1.  Figure out what motivates you.

Take a piece of blank paper and draw a line down the center of it.  At the top of the left column write –  LOVE TODO.  At the top of the right column put – HATE  TODO.  Now write out all the things you love and hate to do.  This is to see what you need to do and not do, for your daily activities.  It is simple, DO WHAT YOU LOVE and don’t do the things you hate. These are the things you will enjoy doing even if you do not make money and it will not feel like work.

The other things on the hate side that you do not wish to do, find some one else that loves to do those.  If you dislike accounting, get an accountant  on board that lives for numbers and goes to his job early and leaves late.  Ensure these people are also qualified at these tasks.  Life should not be hard and unpleasant,  You should enjoy your life and live the way you desire.  That way you will be motivated to do tasks that you would rather be doing and most likely, do all day, every day.  Many times I would lose track of time because I would submerge myself in the project I was creating and working on.  It didn’t seem like work and I would forget to eat because I was engulfed in my fun project.  Do what you love.

  2.  Focus on the project.

Review the list of things you desire to do and rank them in order of interest and financial viability.  If you don’t know which items are the top three, then research the industries associated to the things you love to do until you pick one or two and focus on doing these.  Learn as much as you can and start to associate with people interested in these type of things. Set up the environment and atmosphere to achieve your goals.

3.   Create your product or service, then promote it worldwide.

Create your  business plan as this will be your map to success. Show it to everyone you can and you will obtain interest and the funds to move forward. Design, Protect (Copyright, Trademark, Patent) your concept and refine your plan every month or two.  Make your project better and better as you develop professionals and finances.   You may not have the cash or the talent to achieve these goals but slow and steady pursue your new career.

Be CONFIDENT and EXCITED by what you want to do and tell the world until someone or some companies get involved.  Believe me, I asked hundreds and hundreds of strangers to invest in me and my project and I managed to raise over a Million dollars.  You can do the same!   Once you have the funds and talent surrounding you, build the prototype and complete the goal’s distribution.  Again, contact every group, organization, person and company that can market  or sell what you have.  Sooner than later, you will get interest and build on that.

     4.  Show the world what you have.

Raising money is a numbers game, so are sales.  The more people and companies you approach, the more success you will achieve.  Do what you love and the money will follow.  When you come to an obstacle go around it, under it or over it.  Do not stop for anyone.  Many will say negative things and that you will never do that or this but ignore them and put these naysayers behind you.  Keep grinding forward no matter how long it takes. In time, you will be successful.

  5.  Quicken the path to success.

What I learned is that the more professional the people you bring on board, the quicker the project moved forward.  Retain legal counsel (not just a lawyer but the whole legal firm), get an accounting firm (not just one accountant).  Convince professionals to help in areas that you do not like to do and they will add their talents to do them. The more of these kind of talent  helping you, the better.   Make sure you put these credible people and groups in your business plan and marketing materials.  Ensure every one and anyone you approach know that you are doing the project with a team and not just by yourself.

Another good tactic that will aid you to success is attach celebrities, or well know persons or businesses to your project.  This gives you faster recognition and interest and moves everything towards your goals.  Credibility increases your credibility.

The above are  a simplified way to do what you love and make a living from it.  Do not quit your day job until your hobby (new career) earns more income than you make from your present employment.  Yes, it will be hard and take up time but if you truly want success, you will trade watching sports, films and TV,  for moving your project forward.  This should be easy since you are working on what you chose you would rather be doing.  If not, redo your Love / Hate list.

Success will elude you but remember – You can never fail, unless you quit.  So never quit and you will never fail.  There will be those that repeatedly tell you to stop but even if you are not making the money or sales or acclaim that you desire, at least you are doing what you want to do.  Always do your best at everything.