Canada’s Immigration Problems and Solution

Canada’s Immigration Problem and Solution

By  Sandford Tuey –  Canada

Problem :  The United States of America has over 11 Million illegal aliens within its borders.  The Republican Party’s immigration agenda is now identifying, persecuting and rounding up those people who should not be inside their country, because they did not legally enter the USA properly or entered under false pretenses or stayed indefinitely without proper documentation.   Trump is just the figurehead for this policy created by the funding sources of the Republicans and is quietly supported by the Democrats, who  raise a fuss, but truly endorse this collect and deport strategy.

This American problem originates because of the Republicans and Democrats colluding to increase a cheap work force made up of immigrants and refugees from outside their nation.  They take advantage of these poor people who should never have been allowed into the USA.  Technically this problem is the fault of the Democrats and Republicans who allowed these illegal alien’s numbers to get way too high.  Only recently has a political party government started to officially arrest and remove anyone who should not be in the USA.  This forces the 11 Million illegal aliens in the USA to panic and flee from the American immigration department.  These questionable elements are not returning to their countries of origin because there is no employment in their hellish states or their way of life is being disrupted by wars and oppression.  Most are just economic refugees desiring a better wage and lifestyle.


This leaves these 11 Million illegal aliens only one place to escape to – – Canada.  So far, only 10,000+ have legally applied for asylum at a legal Canadian border crossing.   It is estimated that over 100,000 illegal aliens from the USA have clandestinely entered between Canada’s border crossings and Americans are happy to see them go.  Canada Immigration has been under-funded and under-staffed for far too long.  In the 1990s, Canada Immigration could not keep up with the processing of the regular immigration human flow or could not check enough cargo containers entering our country.  When I worked with Canada Immigration, we could barely keep up with 10% of all people and goods coming into our nation.  Over 90% of everything and everyone entering Canada, we processed as best we could.   Most of the time, we had no idea what or who were entering.  This problem is now overwhelming and unacceptable.  All Canadian citizen safety and security are now compromised, thanks to this strange globalization strategy being conducted by our North American political parites.

The US illegal alien northern trickle is turning into a flood, as I predicted once Trump declared his anti-refugee policy last year!!   Our border security cannot handle this huge increased traffic and it is a fact that a major portion of American illegal aliens are from unknown nations and are criminals.   Right now they are sneaking into Canada’s population and in fact, one illegal entrant died because of Canada’s harsh border terrain and weather..   If these 11 Million ‘unknown’ people are willing to break USA laws of immigration, they are willing to break our immigration laws as well.   What other criminal activities are these 11 Million going to conduct here?   The majority are not registering at our proper border crossings, breaking Canadian laws.  This is an emergency and yet, our government political parties and their propaganda mainstream media are not covering it properly or doing anything about it.  Why hasn’t Canada’s Security / Terror alert level gone up?  Could this be part of a sinister plan?  Why hasn’t the mainstream media mentioned this more?  How about letting us all know how they intend to stop these criminal penetrations of our borders?

Solution :  Canada must stop ALL refugee and immigration temporarily.  Correct and catch up on the present backlog of immigration people so that our Immigration Officers can get a handle on this serious problem and properly process those coming into Canada the legal way.  Take the pressure off of our system is the logicval thing to do.  Then we need to do what Australia does for their refugees and immigrants that try to enter into their nation.

Here is Australia’s solution, which Canada needs to do asap.  1) Designate an island where ALL immigrants & refugees first go before being allowed into Canada.  This island would ensure no one can escape to mainland Canada for security reasons.   2) Those refugees and migrants who pass several medical exams and qualify ideologically and are not terrorist related individuals,  would be allowed into Canada on a ten year probationary period (you break a law or murder = go back to country of origin).   3) This Immigration process separate the ‘wolves from the sheep’. The innocent and positive people who will be productive and a benefit to Canada and fit in with Canadian culture and morals  are welcomed with open arms.   4) Those that are followers of hate or terrorist groups and violent religious texts, will be returned to their countries of origin immediately, no matter how negative the situation may be back in their country.  5) Those deemed questionable, will be given the option of following our legal system and culture or go back to their nation where they came from!

This is what Canada Immigration should have been doing all along, but due to under-funding and under-staffing thanks to the LIEberals and CONservatives.   Only in the last few years havs Canada’s Border Security be allowed to have firearms to protect themselves (only now are they getting them).  Do you like knowing that our borders are sieves?    Our broken immigration policy is just one of many reasons Canada is not the country it was before 1972.

You can thank the colluding LIEberals and CONservatives for this mess!!!


How The Canadian Political Parties Are Diluting Our Society

Immigrant Canadian – Racist Towards Immigrants

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

Today I met a Canadian who stopped to talk with me while I was on my daily spin around the neighbourhood on my power wheelchair.  He said that he had not been walking through Burnaby for over ten years.  He was shocked how much it had turned into another Chinatown.  He complained about how Canada is allowing too many Chinese into Canada and how we are ruining our country by letting these rich Asians take over entire suburbs one by one at a time.  It was obvious by his tone and demeanor that he was a racist.  Now he is correct, in that, East Vancouver is a Chinatown made up with mainly Chinese born residents and permanent Chinese tourists.

I noticed he had a unique accent and was mulatto, so I asked him, where he was from and he proudly declare himself a Fijian.  So he was not born in Canada, but in the island nation of Fiji.  I found this amusing, yet surprising that someone who came from a foreign country would discriminate against some people from a different country.  He asked me where I was born, I said at Vancouver General hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  So he was a foreigner to me, technically.

It seems like Immigration Canada is importing racists.

He ranted on about the present Chinese invasion and how they are buying Canada out from under Canadians and we are stupid for allowing this theft by the super-rich Chinese oligarchs and government funded agents of China’s questionable provocateurs.   He had an interesting theory.  I know the government of China is expanding and Canada is just letting the dictatorship of China conquer Canada financially / economically instead of in a conventional conflict.   It is possible China’s military and government agents be defeating us without firing a shot in a war.  A couple years ago I speculated there was a Fifth Column attack against North America, masterminded by the Chinese and recently the Muslims.   If you don’t know what a Fifth Column conquering tactic is, Google it now!.

I mentioned that it didn’t matter what nation someone comes from, but that if a Canadian can go to their country of origin and buy property there, then that individual should be able to come to Canada and buy property here.  If Canadians cannot purchase real estate in their country of origin, then they should NOT be able to buy real estate here!  Makes logical sense, yet this guy was not buying the fairness of my rebuttal.

He then mentioned how the East Indians have taken over Surrey where he lives.  He also mentioned he was a Muslim and that his name is Mohamed, but not a terrorist.   He tried to convince me that only 1% of Islamic worshipers are causing all the violence and terrorism.  Normal Muslims are nice people, but their cult / religion allows Islamic Muslims to lie and kill infidels (non-Islamic Muslims).  I agreed, as this is for every culture and religion, although if a terror incident happens, I would bet on a Muslim caused the deaths and carnage of these type of attacks.

Our conversation lasted only about 15 minutes, but when I asked him the five questions on my ‘personal poll’ I usually ask everyone willing to answer them, he didn’t get any correct answers.  His viewpoint are the standard government ruler’s programmed answers.  I said he should do his research and that he was naive.  His negative Chinese attitude was getting on my nerves, so I moved on past the Chinese stores, restaurants and unknown storefronts covered in Chinese letters and words that were all along Kingsway Street..

I tried to explain to this racist new Canadian guy that to keep his racism back where he was born.  He didn’t get that it didn’t matter where someone comes from and that someone like him and his family have been welcomed and allowed to be in Canada, but he should not infect our society with racism.  I asked him if a Canadian can buy property in Fiji, but he would not answer it.

What a strange place Canada is being turned into by the colluding LIEberals and CONservative parties!!  Maybe Canada needs a nationwide language requirement to ensure the cultures that founded and built our nation are not diluted into oblivion by other cultures we allow in which are trying to eliminate the French and English out of our reality.  What do you think should be done about our vanishing original Canadian society?

 Is Canada disappearing because of the LIEberal and CONservative immigration policy?