Could the Earth Become Too Hot for Life?

The Time is Now – Do What You Love!

By  Sandford Tuey

If you knew that humanity’s time was going to end in ten years, what would you do?  Guy McPherson says that our planet will become too hot within ten years, to the point where humans will not be able to survive.  The point he makes is that if humans were to shut down all the polluting industries, turn off all the vehicles and every other way of generating atoms and molecules that enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it still would not stop the continuing heating of our world.  Certain creatures cannot survive at hotter temperatures and disappear, causing shocks in the food chain.

Let’s say that the only way to stop this global warming is to shut off the world’s economy and our present transportation systems today.  Even after that, the Earth will continue to heat up for the next tens or more.  McPherson claims that this climate change is too late to stop and humanity will become extinct within ten years.  That’s hard to believe but if it’s true, what would you do with the rest of your short life?  I would do what I love to do.

Intelligent people know that society and organized civilization only takes three days to a week tops to enter into chaos and start to destroy itself.  Without fresh drinking water for three or more days, we die.  That’s why people in natural disasters or in conflicts loot and steal anything to survive.  Once the stores have been looted there are no food supplies to feed the masses.  Everyone is too used to going to abundant grocery stores and find almost any food they desire, but what happens when those stores are empty?  Are you prepred for that kind of a crisis?  Better get ready now!

McPherson and scientists are stating the obvious.  We have polluted our planet’s atmosphere to the point that the global warming can’t be stopped.  At this time in history 200 species of creatures are going extinct quicker than anytime in human history.  Are we next?

Everyone knows that the bees are dying off and no matter what we do, they will become extinct within our lifetime.  Without these vital insects collecting pollen a major portion of plants will not propagate and thrive.  As soon as the bees are gone our food chain will have a major portion of plant life die off.  Without certain plants, many creatures will not be able to find their food supply and disappear.  Well if there is nothing to feed specific animals like cattle and they die off, how will humans eat hamburgers or steaks?  If the algae in the ocean die off, as it is presently doing faster than ever before, how can whales and smaller creatures feed?  Our oceans are becoming too warmand polluted for life in them are dying off and no matter what humans do, we cannot stop this environmental crisis.  Time is running out for every species on Earth.

Without algae and the tiny creatures that feed on it, tiny food sources disappear, taking larger fish and sea creatures with them.  Those that live off these larger water food sources are next and will also starve off.  This is the current fate of all the planet’s living things.  It doesn’t take much thought to see what the end result will be.  Once one food source dies, it takes the creatures that depend on that now extinct source will die off too.  If humans are at the top of the food chain, it is only a matter of time before the things we depend on to survive are gone and then we are too.  If McPherson is correct, as I suspect he is, humanity has maybe, if we are lucky, twenty years left.  He says ten years, but I have always been an optimist.  So what would you do if you only had ten years to live, maybe twenty years max?  Better to do what you love, than do things you don’t enjoy!

A more positive idea is that humans invent a pill or Soylent Green type food source to replace the living food sources we depend on today.  If we wear some sort of protective air conditioned Earth suit, we may survive the devastating damage that humans have caused to this wonderful planet.  Personally I am ashamed at how humanity has ruined paradise!