Bankrupting Nations Is On Elite Agenda

Elite Bankrupting Countries Using  Fiat Currency

By  Sandford Tuey

Canada  uses  FIAT currency as do most of the world’s nations.

Our Canadian federal government in 1867 was the only legal entity allowed to create and print our nation’s money.  Back then, the only cost associated with producing our national currency was the costs associated with the operational and maintenance costs of the printing press, the ink, special paper and salaries of those that ran the machines and those that distributed it throughout our private banking system.  There was no additional cost, interest or debt attached to the creation of our money (bills & coins).  If the cost to bring a dollar into being was 0.10 cents, that meant that each dollar created provided 0.90 cents worth of real value.  This original form of money was called ‘legal tender’ and all government revenue was generated from only a ‘sales tax’ and fees for liceses, immigrants, citizenship and tariffs.

Canada introduced it’s first ‘Income Tax’ to pay for the debt caused by the first world war.  This new income tax was to be a short term tax created to pay off the debt our country incurred to build the world’s third largest navy and arm our military forces.  This temporary ‘Income Tax’ was such a cash cow for Canada’s politicians, that after our WW1 debt was paid off, they did not cancel it as promised.  Because this new tax generates too much profit for Canada’s general treasury, Revenue Canada continues to force citizens to pay this form of taxation to this present day, yet it is still listed as a “temporary tax.  Don’t expect it to be terminated anytime soon.

When the Great Depression hit Canada in 1929, we were forced to go further in debt to put the millions of unemployed Canadians to work.  The government of this time decided to finance and build the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the nationwide Trans Canada highway, the Canadian National Railway system and many other mega infrastructure projects.  In later years, Canadians benefitted enormously from the introduction of our Medical Health system and Canada Pension Plan to this day.

The rulers of the world’s monetary systems within every country, decided to construct the Great Depression on purpose.  This deadly event transfered the wealth, property and assets of the people and the private sector to the benefit of the Rothschild international banking cartel (who created and controlled all the Central Banks).  They reduced the amount of global credit and money to bankrupt and eliminate the independent small private banks that they did not control.  They didn’t care who would become collateral damage, like the poor and middle class who lost everything they had in the banks and their property that they could not sustain paying for, was seized due to no work to earn money to pay their debts.  This evil tactic caused major hardship on the entire world’s population, yet those in control of the banking systems gobbled up the independent middle sized banks and solidified their control of the entire monetary system globally.

In 1934, Canada’s politicians decided to issue bonds (national debt) to private banks for them to produce the country’s currency, but now with a higher production cost and additional interest to be paid for this service that our Central Bank could do for a lot less.  Canada’s central bank, the Bank of Canada is owned by a private consortium and the Rothschild international banking cartel corporations and not the citizens of Canada, as everyone believes.  This was treason by our government representatives at the time, but Canada’s citizens did not speak up or understand the atrocity this would become.  Canada owed less than $300 million back then, a manageable sum at the time.

In 1974, our politicians racked up the federal debt which climbed to over $18 Billion.  The Liberals decided to take Canada off the gold standard and by 2016, Canada sold all of it’s gold reserves.  We have no gold backing our currency anymore.  Instead we have offered government assets, builds, national parks and islands and other nationwide resources like lumber, oil, mining as collateral for the tremendous debts being racked up over the past six decades.  Canada’s present federal debt is over $700 Billion and rising by over $10 Million per day.

Today Canada uses what is called ‘FIAT’ currency.   The majority of the world’s countries have now transferred to using only worthless FIAT currency and no longer have their currency attached to the gold standard.  Every American dollar bill used to have printed on each one, ‘Redeemable In Gold,’ but today cannot be turned in for gold.  US dollars now have ‘Federal Reserve Note on them.

The Federal Reserve is not federal, nor a reserve of anything.  Every nation’s FIAT currency seems to have been created to one day be collapsed for a major wealth transfer from the people, to these foreign private groups that own the Central Banks in every nation.  The reason they do not wish to bankrupt any financial institutions this time, is because they own them all,  they will legally take the people’s money directly out of their accounts.  This will be done by using the ‘Bail In Act,’ which Canada adopted in 2013.  That day is coming sooner than people realize and as long as Canada must pay skyrocketing interest rates for debt, deficits and to print our money by the private banks, that are in turn controlled by the central bank global system, our nation will never get out from under this massive debt oppressing us.  This has been the plan since the creation of the central banks by the elite super-rich globalist oligarchs.

We need to take back control of our monetary system!


Canada Interest Rate To Increae In July 2017

Bank of Canada to Increase Interest Rates This Month

By  Sandford Tuey

On Monday the Bank of Canada’s Deputy Governor Larry Schembri was speaking at a private luncheon at the Albany Club in Toronto.   This ‘off the record and closed to the media’ event was focused on increasing Canada’s interest rate.  Our central bank has decided to increase rates at their July 12 meeting.   Mr. Schembri’s presentation to private investors and members of the Toronto Association for Business and Economics Is a way for these powerful investors to profit on the coming change.  Why aren’t average Canadians being told this?

An internal review showed the Bank of Canada is giving some select groups of investors and shareholders privileged information bordering on the line of insider info,    This erodes public trust, but because Canadians aren’t following the Parliamentary channel, our politicians scamming citizens out of tax dollars and keeps average Canadians in the dark of the coming financial holocaust.

I predict an interest rate increase July 12, 2017.   This is the last trading day before Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins, may announce the interest rate hike.  There is reumour that our economic recovery is gathering speed, but I just don’t see it, do you?  Why is our central bank conducting more private speaking engagements by its members of its governing council then public speaking engages by almost two to one?  Is the BoC granting super-rich globalist oligarchs more of an advantage then the rest of Canadians?  Allegedly so!   Why does your central bank ask that the session be off the record?

The head of the Bank of Canada StephenPoloz, commented on a possible increase in interest rates, which caused economists to predict that the rate will rase from its current 0.5%, something that hasn’t happened since 2010.  It is now projected that an interest rate increase this year will be no less than .0.5 % and may be as high as 0.2%.   Can you imagine the devastating affect this increase will have on the average Canadian overburdened with debts and a mortgage?  . Some analysts are predicting even higher interest rates in October of this year.  Are you prepared to pay more?  Is this the first sign of the wealth transfer (from the people to the globalists)?

Is Canada’s economic outlook really improving enough to justify forcing Canadians to pay more for the same amount of money they have already borrowed?  With the Republican party’s tariff increases starting with Canada’s lumber industry and now dairy industries, which will be applied to many more segments of our economy, shall force more Canadians to become unemployed than anyone expects.  Not much conversation about this in the media.  This fact alone will cause a major depression throughout our nation, causing everyone to suffer.

With the decision by the LIEberals supported by the CONservatives to increase the number of refugees (300,000/year) being added to our welfare system every year, will start competing for and taking jobs from our unemployed kids.  When you add the increase of taxes being forced on Canadians by the LIEberal and CONservative colludion (the Carbon Tax alone will add a nickel to the price of everything and will increase by five cents per year).   Have you ever known a government to eliminate a revenue generating tax like this one?  I only see it continuing to increase forever, just like the temporary income tax that is more costly to Canadians than ever before.  When you add the huge increase of Canada’s debt to over $2 Tillion Cdn. (total debt), and the hardship to come for our children who will have to pay it off, if ever they can, Canadians have only more economic servitude and hardship ahead..

Our world’s Central banks need to be more transparent and careful on how and who learns about the changes they control.  One group of rich people should not benefit more than the average person.  Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree, but it just feels like Canadians are being milked and taken advantage of by those in power.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  Does it?