The next time you go into a Bank or Credit Union do the following and you will be surprised at the results:

1) Wear a balaclava or hoodie up covering the sides of your face and the entire back of your head (like a Muslim female does with their head dress or burqa). Usually they will challenge you to lower it or remove it, but when they demand you remove the covering, state that it is your religious right as a Muslim and you will be shocked at the reaction of the staff. I WAS.

2) Ask the manager if the Bank has adopted the BAIL IN ACT. Tellers usually have no idea what you are talking about but managers will squirm and confirm their bank has. YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE ENOUGH MONEY OUT TO LAST YOU A MONTH OR TWO, IN CASE OF A BANK HOLIDAY HERE.

3) When they start issuing you cash, ask if they will GUARANTEE the currency they are issuing to you that it is NOT counterfeit. You will shake your head in disbelief. I force them to photocopy all the bills they issue me, stamp the copy with a financial institution ID and have the manager sign it. YOU CAN FEEL THE DOMINANCE MY FRIENDS.

Our monetary system is broken and it is only a matter of time before the FIAT currency’s bubbles burst worldwide. Greece’s month long bank holiday two years ago was just a beta test of the “Bail In Act” (it worked so perfectly that the Rothschild International Banking cartel were VERY pleased and spread the Bail In Act like the plague.


-Let me know how the above goes!!