Why do most Canadians believe Canada is a democracy?  Would you be surprised to learn that  Canada is not a democracy and has never been one?  It is time to wake Canadians from their indoctrination and quit walking around with our eyes wide shut!!   Canada is an asset of the English monarchy ever since confederation.

Ever since I can remember, students used to be herded into the school hallways and sing ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Oh Canada’ before first class of the morning from Grade one until Grade four (mind you, that was in the early 1960’s).   I am pretty sure schools do not require this duty  today.

Our grandparents and parents were programmed too and handed this government disception and then passed this false information down to their children. Us!  Even our mainstream  media enforces our national identity with assistance of our government’s narrative.  Remember if humans are told a lie repeatedly, they start to believe it to be true!

You may not believe it but we all were programmed to believe Canada is a great example of democracy in the world.  Those in power have tricked not only Canadians but the entire planet.  Sure we are a great example of how a society should treat everyone fairly and ensure our citizens are taken care of medically and those in need are helped financially when in need.  Every nation should do as we do, if not even do more for their inhabitants.

Canadians are compassionate, friendly and empathic as a culture and I wish every nation on Earth  would  do the same for their inhabitants.  It is the right thing to continue doing.

Is a monarchy relevant in the modern world or should it be abolished?  To solve this problem is for Canadians to first actually become an independent real country.  We must sever our umbilical cord from the Queen and her royal family.  I think Canada should remain part of the Commonwealth nations but create and enact our own national constitution with a parliament free of dominance by a foreign power!.  Until we stand on our own two feet, we will remain a passion of the richest woman in the world.  Believe me it is long overdue.


By  Sandford Tuey