How Deep Are American Hands In Canada’s Pockets?

Is Canada A Colony Of The United States Of America?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte answered Press questions from American media and accused the USA of invading his country 60 years ago and staying to take advantage of his nation for profit.  He hopes not to be assassinated by the CIA before his first term ends.   He is a lawyer, ex-Mayor of Davoa city for over a decade and fought alongside the American military to defeat the Japanese invaders during World War 2 to liberate the Philippines in 1945.  Duterte is a national hero and an unorthodox leader.who has allied with the Chinese and Russians.

Duterte accused the USA of being an oppressive violent state that promised the Philippine people that they would regain conrol of their nation if they helped defeat their Japanese conqueror,   Instead, the Americans overstayed their welcome.   He said that the USA “lived off the fat of the Philippines” and needs to stop meddling in Philippine affairs.  He has eliminated annual military war games with US forces and it is uncertain how their future relationship will unfold.

This US strategy of promising to help a nation in conflict or is in economic trouble, move their troops into these nations, but stay and control them.  Taking advantage of foreign countries in this way for their resources, cheap labour force and strategic military position on the planet, is standard operating procedure.  It seems every time the USA goes into a country that they has an asset the US wants, they create a military base within it.  The USA has over 130+ military bases worldwide in foreign nations (outside of the USA).  Countries like Russia and China have less than 20 foreign military bases combined.  Who is the aggressor?.

The American government is in full empire mode and will use False Flag events to ensure they get what they want.  If the USA is willing to sacrifice thousands of soldiers lives, Trillions of tax dollars and damage their international image by invading countries like Iraq and Libya for barrels of oil, no nation is safe from their grip.  Have they done this to Canada too?

It is obvious that the USA is being a new age colonial oppressor and has the military power to defeat almost every nation on Earth, except maybe China or Russia.  However, the Americans do not always need to defeat a foreign country by military force.  They can seize control through financial and political methods as well.  If you review history and the way our political parties in Canada are taxing Canadians and privatizing our public companies and assets, it doesn’t take much imagination to believe the Americans have their claws in our affairs.

Philippino President Durterte has opened his doors to Russia and China because of the abuse of his country by America.  He claims to have stopped the American colonization of the Philippine Islands.  It is unlikely he will be able to kick the USA out totally, but I wish him good luck.  Canada would not be able to it either.

Several political parties in Canada should be foced to do the same, or at least not be able to legally receive donations and funds from American sources like some do today.  Financial contributions are known to manipulate political parties policy and assist them in winning elections.   The Province newspaper revealed that the BC LIEberals (Christy the Clown’ groip) receive major funds from American sources.  That explains a lot doesn’t it.

Canada needs to ensure our political parties don’t receive donations or funds from other countries!