Wouldn’t you like to live forever or do you think you would rather die any time after 80?   Are you one who believes that immortality is impossible?  Living an infinite life has been the dream of many people throughout history.  Death has never been beaten yet!  Every cell in a human body starts to die immediately upon birth.  With our first breath Oxygen enters the body and commences to kill through oxygenation.

Are you satisfied with your life?  I am satisfied with my life, since I have lived several mini lifetimes within my 58 years.  Even though I wish I could live forever, reluctantly I accept my fate that I will one day become worm food or ashes.   I am sure you have achieved many things in your lifetime too.  Why settle for a hundred years or less?  Why do we die?

Adam and other characters within the Christian Bible lived over 500 years and others mentioned lived over 900 years!  Are these just fictional people in a book of mythology or did they really exist as historical fact?  Either way, microbiologist scientists have discovered that every cell includes DNA amongst other biologic material called a TELOMERE.  This important item is a string of biologic atomic structure and as time passes these telomere tails become shorter.  When it is reduced to nothing, the cell is triggered to vibrate, give up an electromagnetic pulse and then shrivel up and die.  This activates the cells adjacent to do the same and like dominoes they accumulate to a crescendo of stillness.  I we could stop this from happening we could live forever.

Scientists have been able to make Nematods (worm-like creatures) to live seven times their normal average lifespan.  Quite a few other creatures now outlive their fellow animals and plants, thanks to humans.  Those researchers of quantum mechanics at the cellular level are having discovery breakthroughs all the time.   At this atomic scale they found what the telomere tail is made up of.  This vibrating string of atoms slowly gets shorter and shorter as we live until one by one, they die off.  When this microscopic tail is no more, that cell dies permanently.  Lose enough cells and the body dies.

Some say it is possible to transfer our consciousness into a computer.  Can our mind and thoughts become a digital software program?   Would the essence of you really exist?  Personally I do not believe so and if it could be done, do you want to roam the internet forever?  Not me, because it may be a version of you but it would not be you.  I believe that our brain is more than computations and beyond any machine that tries to reproduce our mentality and memories.

Some say they want to be a CYBORG.   That interests me, in that, as long as our brains are kept flesh and alive, then we could still be ourselves but part robot.  The symbiosis of robotics and your biological mass is now possible.  A merging of live cells with machines is almost common but not quite perfected yet.  All in due time!  They need to figure out how to keep our brains from rotting and allow it to continue functioning within a cyborg body, then humanity will become able to change the human condition forever.