Multi-Billionaire ($ 10+ US Billion on paper)  Donald Trump accused Mega-Billionaire  George Soros of being part of the global power structure that robbed the working class in favor of putting money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities!   Basically his friends in the  BILDERBERG GROUP and THEIR POLITICAL PUPPETS.  Soros controls a $ 30 Billion trust fund for his immediate family and close friends.  Basically he’s a filthy rich megalomaniac and I don’t like him and neither should you!

 This statement from the incoming President of the United States of America is so revealing that it confirms all I have said about the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschild International Banking cartel and the super-rich globalist oligarchs manipulating almost everything in our lives.  You might not believe me but you have to take note of what a US President says.

The 23rd richest man on Earth (Forbes Richest in the World issue) Mega-Billionaire Soros  called on a “global system of political decision-making” referring to the New World Order since he is on the direction committee of the BILDERBERG GROUP.  This reinforces my understanding of the super-rich globalist oligarchs ruling the world.  They are tightening their grip around the throat of our world and will not stop choking us until the people of Earth rise up and start a revolution!   Cue Beatles song.

I enjoyed hearing that Soros lost over $ 1 US Billion on the stock markets because he bet against Trump becoming President of the USA = Priceless!  Couldn’t happen to a more evil 86 year old super-rich guy!  That’s what you get for coming out against  Trump during the  Presidential campaign.   Do not feel sorry for Soros as he can afford the loss.   I wish I could shake Trump’s hand for helping screw over one of richest and worst human beings on Earth.  I don’t hate any body but this guy comes close!

Maybe Trump is independent like he claims to be.  I sure hope so for the sake of the people of the USA.  The 35% import tariff Trump says he is going to impose could hurt Canada,  sending our economy right past recession and head long into a nationwide depression!  We sell 80% of our goods to the USA and the import tax will make our products uncompetitive, not good.   Hopefully Canada can negotiate an exemption because Trump is aiming at China and Mexico, Canada will be collateral damage.  So hang on tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride for the next four years.

Trump just fired the head official of the DC National Guard who  was the commander and coordinator to oversee the 2017 Presidential inauguration.  I guess Trump did not trust the guy in charge of his protection during this historical event and knows full well he has a target on his head.  Guess he remembers the assassination of John F. Kennedy for stating the kind of truths Trump is now stating.  If Trump actually does what he says he will,  then I will become a big fan of his.  However, right now,  I still suspect him of being a Trojan horse for the super-rich elite globalist oligarchs (since he is part of this old boys network).