Are We In the Endgame to World War 3?

Superpowers use Proxy Armies to Seize Territories, National Assets and Control of Nations

By  Sandford Tuey Canada

Most people don’t believe that we are in the third stage of the next world war.  It started decades ago with Currency Wars, then escalated once the internet was created and Cyber Wars began and are a constant threat for every nation to this day.  This major war is presently a conventional stage but could escalate into WW3 nuclear devastation anytime.  Why are citizens of the Earth kept in the dark by our governments and mainstream media?  Simply put, those ruling the world don’t want us to know or have panic and rioting in the streets.

ISIS, ISIL and Al Queda were created by the AngloAmerican empire and are proxy armies. Russia uses Iran and Syria as their proxy armies in the Middle East, since Syria allows Putin’s navy access to the Mediterranean Sea.  Crimea is also extremely important for Russia and that is why they seized control of it once they realized NATO was changing the Russian puppet government of the Ukraine in the AngloAmerican’s favour. The AngloAmerican empire has more bases abroad and more proxy armies than all the world combined and is in empire building mode.

A good example is Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many more NATO proxy armies like Saudi Arabia, Columbia, etc.   North Korea is China’s main  proxy army, as is, South Korea for NATO.  The super powers know that if they go head-to-head in a conventional war, WW3 will be the nuclear holocaust result.

Never before in history have the superpowers created conflicts wherein they each could kill actual American or Russian or China military soldiers and assets.  The reason Canada and other NATO member personnel have been sent to strategic nations like Ukraine, Balkan States, Japan and othere important nations, is to corral their perceived enemies and competitors in.  Think of this as a trip line where an enemy nation’s military force accidently steps over this line in the sand.  If they do this NATO triggers it’s code of defense and the major war cannot be held out of the public’s mindset or prevented.

This of course, could lead to the destruction of our planet.  Check out to find out what you are not being told

I am a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies!