My Email To Our Prime Minister Sent Today

Canada’s Prime Minister’s Email is
Your LIEberals promised to only increase the Canada federal debt by $10 Billion per year for four years.  You must have misplaced your calculator, as your debt is heading for a lot more than you promised prior to being elected.  Do what you promise, don’t be a liar!

What has Canada had to put up as collateral for the outstanding and increasing national debt?  Have the LIEberals and CONservatives put any national parks, islands, government assets and resources at risk?

Why did the government adopt the ‘BAIL IN ACT’ in 2013?  Is a major wealth transfer from the Canadian people scheduled to happen?  If so, when?  Most Canadian banks won’t even guarantee Canada’s fiat currency bills they issue to customers are not counterfeit.

Your LIEberal and the Conservative parties have screwed Canada so badly, Canadians are not sure about what is promised by politicians prior to elections, as it seems that candidates promise things that they have no intention of ever doing if elected.  The things some do just to be elected is very disgusting.  Canada should hold politicians accountable like perjury in court!!

Clean up your act!!

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By  Sandford  Tuey

The average Canadian earns $35,000 Cdn per year.  Do you?  Seems high to me but let’s say this is true.  In Canada the low income cut-off (also known as the poverty line) starts at $25,900 Cdn or less.  In 2009, half of Canadians were living on less than $25,400 Cdn.  after tax incomes.

Think about how much you personally bring in annually, then deduct approximately how much you pay in taxes.  Don’t forget the ‘government nickel & diming’ for costs of fees, fines and sales tax (GST/PST) also other methods the ruling political regime forces us citizens to pay.  Not as much as most people thought.  Right?

Is it hard to exist on the remaining funds you end up with?   I bet it is.  Then you have to subtract  a mortgage or rent, clothing and grocery costs.  Add insurance, automobile maintenance and operational costs.  We need utilities and a phone plus internet access, toss in other entertainment like movies, concerts, cable TV, etc.  Life is expensive!

Why does everything keep going up?   Economists call this = inflation.  Everyone just accepts this word as a fact but maybe we should question those that are responsible for the increase of resources and products or even hold those culpable for interest rates and the reduction of the value of our currency.

Members of Parliament and senators just got a $3,000 increase in their base salary, while cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will receive a larger raise – at a time when Canadians are struggling with stagnant wages and rising unemployment compounded by inflation.  This wage hike of 1.8 per cent for MPs and 2.1 per cent for senators is about four times what the federal government has offered public sector unions and executives in the federal public service.

The 338 MPs will see their salaries rise to $170,400 from $167,400, while Trudeau — who gets another $170,400 as PM — now will make $340,800, an increase of $6,000.  Our MP’s plus the PM cost us $ 57,765,600 Cdn.   Are we getting our money’s worth?

Cabinet ministers, interim Opposition leader and House Speaker get an extra $81,500 for their roles) and  get a $4,400 bump to $251,900.

The  105 Senators, who by federal law are required to be paid $25,000 less than MPs, will make $145,400 per year for a total of $ 15,267,000.

The opposition leader, parliamentary secretaries, party whips, chairs of House of Commons committees, and a handful of other MPs also will get small salary increases for their additional duties, on top of their base pay hike.

The above  government employees, especially MLA’s and MP’s, (over and above their extra benefits) usually receive an annual increase of their salary in collaboration to the inflation rate or more.  This is anywhere from 1% to 10% depending on how bad our economy and Gross Domestic Product is.  When was the last time you got a $ 3,000 Cdn raise?

Ever wonder if someone or some group controls the amount of money you earn?  What if this pittance is decided by a shadow government who decide on a minimum hourly wage and then provide the government with this recommended amount?

It is a fact that a nation’s interest rate is chosen by it’s Central Bank but our Bank of Canada receive what this interest rate must be by the Central Bank of all the world’s Central Banks. It is not democratically chosen or impacted by capitalism.  It is selected by a small group of influential elite.

Canada’s  politicians govern themselves and vote on their raises.  This should not be allowed and seems to be a conflict of interest.  I have yet to see a politician refuse an increase of their income to themselves.  Sure a few verbally refused the raise offer but in the end, they reluctantly accept the increase to their salary.

Can you imagine what you would do if you could decide on how much you make a year?  Doesn’t make sense does it?