Wow!!! Trudeau Sets World Record In Avoiding Questions!! Why?

Wow!!!  Trudeau Sets World Record In Avoiding Questions!!!

By  Sandford Tuey

Go to YouTube right now and type in the title of this article. 

Watch your Canadian Prime Minister refusing to answer one simple question.  Many Opposition politicians during Parliament ask Trudeau, “How many times has the Prime Minister met with the Ethics Commissionaire?”   The LIEberals claim to be a transparent governing party, yet he does not give a straight answer, proving they are not.  He repeatedly pukes up the same verbal memorized response he was instructed and allowed to tell Canadians.   Which was bullshit nonsense and he should answer to Canadians!

The LIEberal leader repeated with a memorized statement to hide the truth from Canada’s Parliament & citizens.  At least 8 times he was asked this simple question by several different Members of Parliament.  With a smirky grin, Trudeau deflected the question over and over with the same answer.  This is proof that the LIEberals are screwing the Canadian people and their leader should not be governing a G7 nation.   Don’t you want to know what they are hiding?

Trudeau’s arrogant refusal to answer reminds me of when his father, Pierre Trudeau, was Canada’s Prime Minister.  Obviously, Canadian voters don’t recall the alleged lies and theft of the public’s money by the LIEberals in the past.  Why did Canadians vote the LIEberals back into office after the Sponsorship Scandal and other suspicious incidents?

How do you think Justin Trudeau didn’t have to work a serious job in his life?  Justin got his father’s trust money, so he did not have to work like an average Canadian.   Instead, he claims he travelled to 90 countries, living high on the hog, using money his father pillaged from Canadian taxpayers.

Those Canadians that voted for the LIEberals into office should be ashamed and are bloody morons.  They gave the LIEberals a bloody majority government, no less!  Shake your heads LIEberal voters and don’t ever vote LIEberal again, unless you enjoy being ripped off!  The four years they are going to be our government, the LIEberals are not going to live up to promises made by Trudeau prior to the last election.  Stop blaming the leaders of political parties, they are just following orders from the real rulers of their parities!   The funders!

In Parliament, Justin Trudeau circumvented Parliament Opposition when asked ONE SIMPLE QUESTION.   There must be a reason to hide information about his trip to Muslim Billionaire Aga Khan’s paradise island in the Caribbean.  Trudeau accepted gifts, breaking the law in Canada.  Trudeau met this powerful influential Islamist with his lawyer.  When was the last time you took your lawyer with you on your vacation?  Allegedly the Prime Minister cut some sort of deal and I’m betting it has to do with more Muslims and Islamic Sharia law migrating to Canada.  Who knows?  Trudeau is refusing to discuss the trip that cost Canadian tax payers $137,000 Cdn.

Why do Canadian citizens allow this type of behavior?   Canada is not the country it used to be and allegedly, our politicians seem to be more criminals than the crooks in prison.  Canada needs to hold our politicians accountable and treat representations made just to get elected, as committing perjury in court.

It’s got to the point that politicians lie to fool Canadian voters just to get elected, with no thought of doing anything they promise to do if they become elected!

Don’t be fooled again!!


Canada’s Prime Minister Is A Liar – Get Used To It

Why Is Canada ‘s Prime Minster  Trueau A Liar?

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada


Trudeau made a lot of promises prior to Canada’s last election.  Canadian voters believed the young Trudeau like blind sheep, giving the LIEberals a majority government.  Those that voted for the LIEberals should go to a mirror and bang your head on it repeatedly until your mind is numb and the stupid thought of voting LIEberal is is out of your head!

Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a figurehead and glorified teleprompter script reader spewing the LIEberal party’s policy written by the super-rich globalist oligarch’s.  Trudeau reads the teleprompter well, guess that is what he learned when he took courses to become a substitute drama teacher.  Yet, when he doesn’t have the prewritten message to read, he reverts to upchucking memorized LIEberal party propaganda deceptions.

Here are some of the alleged lies the LIEberals commited:

  1. The LIEberalparty promised to change our federal election system to make it be more fair for voters.   It would have improved Canada’s electoral process from our present ‘first past the post’ to ‘proportional representation’ , but the LIEberals changed their mind now that they are in power.  The LIEberals have decided not to live up to this promise.
  2. Trudeau promised the LIEberals would conduct an open government with plenty of transparency, yet they continue to hide their true agenda and not explain why the transparency law has yet to be brought to Parliament for MPs to vote on.
  3. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not explained to Canada’s Ethics Commissionaire why he flew, at tax payers cost ($137,000), to the Caribbean, then accepted gifts from Muslim Billionaire Aga Khan when he and his lawyer took a helicopter flight to the Islamist’s paradise island.  All Members of Parliament, including the Prime Minister, are not allowed to accept gifts from foreign entities.  Accepting gifts from foreign sources breaks Canada’s law!  When was the last time you took your lawyer with you on your holiday?   Some thing smells rotten!
  4. The LIEberals also promised to legalize marijuana, but the cops are still arresting people and prisoners doing 5 years for possession, are still waiting in prisons.  No sign of a Pardon for Canadians that have a conviction for marijuana possession.  This type of criminal record causes substantial inconvenience and hassles every time they travel to the USA or venture outside Canada.  The USA and other countries can refuse Canadians with criminal records not to enter.  The RCMP are still arresting people and Canada Border Immigration still refuse entry to anyone visiting Canada with a marijuana criminal record.
  5. The LIEberals promised to only increase Canada’s federal debt by $10 Billion per year for the duration of their time in power. They proved once again that they are liars.  Trudeau’s LIEberal cronies have already racked up almost $40 Billion in federal debt before their first two years have elapsed.  At this rate, the LIEberals will add over $80,000,000,000 ($80 Billion Cdn.) to Canada’s already overburdening huge debt!   Blame both the CONservative & LIEberal parties, since their parties created the  over $750,000,000,000 ($750 Billion Cdn.) debt, increasing at $10,000,000 ($10 Million Cdn.) a day!   Loans of these insane amounts requires nations to put up collateral like,national  resources and assets to secure.   Our national parks, government office buildings & assets, plus other national resources are at risk.   It is unacceptable to vote for either of these two political parties, because they created the debt problem Canada presently has and have no intention to eliminate it.   They keep adding to this debt daily.   The LIEberals and CONservatives will never solve the debt problem they caused.  Do not vote for either of these parties!

It’s time to take Canada back from liars, criminals and corruption!!




By   Sandford Tuey

Doctors and Dentists are just human.  They are not deities or Profits, even though they think they are!  They originally wanted to help people but some, as with all trades, are in it for the Benjamins!   I dealt with dentists and doctors from a financial point of view.  These professionals had lots of money and loved to take achance and buy into stock market deals all the time.  Since I was attempting to list my game company onto the stock market, I solicited those that were very rich.  They were always interested in buying shares in penny stock companies (if the risk to reward was very profitable).  Out of all my investors, one dentist and one surgeon stands out in my memory.  The dental surgeon was especially fond of extracting ALL the teeth of their innocent clients because it made him a lot of money.  He was a sexual deviant and loved to have sex with his trophy wife while injecting both of them with sedatives from his practice.  He got caught a couple times molesting women in his office once they were sedated and semi-coherent.  The GP doctor was a hard drinking, chain smoking, vain megalomaniac who had a huge mansion and lots of extremely expensive toys.  He got that lifestyle by screwing his patients over with false treatments.

Both of these guys were heavily in debt – seven figures, but loved to gamble and bought into my corporation. Plusquite a a few other risky ventures.  They would want to meet with me without notice and usually at one of the Strip clubs in downtown Vancouver, BC.  I have to admit that their taste in naked women was quite good but I could not keep up with their alcohol consumption.   I had to be social for them to keep funding my business and had to continually convince them not to dump (sell) their vast holdings, just because my stock went up a few cents.  These guys were addicted in the stock market, casinos and the luxuries in life.  That is where I learned the truth about how these professionals make vast amounts of money and why they need more and more!

Allegedly, principal members of the medical and dental profession are committing malpractice daily and using false diagnosis regarding physical problems or extreme dental work.   All in the name of MONEY!!.  They need your business so bad, they have invented diseases and oral complications to legitimize their faux physical and oral reasons to increase the type of work you require.  Some do this just to earn more cash to party and pay the interest on their major debts.  From their point of view, you are a way to get more funds into their pockets.  Not all dentists and doctors are obsessive evil scum, but take extra notice of changes to your prescriptions or dental needs, especially at the end of any month.  That is when they have to pay their dues with the banks.  Everyone has financial obligations but these two were over the top.

I used to call the dentist, Doctor Alphabet because he had so many PHD’s,  Bsc’s  and a string of letters longer that his business card could hold.  Dental surgery is lucrative and financed this man’s ridiculous drug , gambling and sexual habits, along with his son’s private school costs and his wife’s extravagant life with their huge mansions all over the world plus  multiple vehicles all worth over $100,000.each.  He would buy the entire bar drinks and loved to be the center of attention where ever he went.  I just wanted to ensure he was still on side with my company, so I came home quite drunk a few times (more than I wanted).  The next day I would have a massive hangovers and vomig my guts out.  Yet thes pricks would be at it again the next day!  I could not keep up and dreaded their requests to meet.  The things we do for money is insane.

The doctor was pure miscreant and the greediest human I ever met.  Let’s call him Doctor Evil. LOL   This guy would smoke cigarettes right in front of patients while proclaiming to his patients to stop smoking.  He was always late and when he promised to send funds to my corporate bank accounts.  He was always late and full of lies for why his money was going to be late.  I always seemed to be chasing him to live up to his promises of funding.  I later found out that the more I got to know him, he was robbing Peter to pay Paul.  He was a master of Blackjack and loved throwing money around every casinos because other gamblers flocked around him, especially the beautiful predator models, high class money-grubbing leeches (which were his favorites).  I don’t gamble but he would hand me a hundred bucks to amuse myself.  The only casino games I liked are Texas Hold’em Poker and Roulette (until it became just a video game).  He bought my shares with the same cavalier method as his gambling tactics. . I called it “carpet bombing” where he would just cover sections of the roulette table almost ensuring he would win in some way.  He lost more than he won but that didn’t matter to him, it was just the cost of  considered the cost of entertainment and way to get into women’s pants!

SCAMS  are infested within these white coated, questionable ethical, white collar criminals.  Have you been paying attention to the national and international news or attended a court session between clients / patients versus their doctors, dentists and hospitals / offices management?  Well, I have!  After being infected with a multiple variety of viruses and bacteria from inside hospitals, I realized that more [people were getting sick after the BC LIEberals promised to honor the LPN nurses contract, then after being elected in they tore up these contracts and forced a reduction to their salary and later, fired the $20+ an hour professional hospital cleaning and housekeeping staff and replaced them with minim um wage, usually foreign people who don’t know how to clean their own asses, let alone filthy hospitals.  Half cannot even hold a conversation in English or French and this frustrates not only nurses and doctors but the patients as well.

A good example of why you need to protect yourself from your doctor and dentist is how they have been trained and require massive amounts of money to pay down their even larger debts than the average person.  They desperately need to maintain their wildly extravagant lifestyle and create their wealthy persona.  If you own several homes with 20 rooms, 8 bathrooms, quadruple attached garages, maids, nannies and landscapers, plus the allowances of their always asking kids demands for more allowances and the trophy wife or muscular husband.  How do you think they afford their Lamborginis, Ferraris and his prize electric luxurious Tesla?   Costs a lot of money to live the way they do.

I  found out that the average doctor earns roughly $150,000 and up per year.  My GP was earning around $180,000 per year.  The dental surgeon was raking in over $500,000 annually.  With crazy amounts of money, comes with insane amounts of spending and debts.  The professionals have to keep up appearances and pay their financial institutions to play the super successful part.  In the past five years the media revealed many unbelievable crimes committed by doctors and dentists, just to ern more profits.

The next time your doctor or dentist says you need ‘this or that’ to correct some strange or unknown crisis, it’s time for a second opinion or three.  One dentist I went to recently looked into my mouth, after a long expensive X-Ray session and exam, he told me that he would have to extract five of my teeth.  I was shocked!  I repeated that I want to save as many as I can because I like to eat.  He would not listen to me, all he was thinking of was how much he could make off of every tooth he pulled.  He got even more excited when his reception confirmed I was a BC Ministry Person With Disability (PWD) with a guaranteed dental amount of $1,000 available (a grand every two years, not enough to do one root canal these days).  He rambled on about removing all my teeth and replacing them with expensive dentures, etc…  He did not even want to hear me or consider doing filings to fix my teeth.  I was a thousand dollar bill in both his eyes and nothing more!

Dr. Alphabet loved to talk about his profession and the criminals who got caught doing something crooked like the doctor out east who was falsely claiming that healthy patients of his had cancer.  He told me of dentists he knew that would drill holes in teeth and fill them with the most expensive tooth fillers or even gold fillings.  Doctors make money off of the expensive chemo and radiation sessions and even more from the prescriptions he would issue.  My wife is a retired non-practicing pharmacist and she told me horror stories of doctors trying to prescribe more drugs, just to reach the high pharmaceutical companies quotas that would get the all expense paid trips around the world, or the luxury homes and cars they always dreamed of owning or just briefcases full of hundred dollar bills.  Patients are just unaware walking dollar signs, so beware of those doctors that need money to party or pay debt obligations, especially at the end of every month.

Beware of radical changes in your doctor’s and dentist’s increase of your medicines, pharmaceuticals or the need for unnecessary operations   and writing more prescriptions or claim the worsening of your condition.   IF THIS HAPPENS NEAR THE END OF A MONTH, get a second opinion because you could be a way of just making more money for their evil agendas!