Tuey Tid Bit – Sandiego ComicCon

Everyone Must Go To The Sandiego Comicon In Their Lifetime


By  Sandford Tuey


Want to have a good time in the USA?


If you have never been to the Sandiego ComiCon, you must go at least once in your lifetime.  You will know why within a minute of entering the huge exhibit convention multi-level building (at least five or six football fields – three levels high).  Everyone who is anyone exhibits at this Entertainment Trade Show.  Sony Studios and Distribution, Universal, MGM, Trauma Films, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Marvel Studios & Comics, DC Comic & Film, Image Entertainment, Darkhorse, Warner Bros., Arcana Studios (largest comic producer in Canada, all the way down to me and my small one comic brand title (we made Canada look good).  We made everyone look and wonder, “Who the hell are these Canadians?”


I call casted just under ten women to play our lead heroine at this USA major event, ‘Tessa Guess’ until we located a look alike, especially when we had her dress in the tight spandex cloths and wore the character’s glasses.  She did her hair perfect and she drew older men and kids to our booth wanting to talk to our main character come to life.  She memorized a prewritten monologue and would prompt specific answers to certain questions   All questions that were not general to our story, she would direct them to our marketing and investor rep or myself for clarification.   Thousands asked us questions and /or purchased Galactic Gladiators comics, posters, caps and t-shirts.  Our company earned over tenb grand is four days.


Scott Lee was the lead artist and celevrity for our company and brand (franchise)!

Austin Rand handled all the money earned at the trade show.

Sandy Jr., drummed up sales and business with the majors and other exhibitors.  He entered Sony Playstation tournament and won 2nd place and lots of prizes.  More importantly, my son brought the head of marketing of Sony over to my booth and we discussed a video game publishing deal and distribution for Galactic Gladiators merchandise.

Joh Nichols handled the media and media packages in the media room.  She generated interest as well.  She stayed in the same hotel room as our Tessa model. 

Jeff Mathews helped at the booth promoting and selling at our booth.

I explained the epi story Galactic Gladiators is and did anything that had to do be done.  I attended two keynote info sessions.  1)  News Realease for the Glactic Gladiators and the distribution dal with Diamond Distribution (distributor for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and anyone who is anyone, including me)!  2) A panel on the state of the entertainment industry and licensing.


Scott and I were asked to sign autographs in the prestigious Autograph area where many big name celebrities were signing merchandise too!  Lou Ferigno (TV’s HULK), Leordnard Nimoy & (Star Trek), Brent Spiner (Data on Next Gen Star Trek), etc…  I got to meet and discuss their interest in my license and how to pursue it to the big leagues. 

Many visitors dressed in authentic costumes of their favourite characters.  On the final day a samall girl (maybe 8) asked our model for a photograph with here (she too was dressed like Tessa).  Very cute.


Thank God I purchase two professional display walls with lights and full color graphics of humans and aliens trapped within Psion Preservation Pods (clear glasslike tubes with strange alien creatures inside and escaping.  All this inside a gigantic Psion spaceship, with a clear domed ceiling highlighting the universe above.  Jeff Mathew is a genius at working with his hands.  He designed and built, from scratch, a 3D Preservation Pod that visitors to our two display wide booth, could enter inside and a recorded song would explain the concept of Galactic Gladiators within a minute and a half.  This theme was written by Jeff and I, and recorded by Jeff voicing an altered voice.  He located ‘12th Street Studio’ to professionally record this excellent promo musical piece on ProTools software, rare at the time.  People would ask “what’s this about?”  Our Tessa model would direct them into the plastic spherical pod and it would start playing our info tune.  Many wanted their photo taken inside the tube (humndred or more).


It was a great trade show and highly recommend everyone go to it, if you can!!!