My Email To Our Prime Minister Sent Today

Canada’s Prime Minister’s Email is
Your LIEberals promised to only increase the Canada federal debt by $10 Billion per year for four years.  You must have misplaced your calculator, as your debt is heading for a lot more than you promised prior to being elected.  Do what you promise, don’t be a liar!

What has Canada had to put up as collateral for the outstanding and increasing national debt?  Have the LIEberals and CONservatives put any national parks, islands, government assets and resources at risk?

Why did the government adopt the ‘BAIL IN ACT’ in 2013?  Is a major wealth transfer from the Canadian people scheduled to happen?  If so, when?  Most Canadian banks won’t even guarantee Canada’s fiat currency bills they issue to customers are not counterfeit.

Your LIEberal and the Conservative parties have screwed Canada so badly, Canadians are not sure about what is promised by politicians prior to elections, as it seems that candidates promise things that they have no intention of ever doing if elected.  The things some do just to be elected is very disgusting.  Canada should hold politicians accountable like perjury in court!!

Clean up your act!!

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