Queen Elizabeth II  has been the center of the world for 64 years.  This evil woman has sanctioned wars, banking greed and personal wealth.  She is England’s royal dictator (in the past Kings & Queens ruled with an iron fist, I doubt that mindset has changed).  I’m pretty sure she is the richest woman in the world and the largest land owner on planet Earth.

How do you think she got all that power and wealth?  Her previous family attacked whoever they wanted with extreme brutality and some say the royal family committed  ‘attempted genocide’  in their conquered countries.  She stepped on a lot of less fortunate people and her United Kingdom spread their armies and navy throughout the world, to the detriment of natives and the poor abroad.

Queen E is the figure head of the UK, of which Canada is one of her possessions.  Who do you think owns crown land in the Commonwealth nations?  Her representative in Canada, the Governor General, has more control and power than our Prime Minister.   Does Canada really need a babysitter?

All the royal family does is milk Canada to pay for perks and handshake vacations.  Having a queen is not cheap and it is an insult to Canadians.  I recall assembling in school to sing God Save the Queen before Oh  Canada.  This was indoctrinating children to accept and not question authorities, especially their governing system.  Citizens still pledge allegiance to the Queen and country (note – Queen first).

Did you think our nation is a democracy?  Never has been!  Canada is a British puppet state ever since they defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham.  Canada has to grow up and be independent asap.  For Canadians, this is required for self recognition and pride.  I pledged my bond and military service to the Queen & Canada in 1976.  I do not think I would accept the queen today.  I would proudly commit to Canada but I believe no person should be above all others. Are we not all equal?  Are we still peasants and subservient slaves to England?  Why?

The English are very good at slaughtering people and colonizing foreign nations by extreme force.  However, most European countries were doing the same several hundred years ago.  Who gave these European powers the right to kill their way to own indigenous natives and steal their land?  Why is it so important to stab a flag over another nation and then dictate the natural original residents?  The thought of Europeans murdering the less weaponized culture =  makes me sick!