Being blissfully ignorant of what is going on around you is not  good for your health.  Just because you are unaware of things is no excuse.  Not knowing the truth does not exempt you from our world of lies.  If you turn a blind eye from a murder, does the killing not happen?  If you don’t tell someone, are you allowing the crime?  The system has been created to steal your money or even kill you and no one seems to care or even want to know.  STOP WEARING BLINDERS & SHACKLES.

In Germany just before and during World War 2 the Nazis killed the mentally retarded and nobody complained or spoke out.  Then they came after the handicapped and terminated them too without much outrage, if any.  Then they came after the Jewish people and look what happened to them.  If people do not speak up are they guilty too?

That is why I speak out about the Bilderberg Group and the Rothschild International Banking Cartel.  They are slowly milking us with taxes, which increase more and more with time and will continue to rise and spread.  Lately taxes have increased and spread out onto more and more items and services.  This is by design.

So are the majority of the conflicts and wars!  Is that not premeditated murder?  Of course it is.  Yet very few speak out against these crimes against humanity.  These super-rich oligarchs plan and start wars because they own the military industrial complex weapon manufacturers on both sides of every war.  War is very profitable for these weapon producers AND it depopulates the human race.  In their opinion, wars do not kill enough of us fast enough.  Although the next World War will exterminate the majority of people on Earth.  If these evil rulers have their way the next war will be soon!

You may not believe the above but do not fool yourself and keep your eyes wide shut.  Do your research and you will see that what I claim is true.  These elite have control of almost every industry of our world.  Through compartmentalization, covertness, murder and secrecy these shadow rulers maintain control over the populace.  Are we that blind and apathetic and complacent?  Sure seems so!

When will everyone wake the hell up?  Will we ever know the truth and rise up and do something to help our fellow humans and the future generations?  Where is our freedom leader?  Who will motivate the masses to overthrow this evil system?