Do You Believe In A God? Which One?

Where Are All These Gods That Human’s Pray To?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Over half the world’s people believe in some type of omnipotent deity and worship these unique unseen Gods.   Humanity has believed in thousands of Gods and some cultures also worship animals or nature as such.  It is rumoured that certain religions, like the Roman Catholics purged non-believers during the Inquisition Dark Ages (the official start is usually given as 1231 A.D., when the pope appoints the first “inquisitors of heretical depravity.  The Spanish Inquisition begins under Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella and doesn’t end until the 19th century (the last execution was in 1826).  This brutal religion used extreme torture and horrific killing techniques on millions.   Not a good time to be an atheist!

Other religious have invaded other nations in the name of their Gods, mass murdering tens of millions of humans in the process.  Most religious followers had slaves and captured slaves for workers and personal gain for centuries.  Even the pope blessed and wished the Allies good luck and to win World War 2 in the name of God.  The pope then flew to Germany and wished Hitler’s Germany the same.  There was even a time when worshippers could pay a fee to get into the Catholic version of heaven.   Religions are some of the wealthiest organizations on Earth. To this day, many religions solicit people for money or depend on tithing to generate a revenue stream.  Does a God really need money?

It is time to tax religions!  A small 10% of all the church’s nationwide income could solve homelessness, starvation and raise those suffering in poverty to a level of existence that would be more tolerable.   This looks good on paper but the problem is that the political parties that would control this extra tax revenue wouldn’t spend it to help the poor and disabled or veterans who need it the most.  Politicians would allocate these new found funds to go towards raises for themselves and their constituencies, cronies and hidden in offshore accounts for personal gain.  Just as they do with general taxes in national treasuries around the world today.

Even though scientists believe in the rationality of repeatable experiments to prove something is a fact or real, many scientists believe in a deity.  Yet some are on the fence, with one step in evolution and astrophysics and the other foot in a spiritual belief without physically being able to prove such a deity exists.   Why doesn’t a God or even Satan show themselves?  Are deities like this just a way to manipulate the masses, like False Flag events do?  That would pop a lot of people’s reality bubbles!

Meanwhile, the masses of religious people on Earth are planning for a coming Armageddon as the text of their bibles proclaim in prophesy.  With enough deadly weapons, willpower and psychopathic leaders, their dream/plan/nightmare will come true!   Better hope their is a God that can stop these insane generals and leaders from the coming culling of the world’s population, before it is too late.  Time to start praying as hard as possible as time is ticking…

Go to YouTube and watch the George Carlin video on his view of Religion.  He sums it up with a comedic monologue.




By  Sandford Tuey  – 24/02/2017

Canada is a peaceful country because of the society that created the atmosphere and culture it has.  If you think this you are in denial and are ignoring the reality of the truth.  Sure right now it is one of the best examples of how multiculturalism should work and compassion is a way of life.  This looks good on paper but how long will this last?  Our nation has changed since you were a kid and you know it.  It is not as friendly as it once was and that is sad.  Remember when our parents would leave the front door open or you could pick up hitch-hikers without fear of being killed?  Those days are over my friend and about to get even worse!  The writing is on the wall.

When you think of Sweden you envisage a peaceful country, with peaceful happy people singing ABBA songs.  Yet this is far from the present reality since the increase of migration of Muslims into this northern European nation.  Did the far left political parties become fooled by their dream of equality and a peaceful global society?  Could these leaders be doing this migration because the Muslim agenda is bribing them?  These same entities are financing and weaponizing small terrorist groups once they have gotten into a nation and citizenship?  Did you know that in the previous two years Sweden now has 55 NO GO ZONES?  Do you realize that if a Christian or Jew enteres a No Go Zone, they usually are attacked or even murdered?  Crimes such as murder and rape are rising astronomically and riots are the norm?  Ambulance responders have demanded armoured flak jackets and helmets before entering these Muslim dominant areas since they are routinely attacked when trying to help someone in these once nice suburbs.

Even the Swedish police are not venturing into these Muslim dominated zones because of fear.  Journalists and media representatives are routinely attacked and forced to flee when they try and cover Muslim riots and crimes.  Rape of teenage girls has doubled and murder of non-Muslims is rising.  Is this a coincidence or a result of the doubling of Swedish immigration of Muslims?  Sure, not all are bad, but doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of bad elements within this culture and society?  There seems to be a lot more terrorist attacks in Muslim nations and they have brought this form of evil to Europe with North America next.

In military terms this is called a FIFTH  COLUMN ATTACK.  The tactic is simple, the enemy infiltrates the nation they want to attack prior to actually conducting open conventional war.  When their official military attacks the nation, the Fifth Column groups rise up and assist the attacking force, helping to defeat a nation from the inside.  It is my opinion that we are seeing this happening right now and because of this, I would be deemed having Islamaphobia.  Why is this derogatory term used against someone telling the truth?  It reminds me of the term anti-semitism.  Anyone who says anything not liked by these two cultures/religions is alienated and shunned or incarcerated.  What happened to free speech?  Where is the term  anti-Christian?  Why select a few specific religions and not include all religions?

If you have a community that is peaceful and you allow a new group of people to join your society but they do not have the same values, that will affect the community and change it from within.  If these new people do not have employment, it is common sense that the overall financial well being of the community will be burdened by this increasing  welfare state.  If some of these new people are criminals then it is easy to expect more crime.  Before you dismiss this idea, think about this…

How many Christians are you aware of that have blown themselves up killing innocent people?  Now how about Muslims?  Canada has declared war on Muslim Islamist extremists overseas and our soldiers are doing their best to ensure our nation’s freedom, yet our politicians are undermining this security by allowing some of these types to sneak into Canada by mingling with refugees and legal migrants.  Ask Paris or London how that worked out. Why are our border and immigration officers so underfunded that they are overburdened and do not have the funds to vet new refugees or migrants properly?  Is this by designed?

Are you not concerned for Canada?  Do not be in denial, the signs are visible in Sweden and other western European nations and will be our fate soon enough.  Do not trust our political parties to look out for your safety and security, for it obvious that they have chosen greed and personal advancement over national sovereignty and wellbeing.  Do not believe anything  anyone says but take note of their actions.  This is how evil reveals itself.



This is an interesting and disturbing video from 2006. How long before Islam and Sharia Law controls the USA?Please, no hateful comments towards Muslims. This isn't about people, this is about one CULTURE (not race) usurping another, intentionally or not. All people are equal. All cultures are not. And to those claiming this is BS, it's wrong, it's fear-mongering etc. You don't pay attention to political news from around the world!? Watch this: RIGHT NOW is struggling with the result of Muslim immigration. Rapes, murders, Muslims demanding Sharia law be practiced and overrule existing law – it's not a hypothesis, it's a CURRENT real-life problem. I lived in Paris in 2001 and it was safe for tourists to roam the streets at night. Not anymore! I'm not American, nor am I a Christian, and I'm rather well travelled. I don't think I'm naive here. I just don't ignore what's going on already.

Posted by Israel Anderson on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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