Bilderberger Confirms Agenda to Depopulate the World

By  Sandford Tuey

While at Shoppers Drug Mart on the ground floor of the Vancouver General Hospital, a guy in the next aisle was talking on his cellphone.  I heard the word “bunker” and listened more intently.  As he moved around the store I followed close enough to hear him but not give my position away.  He mentioned that his group just bought a large piece of land between Abbotsford and Chilliwack.  They are to start constructing a shelter that will hold about 120 people.  When this man left the store, I asked for five minutes of his time.  He told me he was too busy.  I mentioned that he “would like to talk to me”.  So he said okay and we sat down at a table.

I opened with the question, “Is Canada a democracy?”  He said, “no, it’s owned by the English Monarchy.”  Which is correct.  My next question was, “Who owns Crown Land?” and he answered correctly, “The English Monarchy.”  Correct again.  I asked him if he knew who the “Bilderberg Group” are.  We discussed this topic for about five minutes until he asked,  “Why I was so down on the Elite?”  I explained that, “I have been digging for the truth about this planet and after 41 years of hardcore research, I got to the bottom of the rabbit hole!”  He chuckled and pulled his wallet out from inside his jacket.  He withdrew a Platinum Avion card, then smiled.  I also noted a Platinum Visa, Mastercardcard and American Express.

We discussed the subject of the Bilderberg Group’s future plans and this subject interested him enough to keep him in conversation with me for over an hour.  He was surprised how much a non-Bilderberger knew.  He confirmed that everything I revealed to him commenced about 50 years ago.  The 1% of the 1% have decided to CULL the human race.  They look at us as cattle, eating up and using all of their planet’s resources.  They are concerned that many food sources are going to be extinct because there are too many people in the world.  The 99% have to go, to make room for the 1%.  He added that the 1% of the 1% are the real group that run the show and control the rest of the multi-Millionaires and the middle clas and poor.

He shocked me by by saying that anyone without a Billion or more wealth, isn’t going to make it.  So think of it this way, that the Bilderberg Group are going to cull everyone, including those Bilderberg Gruoup members that are not super-rich globalist oligarchs.  How ruthless is that?   If you think about it seriously, their true colors show.  Take the Millions of African people that are starving again right now.  Even normal people like you and me, do nothing much about this.  This major starvation is a method to reduce the world’s population.  It’s happened several times in my lifetime, yet it is happening again.  Why?  If nations would spend a few Billion less on war manufacturers, these humans could be saved.  But that doesn’t make the super-rich a profit.

He said he had to go, so I asked him when he thought the culling would start.  He chuckled, “It’s already underway and we have about ten years, maybe less/”  I must have had a puzzled look on my face as I stated in reply, “That’s not the timeline I figured out.”  He inquired and I asked him if he plays chess.  He told me did.  So I said, “We are in the ENDGAME right now.  I calculate the beginning of the next stage of World War 3 will start within two years.  Our media is just not informing us about it.”

He asked me several questions where I get my accurate information from.  I explained I am a disable veteran and worked with NATO as a spy during the Cold War.  He became very interested, because I had information he did not know.  Very few know this because I have gathered all the unrelated facts and added them together to get the outcome that I express to you all.  These are my suspicions, but he confirmed that I was accurate.  I mentioned where the world’s nation’s military assets are currently located and at choke points around the world.  Build up of troops are either already where they need to be or are still gathering where they have to go, before the CHECKMATE move.

I love strategy games and I am very good at them.  When I think of the military forces around the world, I think of Risk or Axis & Allies.  I picture in my mind where the powerful Aircraft Carrier Battlegroups are located on Earth.  Like in Risk, you build up your armies in certain countries so you have enough might to attack your opponent and defeat them.  In Axis & Allies you must allocate Man Hours (money) and pay for weapon manufacturing to have the necessary firepower to conduct wars.  Well this is underway by NATO and it’s competitors.

There seems to be nothing the 99% can do to stop these evil people from killing masses of humans in the next World War and through our food(especially with GMO), water, drugs, etc.  They control the entire system and we are not part of the future.

They decided to depopulate the planet from 7.4+ Billion humans on Earth down to only 500,000 Million.

Check out the Bilderberg Group’s ten commandments at

When does a Conspiracy Theory become the truth, IF IT’S TRUE?




By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

When Donald Trump achieved the United States Presidency, after every domestic and international mainstream media and politicians in the USA and foreign entities, a target was put on his head.   It is alleged that he is a Trojan horse for the establishment due to his connections to the Rothschild International banking cartel, deals with unions controlled by organized crime and is involved with the AngloAmerican emprire military weapon manufacturers. 

Is th 45th President a man on the side of the citizens of America?  Will he really make the USA great again?  Or is he just telling the public just what they want to hear?  He claims he is independent and using his own funds during his political campaign but he refuses to release his tax forms or provide proof that he is not receiving donations or funds from the global NWO.  It is important to understand that he needs to finance his very expensive buildings worldwide, which requires dealing with the evil devils of the Rothschild International Banking cartel and the Bilderberg Group.  These super-rich globalist oligarchs control all the Central Banks of all the countries of the world excpect Iran, North Korea and Cuba (interesting fact that these three nations are on the Shit List with NATO).  Trump has major debts held by the Chinese and the AngloAmerican monetary systems, which would make him owe them favors.

When President elect Trump was campaigning he promised more money for the military and veterans.  The veterans deserve more money but the military industrial complex already has the largest budget in the world (more than all the nations on Earth combined).  Do these super-rich globalist oligarchs deserve another $60 Billion more from US taxpayers?  Does the US really need another nuclear bomb or missile, when they already have enough to destroy the Earth 7 times over?  Highly unlikely but they always figure out how to milk more money from Americans and NATO countries.  They realized that if they manipulate NATO nations to declare war on a non-NATO sovereign nation, once they defeat it, they cannot justify swindling further funds from the government’s tax payers.  That is why they designed the War on Drugs & the War on Terrorism,  these type of wars can go on perpetually without any end.

Unless President Trump dissolves the Federal Reserve or at the least audits this corrupt controller of the American monetary system, the USA will continue speeding towards bankruptcy as the globalist’s desire.  He must eliminate the unelected shadow government as promised when he said, “We are going to drain the swamp in Washington!”  Have you seen the super-rich globalist oligarch’s Trump has assigned to be on his administration?  This group is a collection of Rothschild Zionists and their financial members of the International banking cartel.  Should he not deal with these matters it will real him as a Trojan horse for the establishment and a puppet of the Bilderberg Group.

Nothing will change, just like Democratic Barrack Obama promised Change, yet continued the policies of the previous Republican George W. Bush Jr., the collusion of the Republicans and Democrats rushing on towards the collapse of all FIAT currencies worldwide!!  Like all politicians following their parties plan, they say whatever they can to help gather as many of the people’s votes, yet have no intention of doing their lies they spew.  Why can they deceive the citizens and not be held accountable for this deception or receive prison time like someone who commits perjury in a court of law?