If you don’t read the ingredients on food products you purchase, you could be risking your own life and the lives of your family.  Make sure you know what is in every box, especially processed products.  Quite a few ‘Made in China’ items are deadly, especially if consumed over a long period of time.  They could contain fake, inferior or poisonous toxins in goods originating from China.  There are a lack of standards and minimal regulations for foods and pesticides of all kinds.   YOU MUST AVOID the following :

Possible illegal foods are :  fake eggs (made of synthetic plastic and toxins), walnuts (stuffed with cement inside two shells glued together), beef (made of pork soaked in a beef artificial flavoring),  false peas (made of chick peas soaked in a deadly green dye), baby formula (made of chalk), table salt (deadly industrial salt which is much cheaper), black pepper (made from dirt), salt (made of flour and hardening agent), sweet potato noodles (fake noodles were made of corn, whey, artificial coloring and paraffin wax), fake ginseng (boiled in sugar to make it heavier but strips it of it’s medicinal value  and deadly to diabetics), plastic rice (fake rice that is a deadly mixture of powdered potato and plastic resin),  milk (white colored toxins), toothpaste (unknown chemicals hidden in the toothpaste mixture to get rid of unwanted waste), apple juice (use banned pesticides), cod fish (water pollution), chicken (avian flu and viruses), Chinese garlic (harmful pesticides), tilapia fish (raised in polluted water and fed deadly fish food to fatten them), just make sure you read the ingredients of food and hope they show what is really in them (because they may or may not contain food.

Some of the items above are priced by weight and therefore Chinese companies would make their products heavier at the detriment of the consumer. Using any of the above could cause poisoning, deformities or cancer.

Products in China do not get investigated or issued warning labels or restricted from sale unless at least one person dies.  So if people only get severely ill and do not die, they will not let the public know and continue selling them.  It is standard procedurue to send the worst offending products offshore and to countries like Canada and the USA.  You have been warned..

Do not forget that the majority of Chinese restaurants use products from China and you are not able to confirm the ingredient list.  Never allow a restaurant to use MSG on your meal.