By  Sandford  Tuey

 Could  Alberta’s  educational  system  confuse our children about what gender they are?   A  NEW  PROGRAM on gender and sexuality  is being taught in Alberta.  It is a project of the Alberta Teachers  Union funded in part by the province’s tax payers.  The program is AIMED AT 12 YEAR OLD kids and is represented by the GENDER  NEUTRAL  UNICORN and MULTICOLOR  RAINBOWS.  It recommends  students  replace the words  ‘Mom or Dad’ with ‘Guardian or Caregiver’.   WTF?

 This  is proof that the state owns our children from the day  we registered the corporation’s Birth Certificate.  Pre-teens are asked to put their gender and sexual identity on a Spectrum scale.  The terms  ‘Boy and Girl’  are not gender neutral so ‘Comrade’ is to be used instead.  The guide also recommends that young students watch drag shows as part of the curriculum. 

 Critics say that while it is optional for teachers, however failure to use it may result in accusations of homophobia and educational malpractice and here is the big question — is this program needed to  create a ‘safe’ learning environment for students.  Or  should parents be the one to teach their kids about the ‘bird and the bees’.

 Are government entities trying to reprogram our kids?  I believe so and it is none of their business to sneak into the minds oif our children.  Is this a sign of coming governmentalism?  First they take away our language.  Then they restrict free speech.  They come for the sick and disabled, then the elderly and homeless.  They will come for you!  When will you speak out?   

 Sandford  Tuey  ©  Jan 10, 2017