By  Sandford  Tuey

Canada’s political parties are either really naive  or just idiots,  maybe both!  The western nation’s leaders believe that allowing Muslim refugees and migrants to flood into their countries will help mix their society with peaceful Islam worshippers and help grow their population base.  It  may look good on paper but is this a wise policy?  Not for India’s population!

When Muslims and Hindus lived together, with each other, within the “original” India,  do you think these two ideologies and cultures abide in harmony together?  The simple answer is NO!

The violence was so often and murderous that the British (who conquered India just after World War 2), had to divide  up the country into three parts.  Pakistan on the west, India remained in the most populated central territory and Bangladesh on the east.  Pakistan and Bangladesh were areas with the most Muslim people and now governed by Muslims.

During the partition / separation process, the Muslim population moved into the two breakaway states.  Terrorism and war ceased for a short time as Muslims rejoiced at forcing their new countries to come into existence.  These two new nations became a bastion of Muslim power and Sharia Law.  You would think this could solve the Muslim, Hindu and mixed religions / society’s troubles?  Not a chance.  It seems that if you give an inch to a Muslim political system, they continue to take even more believing this generous gesture is a sign of weakness.

This should have calmed and pacified this sub-Asian region but the terrorism picked up and conflicts bred like, well, like Muslims.  The difference was not the crux of the reason for Pakistani anarchy within the British colonized India, but the entire  mindset of the radical fundamentalist  Islamists who decided that they must have all of it.

Muslims claim they are a peaceful religion and yet promote the killing of anyone who does not worship Allah or legally can murder anyone who badmouths Mohammed or even are commanded to kill whoever draws a picture of their prophet Mohammed.  Am I the only one to think this is not a religion but a genocidal cult?  Salman Rushdie might agree.  Quite the evil, violent and oppressive quasi-religion.  Can you imagine Christians reacting like this if someone ridiculed Jesus?

The clash between these three ways of life will most likely never end and it will be interesting to see how many decades or centuries it will take for the Muslims to seize control of all of the region and reunify India under a Muslim Sharia law style government.  Should the west be concerned?

You tell me.  Canada is at war with Islamist terrorists in the middle east and yet we bring our (supposed) enemy into our midst with open arms.  How long do you think this peaceful coexistence will last?  Ask Germany, France and the United Kingdom how that immigration policy  is going.  We need to really screen all people arriving from war zones and troubled regions of the world.