WHAT  IF???:


It is possible for Canada to HIDE  a nuclear weapon stockpile?  We are a country that has built some of the best and safest atomic reactors in the world (especially when compared to Russia = deadly radioactive polluted zone in Chernobl in Eastern Europe =  Ukraine.  The Russians are sure lucky they constructed this dangerous electrical generating, toxin polluting plant on a foreign nation’s soil.

Canada’s scientists have the knowledge and the talent to design, produce and have ready for use nukes well within a year but we wouldn’t bother since we could just buy nukes from several of our NATO allies, like the United Kingdom did from the USA.  I always wondered, if the USA attacked an insignificant UK territory, how would the British react towards America if they seized a place like the Falklands.  Would the UK use their ‘made in the USA’ nukes against the USA?  The likely-hood of that happening is next to nil.

Canadian Armed Forces is in lockstep with the NATO alliance, in that, we must defend the other countries within NATO, in return for these nations to come to our aid if we are attacked.

Russia even authorized the pro-Russian / Ukrainian government to locate nuclear tipped missiles built by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic). This adds Russian nukes to their Ukrainian arsenal. When Putin and the boys occupied and controlled the Ukrainian government and  top officials with an iron fist, they convinced their neighbor to disarm and destroy the Russian nuclear weapons from their soil.  It is said the Ukraine frdytoyed the missiles on their soil.

Why would Vladimir Putin attack his neighbor if he knows it has nuclear weapons?  Ukraine destroyed them all, really?  Who gives up their only major defensive/offensive weapon?  No one – that’s who!  I would expect the Ukrainian President at the time (Russian dictator) kept some of the Russian nukes in his back pocket just to be safe.  You just never know when thugs may attack you.

Canada also has a vast land area and could easily hide nuclear missiles and bombs almost anywhere.   If Israel can keep their nuclear weapons development program a secret,  so can Canada.  Until one of the Israeli scientists = whistle-blowers told the world no one could believe Israel was the first middle Eastern nation to have nukes. Israel has never admitted that they have ajust over 100+ nuclear missiles and bombs, making them one of the most powerful nations with the ability to destroy our world.

As the old WW2 poster  threatened,  “You will be forced to not let out a secret!”  Loose lips – sink ships.  Putin is a very smart man and will not take this final burst of pride and nationality lightly.  Trump is an ally with big pharma, military institutions, the Rothschild International Banking cartel and has worked with organized crime within the unions.  He should make quite the Commander in Chief.  I just hope he can control his temper!

Trump  is threatening the world that he will sell nuclear weapons to nations that require America’s military might as part of their defense strategy, which means that the USA will help nuclear weapon prolification.  Maybe Canada should buy some Weapons of Mass Destruction from Trump and aim them at the USA and other countries we are afraid of or consider them hostile?