Coming Soon – Drone Wars Over North America

Drone  Wars  –  Death’s  Chain  Of  Command

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Unmanned drones fly over Canada all the time now.  Some are from other countries.  Should you be concerned with foreign drones above your head?  Many foreign owned airplanes do this all the time and no one thinks negatively about that.   Some drones over Canada originate from Canadian sources, but what exactly are these or other nation’s drones doing?  They could be armed with weapons and/or monitoring equipment to spy on us all.

False Flag events happen more and more and people are not aware of how these events manipulate populations of nations.  False Flags have changed the American people’s direction several times in the past.  These preplanned events do what those that perpetrate the events want them to do.  Most wars are started by a False Flag event.  Those that mastermind these evil events are liars and psychopaths that cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to lead any country, especially the USA.  Yet, if the American elections are real, these liars and psychos seem to keep winning and devastating which ever country they decide to unleash the US military upon.

Allegedly Ex-President George W. Bush Jr. and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney declared that Saddam Hussein was connected to and funding Al-Queda, plus claimed that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction,” specifically nuclear weapons.   Even though they knew Iraq did not!   These two US leaders repeatedly lied and convinced reputable members of their White House administration, like General Colin Powell (Head of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to  confirm and perpetuate President Bush and VP Cheney’s blatant lies.  The two conspirators even got other national leaders like Prime Minister Tony Blair to help with the deception and created a coalition of other nation’s military forces to join in with the AngloAmerican empire’s invasion, killing an estimated 1 million Iraqis.

If the above is true, Bush Jr. and Cheney are bloodthirsty murderers and should be hung as war criminals!  Yet the American people continue to be led into more and more wars.  Why is the USA population allowing their governments to cause wars repeatedly?  Is it because they don’t realize they are being manipulated?  That is what it seems to me.

When the American people became aware of ‘Enhanced Rendition’ and ‘Drone Warfare’ they were appalled.  Enhanced rendition is torture of questionable people deemed a terrorist or associated to a terror group.  Under USA Law and International Law torture is illegal (as per the Geneva Convention), yet it is being done to this day.  Drone warfare is an effective way to terminate enemy targets with zero or low friendly casualties or innocent victims (collateral damage).  .However, there usually is no guarantee that somebody other than the targets will be killed.

Ex-President George W. Bush Jr. increased drone killings to around 500 per year.  Ex-President Barrack Obama promised to ‘Change” things, but he never closed the US Guantanamo base in Cuba, nor did he balance the USA budget or eliminate it’s annual deficits or stop the drone killings.  In fact, it is alleged that torture is continuing at Guantanamo, he also increased the USA debt from $10 Trillion (when he took over the Oval office), yet added another $12 Trillion more after his eight years.  Obama racked up more debt than all the previous Presidents combined.   Why do the American people put up with liars running their country?  When will the people of Canada stop liars from getting into power?

Drones have been prevalent in wars for over 20 years.   In World War 1 both sides of the European front lines connect small bombs on kites, balloons and bi-planes dropping them over the enemy.  In World War 2 the same was done with advance war planes and missiles.  Now the drone can launch smart bombs and missiles onto unsuspecting targets without risk to military personnel.

It is only a matter of time before countries that NATO drones attack will send their drones over here to destroy and kill targets in Canada and the USA.  How long do you think America will put up with drone strikes from a foreign nation?  Not as long as the nations America is attacking with their drones  have.  Drone Wars currently are being fought, yet our mainstream media is not informing the public.  Drones and robotic soldiers are the future of war and those countries that use only human soldiers don’t have a chance.

Are enemy drone attacks in North America being hidden from the public?