All my life I have considered that Extraterrestrials exist and I wanted them to visit me. This was not the accepted ideology in the early 1960’s, so I kept this secret.  Well, I have never met any creatures from outer space or from another dimension.  Damn!

Well it is 2017 and I still believe the statistics prove the odds are in favour of ET being real somewhere in our universe. That is what Carl Sagan believed and he is a genius, so he must be correct – right?

Did you see what Jean-Claude Junker (President of the European Commission) said? He told the world on television at a meeting of the European nations, “Extraterrestrials exist, they are on Earth and humans have signed agreements with them.” This is exactly the same thing that Paul Hellyer (Ex-Minister of Defense for Canada) said the exact same thing ten years ago. These are the two highest politicians in human history, that have acknowledged ET.  Why would these intellectual, high ranking politicians risk their credibility, ridicule and possibly violence from anti-alien  citizens or organizations? They must believe what they say is true!

Why don’t the governments that have contracts with the ET’s hold a Press Conference and show us all?  Those in control do not think the masses can handle this truth.  It will cause panic and the destabilization of humanity and society.  Would it really?  Would you panic or run rampant in the streets?  Would you decide not to go to work (this is the main reason our governments don’t want to prove ET’s exist). Of course you wouldn’t do those stupid things (although some humans might).

What if Extraterrestrials are a hoax, a masterful plan to trick humankind worldwide?  Could a False Flag Operation have commenced just after World War 2, to escalate and have the finale and reveal happen in 2017?  With human technology that the average person is not aware of, could convince us that aliens from outer space or from another dimension?

So before anyone panics or goes crazy, ensure first that the ET’s are real and not a man-made construct to herd us to do what the oligarchs want us to do by using any False Flag events.