Boycott Canada’s 150th Year Of Genocide and Oppression

Boycott Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations In Support Of Our First Nations

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

I am boycotting Canada Day for a good reason!  First, this faux-party costs mega-Millions of Canadian tax dollars, for what? To take citizen’s minds off of the fact that our nation was actually built on genocide and murder?  Will spending huge amounts for fireworks really help?  This 150th party is just to divert our attention away from the more important serious things we should be dealing with.

Second, we can’t afford this expensive cost the celebration is racking up.   We need to pay off our enormous debt before Canada goes bankrupt. The money we added to our nation’s debt by incurring these 150th celebration events, could have helped pay down our crushing debt.

Third,  First Nations made a great point by erecting their protest Teepee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I’ve never been a fan of any monarchies or colonialism.  Natives are correct not to be celebrating Canada’s oppression of our original peoples of Canada for the previous 150 years by the English and French monarchies. We should all hang our heads in shame and not celebrate this horrible time in our history of the human race.

Lastly, I choose to celebrate Canada’s First Nation’s people who have been living here for 150,000 years!!!  Now that’s a good reason to celebrate!

Happy Canada 150,000 birthday!!!