Canada’s Housing Bubble & Trump’s New Tariff Will Destroy Our Economy

High Housing Prices Are Never Good For Any Country In History

By  Sandford Tuey – Canada

In every nation that endured high housing and real estate prices have felt the wrath of their markets collapse every time!   Bubbles grow, then pop due to unsustainable prices and drag the entire nation’s economy down for decades.  The financial institutions in their insane greed to get more profits than the year before, have to make up for the loss of the financing of the real estate market nationwide.  Owners get foreclosured on, or become underwater and walk away from their too high mortgage monthly payments and renters get swamped with new desparate renters who used to own houses and condos, now flooding the fragile rental market, which already has a low 3% rental availability market.

So the financial institutions Plan B every time:  Transfer wealth from the middle class and poor, from private independent owned corporations and small businesses.  While they are partying and getting drunk, tossing the people’s money around like drunken sailors, they open another case of champagne, wine, beer and hard liquor purchased by their companies or their friends companies.  Why not spread the Billions around amongst friends.

Meanwhile the 99% suffer with the loss of their main principal asset, their homes.  Their Credit History gets destroyed and they can barely afford to rent a place, which are fewer and fewer every year, because our Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments have given the green light to developers to demolish rental apartment buildings and single homes to make these rich heartless scum even richer by building even taller condominium skyscrapers with smaller and smaller dwellings, with less and less amenities, if any.  Parking requirements have been gutted, strata fees are not controlled anymore and the Tenancy Branches have been underfunded on purpose to force these vital offices to be consolidated qand hard to get to, understaffed, causing long wait times for an arbitration hearings between tenants and their oppressive managers, landlords and shareholders.

The rental market is now down to 3% availablility and making it harder and harder to find a decent rental place in the price range one can afford.  Finding a place is like a bunch of hyena’s gathering and fighting over a dead carcass.  With the coming increase of ex-owners of the housing market swarming into the rental market, the increasing unemployed and the influx of 300,000 refugees and immigrants per year, it can onlu get tougher to find a place to live.  This kind of government nonsense causes a feeding frenzy that even great white sharks would envy.

Also take into consideration the increasing interest rates already rising, will make mortgages too expensive and will force people to sell at a much lower sales price then they expected.   Then there is the Trump’s Republican administration starting to restrict Canada’s importing our products and services into the USA.  Canada sells 75% to 80%n of everything produced in our nation, but as the import tariff rises (presently increased to 24%, yet expected to climb to 35%), will devastate the Canadian economy, manufacturing and serve industries. This is already causing mass layoffs and unemployment costs to rise dramatically.  Our governments cannot not afford to compensate this level of unemployment.  Then there is the crackdown of illegal aliens being rounded up and forced to flee the US.  These 11 Million illegals have to go somewhere and they aren’t going south.  They are trickling up into Canada through border crossings but no one knows how many get in via circumventing border crossings.  I supect double or triple the known number of criminals than the media tells us.  Can you imagine the burden on our Canadian society if the above continues to increase?

With Cana’s total Municipalities, Provinces, Territories and Federal debts combined, our country is bankrupt.  Our leaders have done this on purpose and the LIEberals and CONservative has planned this all along.  Don’t vote fore two colluding parties or nothing will change.  They have put up our national parks, government buildings and assets and tourist attractions, just like most other nations have.  Just as Greece lost their tourist attractions, islands, national parks, etc… so will Canada because of the incompetence and masterplan of the only two political parties that have governed Canada since confederation.  DO NOT VOTE LIEberl or CONservative ever again, or Canada will continue to rush towards a fate worse than death = ECONOMIC SERVITUDE for us and future generation forever!!!

When does a Conspiracy Theory become the truth, if it’s true???