Is Canada under attack?

There IS a World War currently underway and has been in progress for as long as humans have existed.  Conventional warfare automatically  triggers images of soldiers with tanks in the streets destroying everything in their  path.  World War 2 comes to mind for most people,  more than World War 1 or the Napoleonic conflicts or any earlier battles.   Not all wars are fought with bombs and bullets.

Nations are being attacked by other nations constantly with  economic and propaganda war tactics.  It is known that some richer nations use their financial power to purchase important and critical industries within an enemy or competitor country.  They leverage their money to influence or bribe Canada’s politicians and political parties.  No one would admit this because they would be stamped as traitors and their political careers terminated.  Yet it happens all the time.

Corporations are formed, financed  and weaponized with financial ability to do whatever their masters order.  Since foreign entities can buy Canadian companies or start them here from scratch, don’t be deceived that the company gobbling up our major industries is Canadian or the propaganda is good for us.  Theses may be owned by groups out to harm our country or just greedy bastards out to pillage as many Canadians as they can.

The next time you see and hear one of our politicians,  corporation executives or any politician from another nation, keep thinking – what is their hidden agenda.  Trust me, they all have hidden agendas.  Some are not beneficial to Canada!  Keep your guard up and find out who you are voting for before you cast your vote.  Consider every side of all messages being fed to the population.  You never know how fast Canada can have it’s culture, identity  and sovereignty destroyed or polluted by propaganda from our enemies.

Defend YOUR nation from the 21st century weapons of war.  Ensure our children know and understand Canada’s culture and history so they are not assimilated into a generic version of the new world order.  We are under attack.


By  Sandford  Tuey