Has Propaganda & Fake News Programmed The Entire World?

Whose Side is Julian  Assange On?

By   Sandford Tuey – Canada

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, controls the internet information website that millions of people depend on for the truth.  But is it a bastion of truth or just more fake news and deception?  Deep down inside you realize there is something wrong with what we are being told by what is consided mainstream media.  Everyone knows that fake news is rampant and everywhere.  Even President Donald Trump acknowledges that the mainstream media is fake new and thrives on lies as it is a tool to insert an emotional reaction from the masses and direct them to do what these super rich oligarchs desire.  Fake information works and we are drowning in it.

It is common knowledge that the majority of nations use the media to keep control of their population and to convince them to do what they need done.    The owners of the newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television networks seem to be indepedt but are not. These organizations collude to achieve goals set by the super rich globalist oligarchs to influence the population of other counties.  Propaganda is a weapon which has been used since the beginning of time to deceive and manipulate the world’s public.   You may not believe it but we have all been mislead and programmed, to a certain extent.

The first step is to know that this planet is full of lies and that you must question everything.

Second, understand that the majority of humans have been programmed with falsehoods and do not know it.

Third, fraudulent programming happens through repetition of false facts intermixed within some truth.

Fourth, stay alert and use scientific evidence to ensure what is being disseminated as the truth, is actually true.

Fifth, once you are sure something is true notify others what is true or false.

Finally, become a beacon of truth within the ocean of lies!

You may pop someone’s ‘reality bubble,’ but wouldn’t you want to know the truth instead of comforting lies?  Most people prefer to not know anything that does not fit into their understanding of what is real or not real.  They choose to remain blissfully ignorant of the truth and are happy that way.  Let them continue fooling themselves and try to save your family and friends from passing the manipulated fake truths we all are surrounded by.

False information or Fake News is being spread over the world through the mainstream media and the World Wide Web like fertilizer over a lawn.  Why are the Americans so surprised and upset at Russia for interfering with their Presidential elections?  All countries, including the USA spread their messages and beliefs into every nation on Earth.

How do you tell if you have been programmed?  Stay alert, as the key is to second guess everything you do and hear.  If you love a certain soda pop, ask yourself is it because you saw advertisements on TV at a young age or did your parents and grandparents become influenced by other forms of advertising before you were born?   The religion you worship and political party you vote for is usually passed onto children by their parents.  Have you studied all the world’s religions before deciding on which one to believe in?  Or are you an atheist who uses scientist methods to learn the truth about a belief system, government, company or even a person?

Careful of what you think and believe is the truth, it might not be!


Sandford Tuey is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran of the Cold War who worked within the NATO intelligence industry and now is a licensing consultant, entrepreneur who has been a game designer for the past 35 years. With a keen interest in political and military analysis he has been gathering data since 1976 and now shares that knowledge as a beacon of truth, within an ocean of lies.



When we were children, every one of us told a lie.  Yes, you too!  It’s human nature to exaggerate or make things better than they are by enhancing the size of the fish you caught or the one that got away.  Do we do it to make our story more exciting and enjoyable?  Is it wrong to lie?  Not always.

What about when your wife/husband or spouse asks you if they look fat or old?  You automatically state that they do not, even if they do.  This is a little white lie to make your better half feel good about themselves.  Is this deception for the better?  Should this form of lying even be called lying?  I think that it is better to tell them they look fine then to hurt their feelings and cause animosity between your partner.  Trust me on this, my honesty has caused problems in my love life and business affairs many times.  I now think twice before I say something, especially when I was the president of a public company on the stock market.  Misrepresenting the company and it’s progress could get you in trouble with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) or even have your company delisted.  Very bad for the owners and shareholders.

On occasion we may have to think twice before telling the truth.  After all, isn’t it better to expand the truth to make someone have a more emotionally positive experience through life?  Or do you prefer to be brutally honest and hurt people’s feeling at the expense of being truthful?  It is a delicate balance every day between the truth and lies.  Since my first ‘Code Blue’ (near death experience), I have had no time for bullshit or falsehoods.  If I suspect someone is lying to me or tossing generalizations around, I challenge them on it.  For example, when someone says that all Canadians live in igloos and eat maple syrup, I chuckle, then correct them (I had this happen to me at American tradeshows in the 1980’s).  Or when somebody says they will only be a second, then they take more than ten minutes.  Why don’t we just say it will take ten minutes?  Why don’t we considers this lying?

Since 1977 I have been seeking the truth of what the hell is really going on.  Trying to find the answers to why are we here?  Who really controls and runs our planet?  How can we stop wars and evil from ruling the Earth?  Where exactly is our third rock from the sun heading through the universe and what will happen when we die.  I have always been a curious kid, just like you.  It is time to be honest and unite our species and seek these truths together, instead of being deceived by our leaders, governments, religions and enemies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Dan Aykroyd said it best…





I am a big believer in the truth.  I have since before I can remember, thanks to my mother.  She didn’t allow it period!  I did not want to find out the taste of soap.  The politicians that promise something but never intended to really do it once elected, should have a bar of soap shoved down their throats.  I am sick and tired of politicians lying just to get elected and rip off our nation and taxpayers.  Or hang’em high!


I try to post information that is no exaggeration, falsehoods or misinformation.  Our politicians are supposed to be held  to a higher standard, aren’t they?  After Nixon and Clinton lying and acting criminal, the people should realize Presidents are only human but should be impeached if they lie.


.Can you imagine if society is based on lies?  Could human history be misinformation?  Parts of our past are fabrications.  Some major wars were started by liars (Bush & Cheney & Powell & Rice all started the Gulf wars in Iraq based on the “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” )bullshit.  The Spanish – American war & the Vietnam war.  All False Flag Operations to get the USA peoples to support wars they did not want to get involved with.

Since our governments lie to their citizens what other illegal and unethical things are they doing?

If you know that something I post is no true please inform me and I will do my best to learn the TRUTH.  I need your help to make people understand fact from fiction.