Disney Rules The Film, Toy and Licensing Industries!

Marvel Studios + Marvel Comics + Star Wars Franchises  = Disney Record Profits


Disney has been taking over licenses with extreme profitability like Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo/Dory), Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics.  The Disney monopoly realized these assets and their licensing potential,  so they took over these companies and developed huge entertainment brands (comics, figurines. video games, movies and a plethora of other merchandise).  This public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) , now has a wealth of depth and products that will keep this mega-corporation very profitable and around for thousands of years!   Walt Disney would be proud!


Marvel Studios has leveraged their excellent properties to increase Disney’s shareholders investor’s value (shareholders are gaining record share price increases).  ANT MAN is one of Marvel Comics weaker brands, but their screenplay writers are amazing, plus they hire the biggest stars and celebrities to play their character’s roles.  I thoroughly enjoy the dialog and scripts.  Disney only retains the best of the best!  They have brought many Marvel Comic’s titles to the big screen (Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, the Avengers and other lesser known brands).  Right now their movies are the best in the world and a high tide in the film and entertainment and toy industry.


Marvel = Disney makes more from their movie’s licensed brands, than off their big budget films (which make Billions).  I have been reading Marvel comics since I was 7 or 8.  I used to spend my allowance on three or four comics every Saturday, when my mother took Randy and I grocery shopping.   I collected Batman, Fantastic Four, Spiderman       since the Silver and Golden age of comics.  I obsessively searched out and purchased second hand from friends, garage sales and anywhere I could to increase my collections.  I had all of Spiderman, except for the first issue.  I had all of the Fantastic Four since their creation.  I actually read the first Superman, Batman, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, etc in comic stores that displayed them behind glass.   I begged to read them and was forced to wear surgical gloves so as not to contaminate these precious pieces of graphic history with my sweat and the germs on everyone’s hands.


There are so many cool items based on these (now) Disney brands, which I would love to have, if I was young again.  There was no merchandise in my youth, like there is today. Sad, but true!  All my mom could find for me was a group of six Marvel Superheroes, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Daredevil & Ironman (solid grey hunks of plastic with no moveable parts) and a full color Marvel Universe board game (no figurine shaped tokens, just pictures on very small pieces of card board that you would move around the game’s board fighting their arch enemies)!  I couldn’t stop playing with these memorabilia.


I wanted to create an entire culture like the Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Universe’s, so that I could create and develop new characters and storylines forever, which would be based on my GALACTIC GLADIATORS concepts and expand into animated films, movies, figurines, costumes,  toys and other profitable methods of licensing.  It took me almost two years to come up with my GALACTIC GLADIATORS concept, which allowed for unlimited creations based on two warring alien species (Psions, Chaons and other extraterrestrials & humans).  By having these alien creatures, along with humans to be abducted and genetically altered, I invented the perfect ‘Tuey Universe’.  Unlimited profits awaited my company and wise shareholders until the government pulled the rug out from under my dream and my corporation, I had built up from 1985. (they shut down all the stock markets across Canada, except the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE).  I had my dream destroyed, my son’s inheritance wiped out, my several Million $ (dollars) of cash and value with my share position of my publicly traded company listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) wiped out!  I consider this the worst day in my life!


All my shareholders lost everything that day and I had to let go my employees, but so did over 2,000+ Canadian companies listed on the Montreal, Winnipeg, Alberta and Vancouver Stock Exchanges.  Tens of thousands of employees had to be let go and added to the unemployed burden of our nation.  Tens of thousands of investors (including me) lost their entire investments in these destroyed corporations and were never compensated, nor did they obtain the potential increase in share price that they would have obtained in the future.   Company values were never realized or added to the Canadian economy.  All thanks to Canada’s colluding evil CONservative and LIEberal parties, who governed during this consolidation and genocide of the companies listed publically across Canada.


The resulting loss of my income hurt my credit rating, which took me 5 years to recover from and my shareholders held me responsible for something I had no control over.  To this day, I have yet to receive something in writing from the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) or the Canadian Securities Exchange Commission (CSEC).  I have asked repeatedly verbally & in writing several times annually for anything in written form explaining a reason for this insane act.  Something to show my investors that the death of our public company, was not my fault.  I have never received anything in writing from these government regulatory agencies, that are supposed to protect investors worldwide.  I do not know why they will not put this atrocity in writing but only tell me verbally.   I now send disgruntled ex-shareholders of mine to call them directly and hear the bullshit excuses for slaying the drams of many Canadians.