I had to call an ambulance January 14, 2017 and was released January 16th

I gave the ambulance driver my Medical ID / Drivers license.  Since all I could do was vomit or dry heave, I did not notice  the medic kept my drivers licence / medical card.  I spent the night in Emergency vomiting and dry heaving.  The Emergency staff would not give me IV Gravol (even though I explained that this was the only anti-nausea medication that stops my nausea and vomiting).  So I was given Andozatron,  then Mazerpan (sp?), and then two Gravol pills, wasting just about an hour before receiving the IV Gravol I asked for in the first place.  An extra hour of vomiting and nausea because they are idiots.

No matter how many times I explained that I had become tolerant of Gravol in pill form, the nurses and doctors didn’t believe me or were deaf.  They actually had so many things on their minds they just didn’t hear my logic.  These over worked people didn’t listen because they were running around with their heads chopped off doing what they are programmed to do.  They heard me but it was not what they are trained to do.

I have been going to hospitals more often than I wish (since 1993),  the main change has been with the food.  It used to be cooked in the hospital,  now most facilities just heat up premade meals in a microwave.  This is not fair for the patients or the staff.  The food is cardboard and you cannot get a nutritious meal.  I am diabetic and could not get a diabetic meal.  I was told it would take 3 or 4 days before the kitchen could change my generic meals to ones that I could eat.  So for two days I ate crap that is unhealthy for me and most likely would make me sicker.  Isn’t this wrong?   

Breakfast was two scrambled eggs, one piece of toast and cold porridge with a water pretending to be coffee.   The toast was charcoal on one side and not toasted on the other side and only grape jam to spread.  What happened to strawberry jam?  What happened to bread toasted on both sides?  No creamer or sugar (no sugar substitute) just black dish water.  I asked the food server how much the hospital was being charged for this half-assed breakfast?  I was told just over $12 each.  For $12 you could get a three egg omelette,  two pancakes, potato and two bacon with a REAL coffee just the way you like it.  Canadian tax payers are being taken for a ride, yet no on cares that our money is being thrown away.  This is the level our hospitals have gone downhill. 

Even though Surrey Memorial hospital is less than five years old, the majority staff are like they have dementia or if you are lucky, they can’t even speak English.  How can hospitals justify hiring a non-English speaking employee?  It is extremely frustrating but I am glad I did not need to communicate with a major problem.  I would of died.    You ask for something and they either look at you like deer in the headlights or just walk away and not even acknowledge you exist.  Or they can’t be bothered helping patients.  I think the latter is correct.  This is wrong.

I asked to be released yesterday afternoon but the exit process took from 5pm yesterday to 1 pm today.  That forced me to stay an extra day on the tax payer’s dime.  Several thousand dollars that should never have needed to be paid by you and I.  This is the tip of the ice berg regarding the waste within our hospitals.  Who profits off Canadian hospitals?

Quite a few staff (over half of the employees) were shuffling and meandering through the hallways wasting time.  Dragging their feet and trying not to work and get through the day just waiting for a pay cheque.  No interest in helping patients just there for the money.  I am sure they would get upset if their wage wasn’t paid or was late.  Very sad state of affairs.

The hospital in your area may be okay now but give it time.  Welcome to the cost saving tactics of the hospitals coming soon to your area.   Pitiful really.