Why Aren’t Canadians Upset About The New Infrastructure Bank?

$35,000,000,000  ($35 Billion)  Canadian Tax Dollars Hidden

By  Sandford Tuey

On the Parliament channel, for the past week has been the CONservatives pretending to be the opposition to the LIEberals.  This political game allowed the LIEberals, with the COLLUSION of the CONservatives, to form and fund with Canadian tax dollars, a new  “INFRASTRUCTURE BANK”  that Canada does not need.  These two political parties are moving $35 Billion tax dollars from Canada’s general treasury into a dark mysterious entity that we will not know how our funds will be spent or used.  Say goodbye to $35 Billion!

Presently Canadians can see and watch our government use our tax dollars when Canada’s financial department spends or uses any.  Yet, when the $35 Billion goes into the new Infrastructure Bank, we lose control and will not know what happens to these funds.  When tax dollars go into the Canada coffers, they are transparent and we know what happens to these precious tax dollars.  When they are transferred to this new bank, they are hidden and Canadians will have NO CONTROL over what it is used for.  These tax dollars are hidden from our sight..

It is a great way to direct Canadian tax dollars out of sight to pay friends (cronies) Millions per year.  The CEO, Board of Directors, upper management and shareholders will receive mega money per year.  Normally the shareholders who put up the money to start such a company become shareholders and participate in the success of such a company by receiivng Dividends.  Canadians put up the $35 Billion, but are not shareholders?  Does this seem fair to you?

You will see things in the mainstream media to magazine to redirect Canadians away from more important matters, like the Infrastructure bank!   Don’t be distracted by fluff.  The LIEberals, with the support of the CONservatives created a new “Infrastructure Bank” and moved $35 Billion tax dollars into the dark.  When this money was in the Canadian government, it was transparent and we knew how it will be spent.  This unnecessary new bank hides our tax money from Canadians and no one will be able to track it or know how it is spen.  This new scam (Infrastructure Bank)  is NOT TRANSPARENT.   Plus the CEO, Board of Directors, upper Management and shareholders are all LIEberal and CONservative cronies and will make Millions per year.

Why aren’t Canadians shareholders?  We tax payers put up the funds????

Rise Up!!!  Demand your fair share !!