Canada’s Prime Minister Is A Liar – Get Used To It

Why Is Canada ‘s Prime Minster  Trueau A Liar?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada


Trudeau made a lot of promises prior to Canada’s last election.  Canadian voters believed the young Trudeau like blind sheep, giving the LIEberals a majority government.  Those that voted for the LIEberals should go to a mirror and bang your head on it repeatedly until your mind is numb and the stupid thought of voting LIEberal is is out of your head!

Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a figurehead and glorified teleprompter script reader spewing the LIEberal party’s policy written by the super-rich globalist oligarch’s.  Trudeau reads the teleprompter well, guess that is what he learned when he took courses to become a substitute drama teacher.  Yet, when he doesn’t have the prewritten message to read, he reverts to upchucking memorized LIEberal party propaganda deceptions.

Here are some of the alleged lies the LIEberals commited:

  1. The LIEberalparty promised to change our federal election system to make it be more fair for voters.   It would have improved Canada’s electoral process from our present ‘first past the post’ to ‘proportional representation’ , but the LIEberals changed their mind now that they are in power.  The LIEberals have decided not to live up to this promise.
  2. Trudeau promised the LIEberals would conduct an open government with plenty of transparency, yet they continue to hide their true agenda and not explain why the transparency law has yet to be brought to Parliament for MPs to vote on.
  3. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not explained to Canada’s Ethics Commissionaire why he flew, at tax payers cost ($137,000), to the Caribbean, then accepted gifts from Muslim Billionaire Aga Khan when he and his lawyer took a helicopter flight to the Islamist’s paradise island.  All Members of Parliament, including the Prime Minister, are not allowed to accept gifts from foreign entities.  Accepting gifts from foreign sources breaks Canada’s law!  When was the last time you took your lawyer with you on your holiday?   Some thing smells rotten!
  4. The LIEberals also promised to legalize marijuana, but the cops are still arresting people and prisoners doing 5 years for possession, are still waiting in prisons.  No sign of a Pardon for Canadians that have a conviction for marijuana possession.  This type of criminal record causes substantial inconvenience and hassles every time they travel to the USA or venture outside Canada.  The USA and other countries can refuse Canadians with criminal records not to enter.  The RCMP are still arresting people and Canada Border Immigration still refuse entry to anyone visiting Canada with a marijuana criminal record.
  5. The LIEberals promised to only increase Canada’s federal debt by $10 Billion per year for the duration of their time in power. They proved once again that they are liars.  Trudeau’s LIEberal cronies have already racked up almost $40 Billion in federal debt before their first two years have elapsed.  At this rate, the LIEberals will add over $80,000,000,000 ($80 Billion Cdn.) to Canada’s already overburdening huge debt!   Blame both the CONservative & LIEberal parties, since their parties created the  over $750,000,000,000 ($750 Billion Cdn.) debt, increasing at $10,000,000 ($10 Million Cdn.) a day!   Loans of these insane amounts requires nations to put up collateral like,national  resources and assets to secure.   Our national parks, government office buildings & assets, plus other national resources are at risk.   It is unacceptable to vote for either of these two political parties, because they created the debt problem Canada presently has and have no intention to eliminate it.   They keep adding to this debt daily.   The LIEberals and CONservatives will never solve the debt problem they caused.  Do not vote for either of these parties!

It’s time to take Canada back from liars, criminals and corruption!!


Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?

Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?’

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada


Canadians have NO idea how much debt the LIEberal and CONservative political parties have colluded and burdened Canada and future generations with?  Why?  Don’t Canadians care?  Or are Canadians too lazy, apathetic and prefer to fiddle with their smart phones, stumbling around with their eyes wide shut?  Could our political parties be controlled by foreign interest who control the majority of North American mainstream media and they are hiding important facts like our totl/total debt and the current World War underway?  Is our government only revealing Canada’ federal debt, yet leave out all the Territories, Provinde’s and Municipalities debts?  Ever wonder why we NEVER know how much this real total debt is?


Why do the LIEberals and CONservatives collude to increase Canada’s debt by $10 Million every day, on top of the approved debt of $ 10 Billion per year during the LIEberal’s four year term.  That legally should only increase Canada’s total debt by $ 40 Billion until 2019, yet our debt has been allowed to mushroom to over $ 40 Billion and it is not even two years into Trudeau’s reign.  The actual total Debt of Canada is about $ 2.4 Trillion dollars.  How come?  Who does Canada and Canadians owe the $ 2,400,000,000,000 Cdn. to???  Ask a government Finance Minister or most accountants this question and they just stare at you like a zombie.  Or they make up a figure, a guesstimate.


My accountant friend helped me approximate this $ 2.4 Trillion debt as being only from cities with a population of a Million people or more, the Territories, Provinces and the ever increasing Federal debts.  It took us almost a year to gather this astronomical figure, not so easily to find data, but so what?  Who do we owe this money to?  What has Canada put up as collateral?


The following is our best estimate:  Major cities have borrowed their debts from citizens, corporations and foreign sources.  The Territories and Provinces also borrowed from Canadian citizens and the Federal government but a larger percentage is owed to foreign sources.  The LIEberals with the approval of the CONservatives have leveraged our national parks, government assets and buildings and entire regions, plus immense interest rates to the Rothschild International banking cartel, the Bilderberg Group members, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the majority to questionable lenders like China, Saudi Arabia, the USA, other Commonwealth nations including the United Kingdom, plus some unknown corporate entities hidden behind offshore shell corporations and questionable legal firms.


Owing money to ourselves is a good thing, because if we reneg on Canada’s debt interest payments (as we will do in due time), we will not bankrupt our own country or seize it’s assets for non-payment.  However, global corporations, foreign nations and international entities will treat any non-interest-paying nation like how Greece was treated.  First, the BAIL IN ACT will shut our economy and financial system down for a month or more.  No debit cards, no credit cards, no ATMs or banks will process any transactions for a month or more!  This is called, AUSTERITY” AND IT MEANS Canadians will have to survive on the cash in their pockets for a MINIMUM OF A MONTH long, ‘BANK HOLIDAY’!


Then Canada’s debt will be pushed forward with huge multi-Million dollar penalties, a new higher interest rate and the loss or suspension of government services like Health Care, Social Services or whatever these vultures can pick clean from our nation’s bones.  Many generations from now will still be burdened with economic servitude.  Our children and their children’s, children’s, children will not be able to pay this insane debt that our two evil political parties have racked up on purpose!


With other actions being don by the LIEberals and supported by the CONservatives regarding immigration, refugee and migration increases and drunken sailor spending, proves beyond a doubt for me me, that they are bankrupting Canada and the majority of other democratic nations around the world, to destabilize society and destroy sovereignty to force their one world digital currency on us and their globval one world government.  Not a positive future but that is happening because Canadians are too apathetic to care and stumble around with their eyes wide shut!!


It’s time for a revolution… as the Beatles proclaimed!



Proof Canada Is Being Bankrupted On Purpose

More Proof That Canada Is Being Bankrupted On Purpose


By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada


The federal LIEberals and CONservatives approved increasing Canada’s debt by $10 Billion per year for four years, but this amount has skyrocketed to around $40 Billion after a year and a half of LIEberal lying bullshit.  That puts Canada on track to hit $160 Billion more debt by 2019 and the next federal election.  Whoever votes for either of these traitorous parties should be hung for destroying our nation with economic servitude and indebtedness to foreign sources.  That used to be called High Treason and we used to hang people for doing this!!!


The REAL TOTAL DEBT (including Municipal debts for cities of 1 Million people or more, plus Territorial and Provincial debts and Federal debt comes to $2.4+ TRILLION and growing by $ 10 Million per day.  Somehow we have sold our country out without even realizing it.  The political parties know full well what they have done, as it has been  the globalist oligarchs strategy for decades.  Canada has put up collateral for this incredible debt = national parks, tourist attractions, government assets and buildings, plus much more.  Hope you look forward to paying private companies to run Canada and say good bye to national health care, Employment Insurance or Social Assistance.


Why do you think the LIEberals and CONservatives have colluded to bring in 40,000+ Syrian MAINLY MALE REFUGEES who are very sick (TB, Hep C,  diseases from the Middle East, etc…) and only 5% CAN SPEAK ENGLISH OR FRENCH!  Most of these extremely poor men go straight onto social assistance and get national health care, putting an extreme burden on an already overburdened health care and welfare system.  These foreigners get better rights and homes than disabled, veterans or our seniors who built our nation.  Something is majorly wrong here and Canada can not afford this.!!


The LIEberals and CONservatives have approved increasing the number of refugees to 300,000 refugees a year.  That’s 3 Million more strangers on your tax paying dollars in ten years.  With the present 4+ Million recorded unemployed (more if you count the way EI used to record the true unemployed), of which the majority are our desperate youth 35 and younger who cannot find work and are fighting for minimum wage shit employment against refugees and illegal aliens to work for less.


Don’t forget the fleeing 11 Million illegal aliens in the USA due to the Republicans detaining and deporting unrecorded people within their country.  I don’t blame them, we should be doing this too!  Already 20,000+ illegals have turned themselves in at our legal border but about twenty times that are sneaking in without our border security knowing.  I said this before, the illegal USA aliens will start as a trickle but turn into a flood and our immigration system can barely check 10% of people entering Canada legally but his will overlaod this underfunded (on purpose) system.  These illegal aliens will not be heading south back to their hellhole nations they ran from.


Where are the caring Canadians who are upset that our national debt is rising by $10,000,000,000 ($10 Million/day) every day?  Don’t we care about our children and our nation’s future?  Guess not, since this debt that is running out of control (on purpose) will enslave our kids and our country for generations to come.  Ever wonder who the LIEberals and CONservatives sold our souls to???  Read the next post on ‘Canadians Are Slaves, Who Are Our Masters?’