By  Sandford Tuey

Allegedly Vancouver City Hall  is influenced  by communist  China? 

The  CHINA  INVESTMENT  CORPORATION  (C. I. C.) is headquartered and run from Bejing and is an $800 Billion dollar communist Chinese state owned company that may be colluding with Vancouver  City Hall to develop a 35 story deluxe condominium at a premium location in downtown Vancouver.  It is looking more and more like the Chinese communist government has its claws deep in a British Columbian municipal government.  C. I. C. was able to CONvince Vancouver City Hall to rezone and purchase land at a major discounted price and get the go ahead to build their real estate project very quickly.  It is alleged that the Chinese communist government is manipulating Vancouver  City  Hall and Mayor Gregor Robertson!

City of  Vancouver Mayor Gregor  Robertson is a Canadian politician who became the 39th Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, and is serving his third term since 2008.  He is a vital Vision Vancouver party member and served as an MLA for Vancouver-Fairview district as a member of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, from 2005 until he resigned 2008.  Mayor Robertson spearheaded the Vancouver real estate zoning law changes, which had all the rich land developers rejoicing and drewling.   He receives major funding from American sources (which should be a conflict of Interest and is at the least, concerning for the citizens of the lower mainland).  Foreign investment in Canadian politics should be illegal and forced out of every Canadian politician and political party.  Is this not traitorous behavior?

Gregor grew up near San Francisco, after his parents divorced and lived with his father.   His American ties are stronger than Canadians realize and I call for a ban on foreign campaign donations, such as those received by Mayor Robertson.  That’s regarding the funds donated that we are aware of.  Could he have received other forms of compensation?  We may never know what kind of offshore deals have been made to secure the zone change and reduction of the property sales prices by $ 50 Million.  That is a lot of money taxpayers will not receive any benefit from.

Gregor Robertson was confronted about dealing with a controversial foreign government entity by Christopher Wilson of   THEREBEL.MEDIA, an internet freelance publisher, which is an excellent source of coverage on global shenanigans by Canadian politicians and political parties.  If you haven’t watched any of their YouTube videos – you should start immediately.   The Vancouver Sun claims that Robertson’s critics “suggest city hall has become less participatory and more willing to carry out pro forma consultations where the outcomes are already largely determined by his ideologically driven government. They complain about money, a developer-friendly strategy and an organization that seems to bend to foreign interests.  Robertson responded from the newspaper’s revelations,  “I don’t like the suggestion I am ideologically driven.   The Vancouver Sun reports “Elected opposition complained that they must file ‘freedom of information’ requests just to get once-routine budget information.”   What is the Vision Vancouver party hiding and why?

In September 2010 on a trip to China, Gregor Robertson was questioned about working too closely with a brutal authoritarian regime by the CBC to which he responded, “You can question how worthwhile democracy is in a lot of countries right now.”   Upon returning to Canada he later admitted he was guilty of a “poor choice of words”.   It seems he is guilty of more than a poor choice of words but also being influenced by an foreign development company.  On September 17, 2009, Mayor Robertson called for adding a toll to the Sea-to-Sky Highway, the primary driving route between Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, and to all major crossings of the Fraser River to help fund Translink.   His tolling strategy combined with the increase of rezoning and foreign real estate involvement in Vancouver leans towards some heavy handed favoritism not in the best interests of the BC public.

The real estate that Vancouver City Hall conducted with several entities of foreign origin, took property originally to be added to the nearby Emery Barnes Park but because of the lack of disclosure from the City on this deal, the New Yaletown Residents Association took the City to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, where the court did rule in their favour, saying that the public hearing process was inadequate.  That is an understatement.  For the Mayor to deny any knowledge of C. I. C. and it’s Chinese communist ownership is highly unlikely and either he is lying or a complete idiot, either way they are  a frightening state of affairs.

Later, the City hired Ernst and Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms, to do damage control following the court fight with the New Yaletown Residents Association.  Well, $140,000 later, Ernst and Young gave a 76-page report to the city (that’s almost  $2000 a page).  This accounting firm acknowledges that the city may provide this report to its advisors, and in the case of this land swap deal, one of those advisors appears to be the China Investment Corporation, the $800 billion sovereign wealth fund of Communist China.  Don’t forget we saw the Chinese flag raised at City Hall last year and it was brushed off as no big deal. Now we see the City of Vancouver working directly with a company that uses their assets to benefit Communist China.  How long until Chinese state influence grows to a point we are no longer able to stop it?

What the hell is the City of Vancouver doing consulting with a sovereign wealth fund, let alone the sovereign wealth fund of a dictatorship as brutal as China’s?   This development has now been named ‘8X On the Park’, and the Chinese language only advertising for these luxury condos are only being marketed to mainland Chinese.  Canadians are being screwed out of park land and yet you don’t see any reaction from the public.  Does that make it our fault that we let deals of this nature sneak through that weakens Canada’s sovereignty and finances?


*Segments of the above originate from other sources – TheRebel, The Province, CBC, etc.