Learn Something New Each Day or You Are Keeping Above The Curve

Is Your Mind For Rent or Have They Already Seized It?


Programming saturates your brain constantly, every minute and area of your brain..  Just lke radio waves cannot be seen, so are other frequency weapons.

If you something new everyday, you will benefit greatly and we should not waste a creative mind.  Do you collect and understand your collection?  Take ten minutes a day minimum and think about a subject you know nothing or kniw little about and be creative.  Stay on the right path.




No his mind is not for rent.

To any God or government

Always hopeful, yet discontent

He knows changes aren’t permanent

But change is


What you say about his company

Is what you say about society

Catch the witness catch the wit

Catch the spirit, catch the spit


His world is… the world is

Love and life are deep.

Maybe as his eyes are wide.

Exit the warrior

Today’s Tom Sawyer

He gets high on you

And the energy you trade

He gets right on to the friction


Do you understand the hidden meaning in this song by RUSH?.


Careful. The Rothschild international has a major wealth transfer