Control The Monetary Systems And You Control The World

Whoever Controls The Monetary Systems Of All The Nations Runs The World

Everyone knows that the Rothschild family bloodline is the richest and most powerful group in the world. The patriarch had five sons which he sent to the most powerful countries on Earth to start and control the central banks of these five nations.  Allegedly each Rothschild son then leveraged the private banks, interest rates and production of currencies of each nation and use these to influence political parties to do their bidding.  This took less than 150 years.

These nations then used their diplomatic and military power to dominate other countries of the world.  After a few centuries they controlled ALL the countries on our planet.   By lending Kings, Queens, Dictators and other leaders huge sums of money and credit in return for conducting wars and colonial aggression around the world.   Explains why so many First Nations peoples were massacred for their territories during the previous 3 centuries.  This was just the beginning of their master plan to rule the Earth.

These super-rich globalist oligarchs have bought up control of the Justice systems, upper unelected government and even most of the largest international corporations.  They are using these global conglomerates as pawns in their chess game to establish their New World Order.  They are abusing the people of the world by using conflicts, globalization, restricting financial compensation for work and taking resources any way they can.  They do this using money and even murder if necessary.

It is rumoured they intend to reduce the population of the world to around 500,000.000 (500 Million) total.  The current world’s population is approximately 7,400,000,000+ (7.4+ Billion). That means they are trying to figure out ways to eliminate/cull over 6,800,000,000 (6.8 Billion) humans. They are utilizing starvation, wars, viruses, plagues, poverty, pharmaceuticals, food and financial means as methods to achieve this reduction, so they can own it all.

Do you want your children to continue living under present economic servitude?  Who do you really think is controlling the minimum wage nationwide?  Not the people, that is for sure or it would be a lot higher than $15/hour.  Some rich CEO’s and upper management receive Millions and Millions of compensation, while their employees receve less than $40,000 annually.   Oligards need to be overthrown by the people but they are too busy wandering around with their eyes wide shut or too apathetic.

It seems to be too late to stop the integration of nations under the New World Order!!