WHAT  IF ???:


Is one of your country’s political parties   perfidious?  What if their inner core management and control has been compromised?   If it’s regime has been corrupted or infiltrated with agents from other anti-American or anti-Canadian nationals or from enemies originating within our country, would you know?  Would authorities know?  Would members of this political party even have a clue?  The only way to tell is by these people or party’s actions.

What if the enemy within comes from another country but claims to be born in your country to qualify to be eligible for the top position in your government?  Would an enemy nation ensconce a couple of their clandestine agents posing as legitimate migrants or refugees with the main purpose of having a child born in the United States of America for the viability and power of it’s birth certificate?  Has a foreign nation ever gone to this extreme to get their claws into an enemy nation?  If I can suspect this nefarious strategy, an enemy nation already planned it out.

If this questionable citizen or even entire  major political party reduces funding to your nation’s military,  security agencies,  immigration and border security or other vital national industries and departments, would anyone catch on?    What if this politician or party starts funding  enemies of your homeland, wouldn’t you start to suspect that this politician and his collaborators have been corrupted or are outright enemies of the state they represent?  Could an entire leadership of a major political party be a weapon for a foreign power?  Sounds like a fictional nightmare doesn’t it?

Democrat President Barrack Hussein Obama  cut a deal with  enemies of the USA.  At least the propaganda and US government have taken the position that Iran and Russia are considered enemies of the USA, or at the least, non-friendly states.   Doesn’t it make you scratch your head that in the outgoing President’s  final days in office, Obama green-lights  a couple deals that help a nation who openly hates America,  where “Death to America” is chanted by it’s citizens all the time.  So why would the President of the United States, in collusion with his political party governing over the most powerful nation on Earth, make a last ditch attempt at a traitorous act?  Why would the Democrats allow important deadly nuclear material (that can be made into atomic bombs) be sent from Russia to Iran?  Didn’t the Democrats proudly announce after negotiating a nuclear restrictive agreement with Iran to stop them from developing atomic weapons and any further development of this research for ten years?

Then the Democrats authorize the enigmatic shipping of hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran (even if this is their money why help finance your enemy)?  How about signing an international agreement that gives permission to enemy nations to circumvent the restrictions of the international contract just signed a few years earlier?  Why allow this enemy to legally breach the agreement and let them collude and rearm?

No matter how you slice it, these Democrat actions don’t quite add up.  How would you feel if the American people are being fooled and  are being bombarded with propaganda to manipulate the public to believe the political party in power is stopping an enemy state from developing nuclear weapons, yet allows Russia to profit from and provide Iran tons of unrefined nuclear material?  Maybe I am being paranoid but what if this scenario is true?  Have you been studying the matter in depth?  Are you too busy looking at your life’s little pictures and not have time to look at the big picture?

Is it time for a government public audit of our politicians and political parties?  Democracies have to commence enforcing strict regulations to ensure politicians tell the truth and be accountable to the people.  When was the last time you believed what a politician said or trusted any of them?

What would it take for you to believe this political group is either an enemy or colluding with the enemy?  It is possible and could this deception be happening in more than one NATO ally, like Canada or Germany, etc.   A  NINJA  HIDES  IN PLAIN SIGHT!