Is  Canada really going to legalize Marijuana  or was that a carrot for votes to sucker in  the 18 to 35 age voters?  Sure some older pot users and growers voted for the LIEberals too, but most will not admit it because they have been tricked by government and authorities before.  As THE  WHO  said, “We won’t get fooled again!”

How is Canada going to deal with the United Nations restricted worldwide law system it spread around the world? Why does the  DRUG WAR CONTINUE ON?   Can the UN and NATO  stop the true legalization?   oStop total legality over and above MEDICAL MARIJUANA?

Will the LIEberals allow Canadians to freely grow this sweet herb in our gardens like we do Dill, Sage or other plants?  Will we have to pay fees, penalties or licenses to access it like certain provinces are doing?  Will we be allowed to use Maryjane in public like cigarettes?  Or will it be treated like alcohol or even sold only in government liquor stores in packages designed with catchy name = like Mexican, Columbian or Skunk?  Will these packs have photos of healthier people who use pot for illness and to stop nausea?  Or will they show grisly diseased lungs and cancerous body parts?

I DON’T TRUST the LIEberals or the CONservatives.  It is only a matter of time before they have a complete list of who uses and distributes marijuana and the authorities can test their new Bill C-51 laws to arrest and detain those involved in the Drug trade.  Remember, the DRUG WAR IS NOT OVER YET.  They could pass a law tomorrow that states any one using a drug (which Marijuana still is) has to turn in any firearms or register them.  It would be the kind of sneaking underhanded move the political parties would try in the future.

When are they going to remove those in prisons for using weed?  Will they release those who are serving time for selling pot?  Will PARDONS BE ISSUED to Canadians that have had their criminal records scarred and are tainted with this ridiculous nonsense (Criminal Record)?  DON’T   HOLD  YOUR  BREATH.



Sandford  Tuey  Jan 10, 2017 (c)




Legal Weed Will Create Billionaires

By Sandford Tuey

Legal Marijuana is creating the stock market opportunity of a lifetime.  In fact, many smart investors will become Marijuana millionaires.   Make the right choice and financial rewards will surprise you and your bank account.  More states in the USA and even more provinces in Canada,  are accepting medical Marijuana and soon, the recreational use of this once illicit herb.

Over half of the United States of America  already have marijuana legally available in some form.  Eight  states,  plus the nation’s capital (District of Columbia) have made it completely legal to anyone over the age of 21.  When you consider that almost every country on Earth have millions of users of Marjuana in all sorts of forms like joints (cigarettes), hash, oil, baked goods, clothing, paper and other consumer goods,  this is a huge international market estimated  at $100 Billion per year.

The only negative is an expensive maze to obtain government approval to grow, market and sell weed and  this prohibitive amount of money is to hinder the average dealer / player into this gold rush  (by design).  However, nothing is stopping you from  investing in a Marijuana stock listed on a reputable stock exchange.  Careful which company you invest in but the sky is truly the limit.  If you use or know about the hidden use of people in the  world of criminal use, you know that if users are willing to risk going to jail, they will buy tons of pot once it is totally  legal.  Remember the profits and capital gains received by the investors in Internet stocks and High Tech stocks.  There is risk in everything, so invest what you can afford to lose, it sure looks like a sure thing, doesn’t it.

Could a mere $1000 investment mint you a multi-millionaire status?  It’s possible.  Think about the huge windfall to those producing alcohol during the prohibition age where booze was hidden from the cops and used in secret until the laws changed.  Distillers,  bottlers and even rum-runners  made  Billionaires almost overnight and names like Molson, Coors, Budweiser, Labatt’s,  Seagrams,  Johnny Walker, you get the drift.  One minute criminals hustling in the night, fleeing from the law, to riding in the back of limousines spending thousand dollars bills like drunken sailors in a whorehouse!  RICH BABY – SUPER RICH.  The BOOZE BARONS were born with the lifting of the prohibition of alcohol.

Who will become the next filthy rich entrepreneur by selectin this industry as a ‘BUY’?  Check out sweet scented stocks, review and discuss them with a good reputable stock broker and decide which ones you should invest in.  You decide which stock rocket is right for you and your wallet!  Then sit back, toke a spliff and hang on for the ride!