Philippines Under Martial Law – Rodrigo Duterte to be next dictator

Philippines Under State Of Emergency (Martial Law)

By  Sandford Tuey  – Canada

President of the Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte cut his negotiations in Moscow with Vladimir Putin short to return to his home country.   He is a lawyer who was the Mayor of Davao City for 7 terms.   In 2016, he became the 16th President of this magnificent multi-island nation (more than 7,500+ islands).  The major three islands are Luzon (northern island), Visayas (central islands) and Mindanao (southern island).  President Duterte declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY (MARTIAL LAW), BLAMING IT ON THE RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS ALLIED WITH ISIS. 

Problem is, he didn’t need to crack down on this Muslim territory, since he has total control of his Philippine military already and the mostly Roman Catholic Christian nation has been at war with these terrorists, as he declares them.  Philippino governments have been battling these Muslim terrorists for over 3 decades.  President Duterte gave his military, police and civilians approval to kill drug users and drug traffickers.  Over 10,000+ drug involved citizens have been murdered so far and over 35,000+ have given themselves up to go to prison and/or drug rehabilitation centers instead of being assassinated in the streets.

Rodrigo Duterte was born March 28, 1945, in Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Yes the island where General McAthur returned to liberate the Philippine allies from the oppression of the Japanese during WW2, it was also one of the major naval battles in the Gulf of Leyte between the USA and Japan.  .  The son of a regional governor, he graduated from law school in 1972 and joined the City Prosecution Office of Davao City.   Duterte became Davao City mayor in 1988, and was reelected six times after forging a reputation for being tough on crime. He earned a decisive victory in his country’s 2016 presidential election, but soon drew criticism for his support of extrajudicial killings and threats to cut diplomatic ties with the U.S.

His erratic behavior and constant cursing during his public speeches promote a negative role model for the children.  His hard line approach to drug users and sellers is ruthless.  Imentioned in an earlier article, that this ‘kill them all’ bylaw will be abused (you kill your neighbor because his dog keeps shitting on your lawn, yet he won’t pick up the dog poop in your yard.  So you shoot him dead and tell the authorities your neighbor he was invol ved with drugs.  You just got away with murder!

President Duterte called the USA President an asshole and to fuck off.  He also told the United Nations to Fuck Off too!  Then he severed military ties with the US, now the Philippine military and the US military no longer conduct military exercises together.  This Philippins President has met with China and Russia to enter into agreements for protection and huge loans.  Chin and Russia have great big smiles on their faces as this important Pacific ocean ally seems to have switched sides.  They still have anti-terrorism agreements with NATO.

For those that follow posts, you know I stated that President Durterte would declare Martial Law before the end of his first term.  I still firmly believe ALL of the Philippines will be under Martial Law soon.  I hate being right!  It is obvious that President Duterte’s Martial Law will make dictator Ferdinand Marco’s Martial Law look like a picnic.  I feel sympathy for the 110 Million Philippine citizens.

Don’t forget that Canada is currently under, what I call,  SOFT MARTIAL LAW!!!