of the fact that our nation was actually built on genocide and murder?  Will spending huge amounts for fireworks really help?  This 150th party is just to divert our attention away from the more important serious things we should be dealing with.

Second, we can’t afford this expensive cost the celebration is racking up.   We need to pay off our enormous debt before Canada goes bankrupt. The money we added to our nation’s debt by incurring these 150th celebration events, could have helped pay down our crushing debt.

Third,  First Nations made a great point by erecting their protest Teepee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I’ve never been a fan of any monarchies or colonialism.  Natives are correct not to be celebrating Canada’s oppression of our original peoples of Canada for the previous 150 years by the English and French monarchies. We should all hang our heads in shame and not celebrate this horrible time in our history of the human race.

Lastly, I choose to celebrate Canada’s First Nation’s people who have been living here for 150,000 years!!!  Now that’s a good reason to celebrate!

Happy Canada 150,000 birthday!!!




By  Sandford Tuey

Allegedly Vancouver City Hall  is influenced  by communist  China? 

The  CHINA  INVESTMENT  CORPORATION  (C. I. C.) is headquartered and run from Bejing and is an $800 Billion dollar communist Chinese state owned company that may be colluding with Vancouver  City Hall to develop a 35 story deluxe condominium at a premium location in downtown Vancouver.  It is looking more and more like the Chinese communist government has its claws deep in a British Columbian municipal government.  C. I. C. was able to CONvince Vancouver City Hall to rezone and purchase land at a major discounted price and get the go ahead to build their real estate project very quickly.  It is alleged that the Chinese communist government is manipulating Vancouver  City  Hall and Mayor Gregor Robertson!

City of  Vancouver Mayor Gregor  Robertson is a Canadian politician who became the 39th Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, and is serving his third term since 2008.  He is a vital Vision Vancouver party member and served as an MLA for Vancouver-Fairview district as a member of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, from 2005 until he resigned 2008.  Mayor Robertson spearheaded the Vancouver real estate zoning law changes, which had all the rich land developers rejoicing and drewling.   He receives major funding from American sources (which should be a conflict of Interest and is at the least, concerning for the citizens of the lower mainland).  Foreign investment in Canadian politics should be illegal and forced out of every Canadian politician and political party.  Is this not traitorous behavior?

Gregor grew up near San Francisco, after his parents divorced and lived with his father.   His American ties are stronger than Canadians realize and I call for a ban on foreign campaign donations, such as those received by Mayor Robertson.  That’s regarding the funds donated that we are aware of.  Could he have received other forms of compensation?  We may never know what kind of offshore deals have been made to secure the zone change and reduction of the property sales prices by $ 50 Million.  That is a lot of money taxpayers will not receive any benefit from.

Gregor Robertson was confronted about dealing with a controversial foreign government entity by Christopher Wilson of   THEREBEL.MEDIA, an internet freelance publisher, which is an excellent source of coverage on global shenanigans by Canadian politicians and political parties.  If you haven’t watched any of their YouTube videos – you should start immediately.   The Vancouver Sun claims that Robertson’s critics “suggest city hall has become less participatory and more willing to carry out pro forma consultations where the outcomes are already largely determined by his ideologically driven government. They complain about money, a developer-friendly strategy and an organization that seems to bend to foreign interests.  Robertson responded from the newspaper’s revelations,  “I don’t like the suggestion I am ideologically driven.   The Vancouver Sun reports “Elected opposition complained that they must file ‘freedom of information’ requests just to get once-routine budget information.”   What is the Vision Vancouver party hiding and why?

In September 2010 on a trip to China, Gregor Robertson was questioned about working too closely with a brutal authoritarian regime by the CBC to which he responded, “You can question how worthwhile democracy is in a lot of countries right now.”   Upon returning to Canada he later admitted he was guilty of a “poor choice of words”.   It seems he is guilty of more than a poor choice of words but also being influenced by an foreign development company.  On September 17, 2009, Mayor Robertson called for adding a toll to the Sea-to-Sky Highway, the primary driving route between Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, and to all major crossings of the Fraser River to help fund Translink.   His tolling strategy combined with the increase of rezoning and foreign real estate involvement in Vancouver leans towards some heavy handed favoritism not in the best interests of the BC public.

The real estate that Vancouver City Hall conducted with several entities of foreign origin, took property originally to be added to the nearby Emery Barnes Park but because of the lack of disclosure from the City on this deal, the New Yaletown Residents Association took the City to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, where the court did rule in their favour, saying that the public hearing process was inadequate.  That is an understatement.  For the Mayor to deny any knowledge of C. I. C. and it’s Chinese communist ownership is highly unlikely and either he is lying or a complete idiot, either way they are  a frightening state of affairs.

Later, the City hired Ernst and Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms, to do damage control following the court fight with the New Yaletown Residents Association.  Well, $140,000 later, Ernst and Young gave a 76-page report to the city (that’s almost  $2000 a page).  This accounting firm acknowledges that the city may provide this report to its advisors, and in the case of this land swap deal, one of those advisors appears to be the China Investment Corporation, the $800 billion sovereign wealth fund of Communist China.  Don’t forget we saw the Chinese flag raised at City Hall last year and it was brushed off as no big deal. Now we see the City of Vancouver working directly with a company that uses their assets to benefit Communist China.  How long until Chinese state influence grows to a point we are no longer able to stop it?

What the hell is the City of Vancouver doing consulting with a sovereign wealth fund, let alone the sovereign wealth fund of a dictatorship as brutal as China’s?   This development has now been named ‘8X On the Park’, and the Chinese language only advertising for these luxury condos are only being marketed to mainland Chinese.  Canadians are being screwed out of park land and yet you don’t see any reaction from the public.  Does that make it our fault that we let deals of this nature sneak through that weakens Canada’s sovereignty and finances?


*Segments of the above originate from other sources – TheRebel, The Province, CBC, etc.



When we were children, every one of us told a lie.  Yes, you too!  It’s human nature to exaggerate or make things better than they are by enhancing the size of the fish you caught or the one that got away.  Do we do it to make our story more exciting and enjoyable?  Is it wrong to lie?  Not always.

What about when your wife/husband or spouse asks you if they look fat or old?  You automatically state that they do not, even if they do.  This is a little white lie to make your better half feel good about themselves.  Is this deception for the better?  Should this form of lying even be called lying?  I think that it is better to tell them they look fine then to hurt their feelings and cause animosity between your partner.  Trust me on this, my honesty has caused problems in my love life and business affairs many times.  I now think twice before I say something, especially when I was the president of a public company on the stock market.  Misrepresenting the company and it’s progress could get you in trouble with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) or even have your company delisted.  Very bad for the owners and shareholders.

On occasion we may have to think twice before telling the truth.  After all, isn’t it better to expand the truth to make someone have a more emotionally positive experience through life?  Or do you prefer to be brutally honest and hurt people’s feeling at the expense of being truthful?  It is a delicate balance every day between the truth and lies.  Since my first ‘Code Blue’ (near death experience), I have had no time for bullshit or falsehoods.  If I suspect someone is lying to me or tossing generalizations around, I challenge them on it.  For example, when someone says that all Canadians live in igloos and eat maple syrup, I chuckle, then correct them (I had this happen to me at American tradeshows in the 1980’s).  Or when somebody says they will only be a second, then they take more than ten minutes.  Why don’t we just say it will take ten minutes?  Why don’t we considers this lying?

Since 1977 I have been seeking the truth of what the hell is really going on.  Trying to find the answers to why are we here?  Who really controls and runs our planet?  How can we stop wars and evil from ruling the Earth?  Where exactly is our third rock from the sun heading through the universe and what will happen when we die.  I have always been a curious kid, just like you.  It is time to be honest and unite our species and seek these truths together, instead of being deceived by our leaders, governments, religions and enemies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Dan Aykroyd said it best…



 Why do most people around the world, especially American citizens, believe that Washington DC (District of Columbia) is part of the United States of America?  Yes, it is the capital of the USA but it technically is not a state.  Yes, it is inside the USA but is a City State unto itself.  Like the Inner City of London is not part of London the city & the Vatican is not part of Rome or Italy.  These three city states are colluding with each other.  This is another great example of  repeating a fake truth until it becomes a truth, even though it is a lie.

Trump opened with a motivating, well written speech, before taking the Oath of Allegiance accepting the responsibility of the office of President of the  USA.  President Trump acknowledged ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama at his inauguration.

Don’t believe me and do your research.  The District of Columbia is seriously considering becoming an official part of the USA but no one knows when.  Why would the founders of Washington DC not originally have the capital city as part of the USA?




I am a big believer in the truth.  I have since before I can remember, thanks to my mother.  She didn’t allow lying period!  I did not want to find out the taste of soap.  The politicians that promise something but never intended to really do it once elected, should have a bar of soap shoved down their throats.  I am sick and tired of politicians lying just to get elected and rip off our nation and taxpayers.  Hang’em  high!

.I try to post information that is factual, no exageration, falsehoods or misinformation.  Our politicians are supposed to be held  to a higher standard, aren’t they?  After Nixon and Clinton lying and acting like criminals, the people should realize Presidents are only human but should be impeached if they lie.

Can you imagine if society is based on lies?  Could human history be misinformation?  Parts of our  past are fabrications.  Some major wars were started by liars (Bush & Cheney & Powell & Rice)  all started the Gulf wars in Iraq based on the “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”) bullshit.  The Spanish – American war & the Vietnam war.  All False Flag Operations to get the USA people to support wars they did not want to get involved with.  Why lie to herd people to do what they want, because it works.  We have a hard time knowing if someone is lying.

Since our governments lie to their citizens what other illegal and unethical things are they doing?  What other falsehoods are they telling you?  It is common knowledge that the winners of wars tell the story which makes them look great, when infact, they may have committed atrocities and horrors.  Propaganda at it’s worst.

If you know that something I post is not true please inform me and I will do my best to learn the exact TRUTH, since that is all I want to do!   I need your help to make people understand fact from fiction.